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Clash Royale May Update: New Cards, Features and Changes


In order to make Clash Royale more balanced, in May 2016, Supercell is going to release a new Clash Royale Update with lots of new cards, features and balance changes!

Clash Royale Update

Clash Royale May Update!

New Cards

Hey guys! We are going to get 6 new cards in Clash Royale! To read more about these cards, please take a look at here.

  • New Common Card: Fire Spirits
  • New Rare Card: Furnace
  • New Epic Card: Guards
  • New Legendary Cards: Lava Hound, Miner, Sparky


New Features in the upcoming update!

  1. We will be able to watch Friendly Battle lives and see best battles from any Arena via TV Royale Channels.
  2. New Golem look will be released!
  3. You can throw confetti in the battle:
  4. New Clan Badges: Prince and King
    king-badge prince-badge
  5. New Freeze look:
  6. Updating…

More Rewards

  • Players will receive a decent amount of Gold for every win battle, even when all chest slots are full.
  • Crown Chest contains twice as much reward as before.
  • Super Magical Chest Drop chance to drop gets doubled!
  • Magical Chest and Giant Chest chance to drop get increased.
  • Higher Arena = More card request.
  • You can buy Legendary Cards in Legendary Arena. The first Legendary Card costs 40k Gold and you can buy up to 3 cards.
  • Maximum Gold increased to 1 million.

Read more about these new rewards at here.

More Cool Stuffs

  • From now on, we can easily copy anyone’s deck!


  • Move and arrange cards in the battle deck.
  • Legendary Card is now viewable in most Arenas when tapping on it.
  • A lots of new Clan Badges added:
  • Gold costs of shop cards increase in a linear fashion.
  • Clan Elders can only kick 1 member after every 20 minutes.

Balance Changes

Prince’s Charge no longer does x2 damage to buildingĀ  Supercell has confirmed that there would no nerf at all.

Players in Arena 8 will be able to buy Legendary Cards in shop

Hopefully it will not take up to 20k Gold to get a Legendary Card :D.

Mortar: Damage decreased by 10% and deployment time increased from 3s to 5s

In Clash Royale, Mortar is a defensive building which is usually used on offense. It is pretty strong currently and offers a lot of value for only 4 Elixir. The use rate of this card in Arena 8 is extremely high for such a contentious card. In addition, If you want to join the Tournament, your Mortar need to be at least level 9.

Bomb Tower: Lifetime gets decreased from 60s to 40s:

Hands down the Bomb Tower is very dominant at this time. It’s very hard to take it down without spending more than 5 Elixir, especially with players in low-mid Arenas. A lower lifetime will make the game more balanced. I totally agree with this change.

Elixir Collector: HP decreased by 20%

Undoubtedly Elixir Collector is one of the best cards at this time. People use it a lot in almost every deck. Using it as the distraction is very interesting but It’s just too good on offense. A change is needed.

Cannon: HP decreased by 11%

Another nerf to the Cannon, our favorite defensive cards. It does a lot of damage for the value of 3 Elixir.

Royale Giant: Attack range increased by 1

Royale Giant hasn’t found his purpose in Clash Royale yet since the last update. From now on, he can outrange a lot of defensive buildings in game. Hopefully people will use him more in the future with the longer attack range.

Mirror: Mirrored Common and Rare level increased by 1

Due to the Tournament Rules, Mirror level 4 is required to mirror all cards to their respective levels in Tournament.

Valkyrie and Mini P.E.K.K.A will get affected by pushback

For example, the Fireball can push them back. In my opinion this change is great. It is for consistency with other troops.

Fixed range values of all units

  • Attack range handling will be fixed because of different sized units. This is just a change about graphic, it will not change the mechanical system in game.
  • Some units have the same attack range encountered each other but they don’t always attack at the same time. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed some small graphics bugs.

New Max level caps:

  • Legendary level cap: 5
  • Rare level cap: 11
  • Common level cap: 13
  • King level cap: 13

Okay what do you think about this Clash Royale update guys? Please share your opinions!

Also, please share this great news with your friends! You rock guys!


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