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Meta Hot Pot Hybrid Deck


Hey guys, it’s SCorpSCilla, coming back from the dinosaur ages of long ago. I had quit Clash Royale for quite a while, taking an almost 1-year break from the game, but recently coming back and having quite a casual approach to the game. I still hate the matchmaking system on 1v1 and under leveled cards, but I still have my hopes up for future updates. With that said, let’s get into my brand new META HOT POT deck!

Meta Hot Pot Hybrid Deck
Meta Hot Pot Hybrid Deck

Here is the deck:
Meta Knight (yes, Meta)/ Bandit /Mega Minion/ Ice Spirit/ Furnace/ Goblin Gang/ Executioner/ Log

Meta Knight– Yes, this nice legendary is quite an excellent card for being a great, mobile tank that enters with a smashing entrance, attacks with decent splash damage, and covers the most ground with its medium speed and leaps of faith. It is the perfect counter against three musketeers, swarm units, elite barbarians, and other high DPS/ medium health cards. The only real weaknesses it has is its high elixir cost and its lack of air defense. Make sure always to have this card and enough elixir while building a push; otherwise, if they spam on the other side of the arena, you lack a good tank to help defend!

Bandit– I honestly I haven’t played long enough to see if it is still in the meta, but from what I see so far, not a lot of players use it, which is excellent! It is a great synergy card, having decent health and decent damage, and can make a very cheap, but deadly push. Its health is enough to tank a miner long enough for backup to come to the rescue, and its dash damage is enough to force a counter by itself. It is an excellent pressure card, relatively cheap, and is excellent support for any push. It’s a little underpowered to be a cheap tank like the knight, but it is a decent replacement and has the added benefit of more offensive opportunities. Overall, one of the most versatile offense cards in this deck.

Mega Minion– Again, probably not meta these days, but if you haven’t figured it out by now, probably half of this deck contains cards that are underrated these days. Mega Minion is the perfect air defense/air offense, with medium health and packing quite a punch. It’s not as ranged as the musketeer, or as effective against swarm units like the baby dragon, but that’s what makes this card so good: the perfect air DPS with decent health. It is a great synergy card like the bandit, but mostly instead for defense. Whether it is going up against a LavaLoon push or killing supports on (literally) “gigantic” push, it’s a great card to defend with. Also adds quite the support to your own (counter) push.

Ice Spirit– Say what? Alright, I’m quite a fan of this card. Every since it came out, I’ve been using it in almost every deck. Why? It’s SUPER cheap, easy to cycle, and is SO useful for everything! It synergies quite well, it defends by itself very quickly, and it adds terror to a cheap push for just one elixir! Got a goblin gang you have to defend? Easy, one elixir! Got a mini pekka coming your way? Just draw it to the middle and freeze it for one elixir! Got a Mega minion still left? Draw it out and freeze it! Of course, it’s not the solution for everything per se, but still nice!

Furnace– Ok, I admit, this is the only building I would EVER put in the deck. Why? Chip Damage. CHIP. DAMAGE. Constant pressure on one lane- oh wait I forgot, low-level furnaces can’t poop out high leveled fire spirits that can survive more than one shot of higher level towers, oops. Anyways, at tournament standards, it’s excellent chip damage. And even if the opponent’s tower level is higher, it’s still a great card! 1) It can draw tanks and hogs to the middle 2) Its fire spirits can help a lot for a push and defense 3) It cycles well, and too cheap and far away for your opponent to react against. Also, it is a spell bait building. If they put a fireball on it, they risk having no card to defend against the meta knight/bandit/executioner push with. If they use poison, they risk having nothing to counter a goblin gang push or defense against miner-poison.

Goblin Gang– Basic swarm unit for a lot of things, whether it’s killing supports or cheap defense against cards like elite barbarians. Paired with ice spirit, it makes a cheap defense for four elixirs.

Executioner– A lot of people are still using this card, and for a good reason! It has excellent swarm control for both defense and offense. Use this card to defend against spam decks and to assist a push.

Log– Do I need to say anything? Just get the most kills as possible with this one.
Now a short talk about substitution for all of you F2P players:

Mega Knight– Giant skeleton; Has relatively the same health, the same walk speed, and its death damage clears out the way for a nice push.

Executioner– For more DPS and less swarm control, you can replace it with the hunter. I play with both characters, but Executioner is more reliable for swarm control.


Clash Royale

Ok, now game plan!

Beginning (3:00-2:45)– Place the furnace as soon you can! Pick a side and stay to it. If you can’t try to cycle to it. Placing a solo bandit is fine as long as you got elixir for a goblin gang/Mega Minion to defend with. The furnace will apply early pressure and will assist in defending and attacking. Remember to use pressure to the one side all match long.

Mid game (2:45-1:00)– Wait for your opponent to place a card until you have full elixir. Once you hit ten juice, place a mega minion or executioner in the back. If they attack the opposite lane, your furnace will draw them towards the middle if you placed one, and you can draw and defend them in the middle with an ice spirit, followed up by goblin gang, log, bandits, or if it is a massive push, a meta knight. Your placed mega minion/executioner will eventually come and help defend too. After defending, if your troops are still alive, they will turn into a deadly counterpush. Always place a new furnace if the old one dies. Constant pressure. You can push now, but generally not recommended.

Late game (1:00-0:00)– Build a push in the back with Meta knight or executioner/mega minion. If they rush another side, do the same as mid game defense. Once Meta knight or whatever build up troop you did is about to hit the bridge, you got three choices: 1) Commit. Drop down your tank if it wasn’t already there. Place down an executioner. Try to get your ice spirit and bandit down too. Then, if needed, place down the mega minion. It doesn’t matter which side the furnace is on, as long as the main push is attacking the weaker health tower. 2) Psych them out. Place the tank and mega minion with ice spirit on the COMPLETE opposite side. Usually, they will get caught off guard and spam a bunch of troops. This is rendered ineffective however IF you had a furnace on the same side of the new push! 3) Start pushing on one side, but use the bandit and ice spirit to put tremendous pressure on the other. If they defend the main push, your bandit can easily get 1000+ damage on the other tower, and up to 3000+ if ice spirit/furnace helps them. If they counter the bandit, that’s one less spell or troop countering your main mega knight push. Sometimes, their brain explodes on them, and they counter far too late and lose both of their towers. Place a new furnace afterward.

Overtime- Constant pressure! Keep doing late game strategy, as it is very taxing on the opponent’s side to counter. Against tank decks, place the mega knight on the same side of the tank in the back. Build up the supports behind it. Save the bandit to pressure on the other side. Against cycle decks, have the furnace and goblin gang ready to defend, with a log to assist. Control decks are bad against this hybrid deck.

Welp, I hoped you liked this deck. Try out; it is quite the meta control! This was SCorpSCilla, and see you later!


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