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Magic Archer Guide: Best Decks and Replacements


Hey there guys Lolman here coming to give you guys a guide on the newest legendary card, the Magic Archer.

magic archer vs princess

The Magic Archer Guide

First Thoughts 

When I first played Magic Archer, the first thought that went through my head was overpowered.

However after trying a few decks with him, I find him more of a niche card.

He iss great on offence vs decks that have defensive buildings especially Huts etc where you can get a lot of value utilizing his range by sniping things.

Say you play Magic Archer behind a Giant and they straight up play Minions or Minion Horde when you have a Zap. This can prove to be a game winning play!

That being said, he’s not hard to counter, doesn’t do too much damage and his AOE isn’t that impressive either.

He synergizes well with the Tornado because he’s got a similar mechanic to the Executioner.

I’d almost say he’s simply a better Dart Goblin like the Exe is a better Wizard.

He also is vulnerable to Poison and Fireball so you want to utilize his range when your Tower is low HP.

Also you want to treat him like the Princess to a certain extent by not worrying about Slight. Ideally, if he has a lot of HP left, he requires your opponent to still expend Elixir to answer him.

His range and projectile range are the key factors so keeping that in mind, use him for the purpose you have him in your deck rather than say a Musket or an E-wiz.

using magic archer

Like here, for  a +1 Elixir trade (plus counter pushing Magic Archer which needed to be addressed), he took care of the Goblin Hut which otherwise would have been a pain in.
Keep in mind if they place the Goblin Hut too far back, playing your Magic Archer in this manner would be a waste.

Placement is key!
If you play the Magic Archer carefully, he can get chip on Tower plus contribute on your offensive push all while staying in the safety of your towers range.

So in a nutshell, he is a fairly balanced card.

A little change I’d like him to have is perhaps reducing his rate of fire and make him a little tankier so Poison would kill him but not a Fireball similar to Musketeers.


Basic Stats

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Projectile Range Target
1s Medium 1s 7 11 Air & Ground

Levels & Stats

Level HP Arena Damage DPS
1 490 96 96
2 539 105 105
3 592 116 116
4 651 127 127
5 715 140 140

Cards that can be replaced with Magic Archer

Clash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Magical Archer


  • Far more range
  • Pierce enables potentially far higher DPS than a Musket
  • Magic Archer is potentially better on defense in some cases. (Vs Graveyard, Minion Horde, swarms in general)


  • Low HP; Vulnerable to Fireball.
  • Low damage point. Thus worse vs tank and single target units.

Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Magical Archer


  • Better attack range.
  • Potentially better DPS
  • Moves slower -> Better in Beatdown decks.


  • Can’t stun troops
  • Not as versatile without a spawn Zap.
  • Worse vs tanks, single target units.

Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale Magical Archer


  • Higher rate of fire. Arguably better vs swarms.
  • Can’t kill Magic Archer for a positive Elixir trade.
  • Arrow can get needed damage If placed well.


  • Princess has better attack range (2 more tiles).
  • Princess has better AoE, synergies better with cards  like Tornado.
  • The opponents need to cross the bridge to deal with the Princess, giving invaluable potential plays.

Clash Royale Dart GoblinClash Royale Magical Archer


  • Better range.
  • Magic Archer’s Arrows pierce targets potentially hitting more troops.
  • Survive The Log, not giving out positive Elixir trade.


  • Dart Goblin has invaluably high rate of fire. Making him crazy good in many situations.
  • Dart Goblin is Incredibly fast, helping gain some needed damage easy.

Those above are potential cards you can replace with the Magic Archer and the benefits and disavantages.

It’s up to you to balance your deck to negate the cons, there isn’t really an instance where like prior to Night Witch’s nerfs, Night Witch was considered to be a better E-wiz and replaced E-wiz in almost all decks.

So the substitution is purely optional and up to your preference. I find he’s a really fun card to play so give it a shot!

Best Decks for Magic Archer

In order to use him, you must have a deck. So without further ado I will list out some decks I myself have used/ faced that I think will work really well.

My P.E.K.K.A Ram Deck

Clash Royale Magical ArcherClash Royale P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale Furnace
Clash Royale GuardsClash Royale ZapClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Poison

copy deck

Read the guide for it at here.

Bridge Spam Revamped

Clash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale Magical ArcherClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale The Log
Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale Bandit

copy deck

Read more about this deck at here.

Magic Archer Graveyard

Clash Royale Magical ArcherClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale GuardsClash Royale Poison

copy deck

This deck is a typical Graveyard deck.

One thing to note, no small spells, so Tornado Barrel to king Tower early on if facing bait.

It’s quite solid on defense, utilize Ice Wiz and Magic Archer with Tornado.

Key is bait out Poison with your Hut or Magic Archer then cycle to a Graveyard on offense.

The general idea is to keep cycling Goblin Huts and getting that sweet sweet chip damage for that 1-0 win.

Magic Archer Balloon

Clash Royale Magical ArcherClash Royale BalloonClash Royale MinerClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Zap

copy deck

High skill cap deck. Magic Archer, Mega Minion and Ice Golem are your defensive trifecta.

Using Ice Spirit at opportune moments and Tornadoing as well are required for good defenses.

It’s a highly offensive deck however, that being said overcommiting is something you ought to avoid at all costs.

Fun deck to try, can replace Ice Golem with Lumberjack or Mini P.E.K.K.A.

If you guys have more decks submit them below and might be added onto the guide along with a shoutout as the *creator* of the deck.


Magic Archer is quite balanced, not overly overpowered.

Honestly, a few days after release, I found myself replacing him in several of my decks, he’s slightly underwhelming. Though he is very fun to play!

If you have him, give him a shot!

Grind some challenges with some decks, and submit whatever decks work for you guys. Cheers, Lolman out.


  1. You have to have tornado in the deck too or else he doesn’t have much upside. I’ve been running a giant in front, dropping magic archer behind him and the tornadoing everything the opponent throws down to push them into the center so the archers also hitting the tower. It makes for some fun strategic play!

    • ikr it’s all about manipulating the opponent’s troops so that your MA can “accidentally” hit the real target, a.k.a. princess tower. I think it’s really cool how its range is 11, but it can only attack from 7 tiles. It requires much more deployment skill.

    • Yes, you are the only one in the whole CRA community that realizes many of the recent guides have been about the Magic Archer, because you are the only one who can count the number of posts and recognize the amount of them about the Magic Archer. (Sorry not trying to be mean but I had to : ))

  2. new poll : which card is the best in your arena?
    In Arena 8, it’s Fire Spirits.
    Just kidding. Any legendaries really. Like night witch probably.

  3. Guys magic archer needs a health buff at . least increase 15hp so he at least get a shot on arena tower before he dies who agrees?

  4. I think CR needs to start thinking of ways so that they stop losing players. They’re not really making any new ideas and it’s kinda going downhill.

    • Yeah, people are getting bored because there are not much new contents
      Make a clan war or something, would attract more player

    • ihave noticed this as i remember when the comment sections had almost always over 1000 comments on them, and now we only get barely 100

  5. Cant executioner be replaced by MA? Their projectile goes through troops and buildings, but exe has a wider range and more health, while MA has longer range and faster hit speed

    • no, they are way too different from each other as executioner is a crazy defensive card which isn’t easy to break through

  6. i dont play the game hardly anymore so whats the difference between the executioner and the magic archer.

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