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Remastered Mega Looner


Hey guys! The Ice Lord with my 2nd guide!

Once I got to arena 10, I didn’t know what deck to use, but then I saw a Mega-Hog deck and used that to get to arena 11 (Electro Valley, not Legendary Arena). Once I got there, I faced a lot of hard matchups, so I had to find a better deck. And I found this deck, and used it to get to Arena 12!

I was a bit skeptical, but quickly found out this deck dominates after seeing Tag’s video on it.

Lastly, it was totally coincidental that the deck was Mega Looner, but its still amazing! With that, lets get into the guide!

Clash Royale Mega KnightClash Royale BalloonClash Royale MinerClash Royale Goblin Gang
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale BatsClash Royale Zap

copy deck

Mega Looner

Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight – Obviously need him!

He provides enormous value, smacking Fireballies, (Exe, Witch, Wizard, Hunter, Ewiz, Night Witch, Ice Wiz, etc.) Ebarbs, and ground swarms.

Amazing to counter push with, and you can split push the other lane with a Gang to guarantee some damage.

With Ghost becoming more popular, he is one more counter for it. (I know, 7 for 3, but there is counter push opportunity with support units.)

Clash Royale Goblin GangGoblin Gang – provides value for only 3 Elixir!

This card was why I was skeptical, but, these destroy.

If you’re facing off against a opponent who is defending all you’re troops, you can split these in the back, with 1 Spear and 1 Stab going to the non defended Tower, and slowly chip at the other lane. (I have beaten numerous people with this strategy.)

These guys can also shut down Bandits, Lumberjacks, Battle Rams, and other quick cards.

Clash Royale MinerMiner – Since you only have a mini spell, he is your main win condition.

What differs this deck from classic Miner Poison decks, is obviously, there is no Poison.

This deck was made like that, so you use my favorite combo in the whole game, Miner + Bats.

Bats have a insane DPS, so this does massive amounts of damage.

Even if they defend, this deck has a relatively fast cycle, of 10. (not including Miner or Bats, I’m including Ice Spirit, Zap, Gang, ewiz) considering most 3-4 average Elixir cost decks are 8-10, this is fine.

Anyways, you can also pair him up with a Gang, or any troops from a defense, like Ewiz, or Gang, in that regard.

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit – Freezes everything, splashes troops, and makes cute running noises! All for just 1 elxir!

This guy can be paired with a damaged MK to provide a pretty good counter push.

He can be paired with split Gang for chip damage, he can be cycled at the bridge, he can do a lot of stuff.

You can almost stop a naked Hog with him and Bats,  you can with him and a Gang.

He can stop a Bandit if you put him on the Bandit, he can kite a P.E.K.K.A, and more.

Ice Spirit + Ewiz/Zap = Minions.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard –  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPP!

He can take out most Fireballies (mentioned above). He can defend and counterattack, can also kill most swarms, including hordes.

If the opponent out cycles your Zap and plays a Barrel, Ewiz the left two, (or was it the right two?) whichever two your Tower targets last. (assuming they split the Barrel)

If I know my opponent has Giant, MK, RG, or Golem, I preemptively play him in the back.

Clash Royale BatsBats – Also, with incredible value!

These things do everything!

Push, defend, and simply look awesome!

These can take out Ram, ljack, and Hog if paired with a Ice Spirit, and dish out so much damage.

Along with Fireballies, Dragons, Flying Machine, and Mega Minon. Since you have Gang, you can play them at the bridge for bait, then rush the other side with Miner + Bats.

Also, they can take out Hound, Balloon, and pretty much every air card besides Baby Dragon, and Horde.

Clash Royale ZapZap – Stuns Hog, kills Gang, (if your 1 lvl above, it kills all, but if your equal, it only kills the Spear Goblins) and does work!

If your opponent uses a Inferno Tower/ Dragon for your MK, you can stun it to get massive damage. I prefer this over Arrows/ Log, because Arrows, 1 take to long to deploy, and 2 is 3 instead of 2. Log does take care of ground swarms, but with Balloon, Miner and MK weak to air, Zap + Ice Spirit is better.

Clash Royale BalloonClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale PoisonBalloon, Inferno Dragon, or Poison  – The flex spot of you’re deck!

Balloon is good if you need the extra offence, being paired up with a Miner or split pushing makes him amazing. A really good 2nd win condition if you have to save your Miner for their Pump/ Princess.

Poison is what I like to use the most. It completely shuts down Graveyard, and can lend a hand in big Golem pushes, this decks other weakness. Since this deck has Zap, and if the can catch your miners, this is good for direct damage.

Inferno Dragon is if you’re facing Golem/Mega P.E.K.K.A. Melts through these, and shockingly, not many Golem deck run ewiz, so your safe. This variant also makes the deck more defensive, as you can soak up hits with the ID.

General Gameplan

3:00 – 1:00

Right now its 1x elxir, so this is where you have the advantage over most of the more heavy decks.

You want to use Miner Bats, Miner Gang if they drop a Log, and maybe one MK for their Ebarbs.

You want to rely on the power of your defensive troops, such as Ewiz, Gang, and Bats.

Even if you have a half health Ewiz, or 3 Bats, send in a Miner to tank, the will either over defend or soak up the damage, so its a good way to get in damage.

1:00 – OT

This is the time when you go all in, defending their pushes with MK then going for the monster counter push.

Feel free to send in Miner Poison, unless they have GY.

If you are in OT, and you think you cannot tie, 5 times out of 6, you can go for the tie.

As I mentioned before, the deck is super defensive, using cards like Ewiz, Gang, and Bats which cost less but have more value.


