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Mega Rider Deck for Hog Mountain


Mega Rider Deck for Hog Mountain

The Mega Knight is a pretty good card in higher arenas. A giant push? Destroy it with the Mega Knight. Squishy troops? Mega Knight will reign. But when it is paired with tower wrecking cards like the Hog Rider and The Inferno Dragon, it could be unstoppable.

So here is the deck:

Mega Knight – The main tank of the deck. Use it to destroy huge pushes behind a Giant or Giant Skeleton. But if the opposing tank is a Pekka,  wait until the Pekka is out of range before dropping the MK.


InfernoDragonCardThumInferno Dragon – Used as support for the mega knight. Can melt down tanks like the Knight, Giant, Giant Skeleton, and the Pekka.


BanditBandit – Also support. Thanks to her dash buff, she can destroy the tower unnoticed, or you could just drop her down for some chip damage.


NightWitchCardWitch – Support. Her Skeletons are used to distract and take out troops. Great for distracting an Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon.


HogRiderCardHog Rider – Current Meta. Used for tower wrecking and to take out an early inferno tower. Also makes your opponent mad.


MusketeerMusketeer – Used to take out Baby Dragons, etc.



Baby Dragon – Use with Mega Knight in case of squishy troops, like the Minion Horde, Skarmy, etc.



ZapZap – Gob barrels, Skarmy, Minion Horde, etc.

How to use:

Wait for the opponents first move. If not, drop bandit to see response. If he drops skarmy, zap it. If he is using a Hog Barrel deck, zap the goblins and drop either the Mega knight, witch, or ID. If you have enough elixir, drop mega knight in front to see response. If nothing, build up push.

  • Recommended push
    • Mega Knight, Inferno Dragon, Witch and Musketeer. (Optional: Hog Rider and/or Zap)
    • Bandit, Hog Rider, Zap
  • Not Recommended
    • Mega knight, Musketeer, and Baby Dragon.
    • Lone Bandit
    • Dragon Duo, Zap

Hope this deck helped.

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