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Aggressive Miner Bandit Cycle for Arena 9+


Hello guys, derpyboy here, presenting my first guide ever!

This Deck is a Bandit Miner Deck (probably the Meta right now), with the cancerous touch of Exenado!

This Deck is not hard to use, which has been proven. It also shuts down any push with ease!

miner bandit

Miner Bandit Poison = New Meta?

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale BanditClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale The LogClash Royale Poison

Card Breakdown

Bandit: Your win condition! This card has been the in the Meta since the last balance changes (health up and the dash initiates quicker).

This card has unique dash ability that synergizes very much with tanker!

You would want to use her mainly as an offensive unit because when defending, all the enemy troops are clumped together, only allowing her a dash. But when attacking, all the enemy troops are widely placed out, giving her chance to initiate multiple dashes in a nick of time and wreck havoc!

You may use her as an opening card. Or you may use her as a mini tank-killer if needed.

Cannot be replaced.

Miner: Your secondary win condition!

What if Bandit never makes it to the Tower?

What if there are multiple troops on your field, dying to be used in a counterpush?

This card is your man.

You should use this guy as an offensive unit, because of same reasons to the Bandit. His special ability is useless on defense!

However, if you are very desperate, you could use him to tank for the Executioner

(Can be replaced with Knight but I strongly don’t recommend it.).

Executioner: Ah, the part of the most cancerous combo (if it is used with a Tornado) in current meta.

This guy is your main defense! With the help of Tornado, he can shut down any push, no lie. He can also take out swarms, so he is also a reliable spell-bait defender.

In short, he is op at defense (don’t forget to make sure you have a Tornado in your hand!).

It also means it isn’t a very good idea to use him on offence.

(Can be replaced with Wizard, but defending is going to be way harder!)

Tornado: Another card that is part of the cancer combo.

This card can be used to stop a deathball push with Executioner, activate your King Tower with just 3 Elixir, and even clear swarms in emergencies!

In short, this card is just too versatile!

You could use it to prevent an unexpected overtime too (slowing their push down so no overtime happens).

Also, no replacements for this card either!

Poison: Also a win condition in a way.

This spell is like a Valk clearing out air and ground swarms, and can be placed anywhere in the arena!

This spell is usually used with Miner and Bandit to clear the way for those two.

But, don’t use this spell before the Double Elixir time unless one of these situations happen:

  1. When you see the perfect opportunity to gain a massive value.
  2. When you don’t have the Executioner in your hand nor Tornado and a Minion Horde is coming your way (I face this situation a lot!)

Unless one of those situations happen, you should not reveal your Poison.

Also, no replacements for this card!

Skeletons: Okay, I know these ledoots have been nerfed heavily recently, but they are still 1 Elixir, which doesn’t limit their cycling ability.

Use these bones as a cycle card or a cheap defense/distraction.

If you are not satisfied, feel free to use Goblins instead! (mine are underleveled)


Ice Spirit: Your another cycle card! This cheap, Zap resistant Spirit can distract, kill, and Freeze!

Mainly used to make time for your cards to finish whatever thing your cards are doing.

There are also guides about using Ice Spirits in CRA, so don’t hesitate to look at another guide if you’re not familiar with it!

The Log: used to clear swarms.

If you have to choose, always Log the Goblin Barrel!

Also can be replaced with Arrows or Zap.

General Gameplan

Early game

Basically, You have to figure out there counters, and defend.

Don’t send heavy pushes like Bandit+Miner+Poison, otherwise the opponent would have a massive adventage over you.

You can send in lone Bandits or Miners.

Do not drop the Executioner at the back!

When I was using Night Witch troll Deck, my witches could not pass through the mighty Executioner. When my opponent dropped an Executioner at the back, I started a massive push on the other line.

Long story short, I three-crowned him.

Of course, the chances of this happening is quite low, but you could face a similar situation.

If your opponent drops a tank, you can either rush (don’t overcommit!) or deploy an Executioner on the same line. You will defend the push perfectly and also will turn into a threat if paired with Bandit/or Miner.

Mid game

By now, you should get a feel about your opponent’s deck and know which pushes to make (I’ll talk about this later).

For example, if your opponent counters your Bandit with Skeleton Army, go Bandit+pre Log!

Also, if spells can’t kill the counter, you should try to bait the counter out.

For example, if your opponent keeps countering with Knight, bait it out with Miner!

In the Double Elixir, you can play the ultimate push, aka Bandit+Miner+Poison.

Since there is a plenty of distance between your Bandit and Miner, so your opponent would have to choose which one to use their Knight on.

If you have taken down a Tower, go all defensive mode.

If you have not scored a crown, time to release your Army!

Taking down a Tower shouldn’t be too hard because of Bandit and Miner’s ability to quickly reach the Tower and do some heavy damage.

If you and your opponent traded towers, you are at a slight advantage because usually, this Deck takes less time to wreck a Tower than other decks.

But don’t overcommit! That is the number one rule of Clash Royale. But if it is overtime, it is okay to overcommit!

In fact, just snowball!

Don’t hesitate to attack! He or she who hesitates is lost! (if you read that book).

In overtime it comes down to speed, and as I said earlier, this Deck is very fast (I mean the troops)!

So don’t give up even if you are losing, because it is hard for your opponent to defend during Double Elixir due to the speed and chaos!

(It’s going to take your opponent quite a fast reaction to stop your push!)

If your opponent easily defends Bandit, turtle up your defenses and slowly wreck the Tower with Miner+Poison.


Hog Rider: Use Nado on it to activate the king Tower. After you have done that, it should be fairly easy to defend it.

Use Bandit + Ice Spirit/Skeletons to take it down and send a Miner for a counterpush.

Beatdown: Use the Exenado combo to wreck their push! If it is not enough, use the rest of your cards to kill the supports/or to tank for Executioner.

If the push is successfully defended, throw a Miner for a counterpush.

If they use Lightning to eliminate the Executioner and your troops, then move your troops so Lightning can’t hit all of them.

Graveyard: You have three okay counters to the Graveyard: Bandit, Skeletons, and the Log.

Place Bandit on the Graveyard, and Log if Skeletons overwhelm Bandit.

As for the tank and all the support troops, use Exenado + distraction to defend.

Miner control: This is a weird matchup.

Use Bandit for the Miner, and counterpush with Miner and Poison.

Usually, this comes down to pure skill.

Three Musketeers: Use Poison to eliminate two Musketeers, and defend the other side with Exenado.

Pretty tricky, but if you can defend it is easy.

And watch out for the center 3 Musks. This is quite deadly because all 3 Musks can shoot the Tower right away and deal heavy damage. Try to place things at the center when the score is 1-1.

Royal Giant: Bandit and Skeletons to kill Royal Giant, and Exe if the opponent drops a Minion Horde with it.

Most RG decks carry Lightning, so carefully place your troops and you’ll be fine.

Elite Barbs: Too many counters! Bandit, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, and Executioner can be used to counter them easily.

Don’t forget to counterpush!

Spell bait: Exenado to eliminate other swarms, and Log for the Barrel.

As long as you don’t waste your Log, it should be easy.


This Deck relies heavily on Exenado combo for defense, so don’t wasted those cards or you’ll be punished hard. And don’t forget to counterpush if possible! Remember these advices and you would be pretty good against any deck.

Thank you for reading my lousy, first guide! 🙂


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