Clash Royale Royal GhostNew Meta Royal Ghost Deck

You know this deck. You hate this deck. You think the Royal Ghost should be known as the RG, not the Royal Giant.

But still, it is a deck that I’ve been seeing a lot of it on ladder, and even more in challenges.

This deck does fairly well against the Royal Ghost one, as you have Gang and Bats for the Miner, Ewiz for the Ghost, Poison for there Hut, and Zap for there Inferno drag.

Unless they have a huge Elixir lead, you can pretty much overwhelm them with MK, or play for the tie.

Clash Royale GiantBeatdown

Your hardest matchup. (unless your running Inferno drag)

You do have both Miner and Poison for there Pump, MK with E-wiz has a lot of Tank killing ability, you do have a lot of options to punish.

The only problem vs Beatdown is if they can form a 20 Elixir push behind a Golem, you are dead.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

Straight off the bat, if your running Poison, you have either won or it was a tie.

Usual GY users send in a Poison as well, which, if your not running Poison, completely denys Bats, Gang, or ewiz, and if they have your Tower locked on to something else, there is little you can do to stop them.

Clash Royale Lava HoundLavaloon

Even if this deck lacks a building, air gets shut down. Ice Spirit + Gang or ewiz stops Balloon, or just Bats.

Lava Hound isn’t really a problem, as its tiny damage output, its the Minons/Mega Minon that follows. Ewiz does a great job at stopping both of these.

Clash Royale Hog RiderControl

Since you are pretty much just counter pushing each other, the game could go either way.

Usually you have the advantage, because not many control decks have P.E.K.K.A, and with Bats behind your MK, a Knight doesn’t do much.

Use the MK to stop any big pushes, or Ewiz, Gang or Bats for the small ones.

On that note, that is the guide! I hope you guys enjoyed!

Have fun with the deck!

See you in the arena!


  1. I just hit jungle arena!!
    My deck
    Mega minion

    Zap and Knight:lv9


    • if you have princess, you should use this:
      mini pekka
      bats/minions/maybe mega minion?
      ice golem
      ice spirit
      this deck rules, but yours is ok too

      • nonono use
        gob gang
        inferno tower
        goblin barrel

        if u have log of course cuz bait is life

      • The defense isn’t weak. You haven’t played any good bait players. The defense is actually one of the strongest in the game.

      • Arrows for Gang + Princess, distract Inferno Tower with Bats and everything’s done.

      • And it’s not like surgical goblin wins ESWC and Kings cup using bait…. Seriously. Calling bait’s defense weak is kinda just untrue. BTW bats can be countered.

      • My opponents 😀 Actually Surgical Goblin is best player in the world and he can get 12 wins in Grand Challenge even with off-meta shit like GSkele Clone Ebarbs.

    • If you have princess, do this:

      Inferno Tower
      Ice Spirit
      Goblin Gang
      Log (can swap for zap maybe?)
      Goblin Barrel

      This is spell bait btw.

      • Guards low? Well use Log.
        Fire Spirits low? Seriously. Level. Them. Up. (dont take it too seriously lol)

      • And that’s exactly why I chose them. Guards are guards, not killers. We already have the E-wiz, Inferno Dragon, Mega Knight and Fire Spirits for killing. If we’re gonna use a swarm, we might as well use a card that can reliably distract enemy troops without fear of getting zapped or logged.

      • If you want a card that distracts, not kills, pick the 1 Elixir less Ice Golem 🙂

      • most decks like that have more then one specific counter to cards like that like skarmy knight plus anything and so on its clearly stated in many tier lists that all cards are ghood but some cards are way better at certain things then others

      • Btw a lot of people think that the best cards are those used by the top 200 but that’s not always true. They have the highest trophies but that doesn’t mean they are the best players in the world. Put them in a grand challenge and they lose to challenger 1s and 2s with homemade, cobbled decks like me and you. Not the guys with the lv13 Elite Barbarians, but the people who actually learn from their matches. The people who use nonmeta cards because they actually counter the METAs. So if I were you I would actually try out every single card in the game that might be worth using, no matter their userates.

        Edit: OK, looks like I’m raving again. Just ignore the message if you want to but be sure to use guards XD

      • Well… Looks like I’ll have to write a guide on X-Bow Guards to prove my point. Let’s save this discussion for another day.

      • It’s pretty much the same as goblins but they are spell-proof for 1 more elixir

      • Against big tanks just choose another troop, he is more like a Giant Skeleton than a PEKKA and you shouldn’t count on him to kill the tank. If they’re fighting air then don’t use him to defend. Just place him on the other lane without any support and your opponent will have a bad time.

  2. If your opponent has Poison, Fireball combined with log/zap this deck is dead on defense, you can’t bod damage with a Miner constantly, may as well use a Knight or Royal Ghost, but then no solution to the pumps. There’s a reason why this deck went out of the Meta and it’s fairly obvious why. No hate tho, between arena 11-12 this deck would wreck as people seem not to have enough legendaries/levels to build the current meta decks (and enough skill to master spell bait mortar).

  3. I’ve made a poweful Miner Prince deck:
    Royal Ghost
    Goblin Gang
    Guide or not?

  4. GG, and I have 2 ideas for a guide:
    2.3 log bait
    dirty barb hut rocket cycle
    with log bait deck, I have beaten a guy who finished 5612th in the world last season. with rocket cycle, I’m still working on it, but I have beaten a guy in league 2 with the prototype. please share your opinions!

  5. Man this looks like a really fun deck and again, my Balloon is one of my highest level Epic also but I don’t have Miner! Its killing me!

    • we’ll since there isn’t already a mini tank in the deck ice golem or knight work and that’s actually what older balloon cycles used. When surgical goblin played this deck he was running ice golem over ice spirit.

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