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Meta Crushing Golem Deck!


Hey guys, it’s The Squad here with a meta breaking deck that got me from Hog Mountain to Challenger 1 and still pushing. This is my first guide so I hope you enjoy.

I know you are looking to get on top of the new meta and it worked in the old meta and it will only get better.

meta breaking deck


  • This deck, once you get a push going, will not be stopped by anything
  • Has cards to counter all cards in a game
  • Synergises well with other cards in the deck.


  • 4.4 elixir with no pump
  • legendary heavy
  • Hard To Level Up


Guards Arrows Inferno Dragon Card LumberjackCard Golem

Guards, Bats, Arrows, Bowler, Lightning, Inferno Dragon, Lumberjack, Golem

Clash Royale confused lumberjack

How to use the cards

Golem: Obviously the main tank of the deck can make a push with all the cards in the deck behind him and it will terrorize the enemy. Don’t be afraid to play him in a single elixir because I do it all the time even if it’s in my starting hand. This helps get some starting chip damage on the tower or taking the tower even better putting early pressure on the opponent.

Arrows: Use this to take out swarms and such but also use preemptively in double elixir when the elixir is flowing.

Lightning: I use this card in 4 ways. 1 Inferno tower, this is self explanatory use this on offense when the inferno tower locks on to the golem. 2 When the other players deploy something like a witch, executioner, wizard, etc at the back I usually wait until they get to the tower to lightning them because that usually ruins their push that could be deadly with that card. 3 Elite Barbarians, these annoying things can usually be dispatched with lightning and guards. 4 use this to do chip a mage to the tower when it is needed, I rarely do this only when I need 1 or 2 lightning to win or draw.

Guards: This card is versatile in this deck, uses going from countering hogs, and elite barbarians to putting them in front of a golem so the inferno tower locks onto the guards and not the golem. This is my hog killer generally or a support killer because they have shields so they can take a lot of hits and keep going. I also will use this card paired with the lumberjack at the beginning of a game to see what I can do to the tower and force them to reveal their hand.

Bats: This card is also versatile, It can be used on defense for tiny cards and hogs, but can also be used to give huge DPS to a tower if they lock on behind a golem. The still work really well despite the recent nerf from 1 second to 1.1-second attack speed.

Lumberjack: The G.O.A.T, this card just got a 7% HP buff and this will murder everything, I use this at the bridge at the beginning of the game with bats or guards or both sometimes to get some damage on the tower and if put behind a golem then it will wreck any tower this card is a good counter to hogs giants and many things that will come to your tower. just put the lumberjack on the tower and you should kill it.

Bowler: The mini tank, this is a good support card but it can also be used as a mini tank for the lumberjack and other cards, a good opening move is to use him in the back if you have him. He clears out swarms effectively and can do a lot of damage at once along with his knockback effect.

Inferno Dragon: This is the tank killer of the deck, I use this in my pushes to take out their high health troops that will kill the golem. This strategy works because it deterred them from deploying troops like the Pekka and Mega Knight, this also when locked onto the tower will wreck the tower.

Guards Arrows Inferno Dragon Card LumberjackCard Golem


Giant, Mega Knight for Golem

Mini Pekka for Lumberjack

Goblins, Skeletons, Goblin Gang for Guards

Inferno Tower for Inferno Dragon

Executioner, Witch, Wizard for Bowler

Zap, Rocket for Lightning





Feel ou their deck do a mini push or 2, see what deck they have log bait, Hog, Ect. In the beginning, you are confident to use the Golem and try to get an early tower.


Now that you know their gameplay style you can make a prediction of what they like to do and you can plan for this going into the final minute of the game.


Start saving elixir for double elixir keep an eye on his cycle and see what he has to stop your Golem push of mega death.


Get a golem down and keep getting cards behind him and he will start to get super powerful with all their different types of troops behind him.

Gameplan Tips

game play

Don’t be scared to use a golem in single elixir, most people advise against this but it is a false rumor.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move, this can get some chip damage on the tower.

Don’t abandon a push even though the golemites are the only tank left,  they still have a lot of health and if you have support then it can still survive because of guards and bats.

If the opponent pushes 1 lane with a tank push the same lane because your support will kill the tank and then go behind the golem to get damage done.


Golem: Should be an easy matchup because you have inferno drag for the golem and bats/bowler/guards to kill the support.

Giant: See Golem

Mega Knight: Use guards to distract and use the same strategy as the Golem

Pekka: See Mega Knight

Check out my Youtube and good luck in matches.

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