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Miner Bowler Control Deck


Hey guys M4SON back with a special collaboration Miner Bowler Control Deck guide for you today! Today we have special guest EsoPa on the show who is going to walk us through how to correctly play a Miner/Bowler Control Deck. This deck is seen heavily in Grand Challenges and regular tournament play due to its reliability in overtime, shutting down the giant meta, and overall safe and defensive play style. Lets jump right into the decklist!

Miner Bowler Deck

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale BowlerClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Poison
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Inferno Tower

Miner Bowler Control Deck

Ice Spirit: Honestly, I’m surprised this card hasn’t got a nerf yet. You guys know my love for this card and it just offers insane value in any deck. Freezing for a whole 2 seconds for only 1 elixir. Assisting with pushes or just using on defense to slow down Giants. Use it to help you win Mega Minion fights, stop that pesky Musketeer for a +3 elixir trade, or just cycle it to get to your Elixir Collector. This card is straight up broken if you aren’t using it already definitely consider using it.

Zap: Standard spell in any deck. Zap is helpful in so many situations. Zap to stop prince charges, or just hault the giant push to slow it down to allow your Inferno Tower to gets its full charge off.  There are some technical situations I’ll explain further down below.

Mega Minion:  This new card is a beast. (Seems like every new card supercell releases is straight up OP)… But for 3 elixir you have pretty much a flying knight!! In the older versions of this deck this slot was filled with Guards. But with Lava Hound coming into the meta, Mega Minion has become a top contender to stop that flying beast.  This card is absolutely insane on defense, shutting down Miners, or assist to kill the enemies Giant push or even their own Mega Minion. Hard to use this card offensively though due to its slow move speed.

Elixir Collector: Standard card in every tournament deck now a days. Pump up to get the elixir advantage. Make sure you protect your pumps while keep your enemies pumps down. Use proper Elixir Collector positioning to maximum pump protection with your Bowler / Mega Minion + Ice Spirit.

Inferno Tower: Beastly defensive tower. Stops the popular Giant and P.E.K.K.A but also great against Hog Riders as well. Due to its high hit points it’s the best choice for this defensive play style. Inferno positioning is key against different matchups *see video for examples* Especially against lava hound always mix up your Inferno positioning so the enemy cannot protect their hound with Minions / Horde.

Poison: The staple of this deck. Use it offensively! Send your miner in while poisoning the enemies tower and Elixir Collector. You generally want keep down your enemies pumps while keeping yours alive so you can simply overwhelm them by simply having the elixir advantage.

Bowler: Monstrous defensive card. As you can see this deck use many defensive cards with simple Miner attacks to win the game. Bowler is great at stopping the backline of any Giant push as well as pretty much shutting down ALL hog decks. Drop it in the back line to bank 5 elixir and defend against pushes or just to set up a small Bowler/Miner attack.

Miner:  The damage dealer of this deck. A uncontested Poison Miner combo can do upwards of  800 damage! Trick out your opponents by sending the Miner to the arena tower while poisoning the Elixir Collector and the arena tower. Throughout all this if you don’t get a great setup keep sending solo Miners to take out Elixir Collectors. Situational you will need to use defensive Miner to help against strong pushes coming in.

General Game Plan:

Starting off you want to start pumping up with your Elixir Collector. If the enemy does the same, send your Miner in at the Tower while poisoning the tower and the Elixir Collector. Most people will reactively defend against the Elixir Collectors, with Guards or Ice Spirit or Mini P.E.K.K.A. If its any cheap troop they essentially go to waste while your Miner gets insane damage on the tower while it being slowed down by the poison. You essentially now have denied their Pump, got about 300-500~ damage on their tower and are up on Elixir now. Now with using Zap situationally here are some advanced techniques I learned from EsoPa. If you send your Miner in, and they protect correct, throw a Poison. If you send your Miner in and they are slow or guess wrong, throw a Zap. Either of these two situations will deny their Elixir Collectors heavily. When it gets to the late game, around 1500 HP left on the enemies tower you can solely focus on bringing down that tower and not having to deny their Elixir Collector. This whole time of course you are protecting your own Elixir Collectors with Bowler, or Mega Minion + Ice Spirit., and just overall defending against pushes with Inferno and any mix of your defensive cards. There are some more advanced techniques that EsoPa explains in the video so be sure to check it out! We show 3 popular matchups against P.E.K.K.A + Three Muskies,  Giant Poison, and of course Lava Hound. That’s really it for this general play style, good luck and have fun!

What do you think about this Miner Bowler control deck guys? Please share your opinions!


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