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LumberYard Deck – Deadly Combo


Wassup guys! It’s DabMaster2 and today I’ll be showing my LumberYard Deck! This deck has a surprising combo. With the skeletons accumulating from the graveyard, the lumberjack runs in and can rage them up.

This is probably my 4th graveyard deck guide already!

Let’s get into it!


LumberYard Deck

Clash Royale LumberjackClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale KnightClash Royale Goblin Gang
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale TornadoClash Royale Poison

Cards Breakdown

Lumberjack – The lumberjack is an extremely underrated card.

In this deck, he’s mainly used on offense paired with the graveyard. He rushes the enemy tower while your opponent must deal with the graveyard.

On defense, the lumberjack is very squishy. Use him in situations where he won’t get killed instantly.

Graveyard – This is your tower killer and is what makes up the bulk of your monster push.

The graveyard can even get raged if the lumberjack dies near the tower, but the lumberjack’s main goal is to chop down the enemy tower with massive DPS.

The graveyard and lumberjack create a deadly double threat which your opponent much counter very quickly.

Knight – The knight is a great cheap tank for the graveyard.

He is very versatile on defense and can stop many troops. On offense, make sure to let him tank for the graveyard and the lumberjack to give you opponent a harder time defending.

Goblin Gang – These versatile goblins are great swarm cards. They can also be paired on offense with the lumberjack for a surprisingly powerful push.

Goblin gang will also be one of your main DPS units to help with the inferno tower.

Don’t be as reliant on these guys for air defense because they only have 2 spear gobs now.

Inferno Tower – This is your main defense. Always rely on this to stop the enemy pushes.

Only use it when the opponent has a hog or a tank as their win condition so that you will always be ready to counter it.

If your opponent has a miner deck or a deck which doesn’t utilize a tank, the inferno tower can be placed down as a passive building

Executioner – It’s the executioner’s time to shine!

With the new Night Witch released, the executioner is the best counter to her, completely shutting her down.

The executioner’s role in this deck is as a crowd control troops to take down large swarms.

Poison – The poison is the perfect support for the graveyard since it kills all squishy troops your opponent uses to counter the graveyard.

The poison isn’t used on defense often and is mostly only used on offense with the graveyard. Only use it on defense if you need the extra splash damage support.

Tornado – With the tornado and executioner, you can stop almost any type of push your opponent may use against you.

Use the tornado to also activate your king tower for a big advantage.


General Gameplan

Best starting plays:

  • Knight at the back
  • Goblin Gang split at the back
  • Executioner at the back
  • Lumberjack at the bridge
  • Goblin Gang

Start of Match (3:00 – 2:30)

At the beginning, look out for what your opponent’s cards are. Don’t play your graveyard yet until you find your opponent’s win condition is.

Make sure to count your opponent’s cards to know what cards they have.

If your opponent has only 7 cards played, that means they may have a surprising card they have not played yet.

Mid Game (2:29 – 1:01)

The graveyard is strongest when played from a counter push. Although it’s okay to go aggressive, it can be very punishing of you overcommit.

Consider whether if you are going to get substantial value when going for a push.

The defense is simple with this deck. Use the inferno tower to kill tanks, executioner to kill hordes, and goblin gang for extra swarm DPS. Never overcommit on either defense or offense.

Here are the best pushes:

  • Knight + Graveyard
  • Lumberjack + Graveyard
  • Executioner + Graveyard
  • Graveyard + Poison
  • Knight + Lumberjack + Graveyard

Double Elixir and Overtime (1:00 – 0:00)

In double elixir time, your goal is to strike with as many pushes as possible. This deck doesn’t have a huge push to save up elixir for.

All you need to do is swift rushes with graveyard poison and another troop tanking for the graveyard.

You best push is Knight + Lumberjack + Graveyard + Poison + Executioner. This can normally only be pulled off in double elixir if you start a knight at the back.

If you have a strong graveyard poison push on one side and you see your opponent defend it with lots of elixir, rush the other lane with lumberjack + goblin gang. I call this move the Canadian Goblin juke (Lumberjack is Canadian).

Whenever you have a good counter push going with surviving troops, always play graveyard poison.

If you want to attack the enemy tower but don’t have a counter push built up, rush the enemy tower with lumberjack or knight + graveyard poison.

Dealing with Valkyrie

There are two ways to deal with the Valkyrie:

  1. Wait for the enemy to use the Valkyrie. Once they’ve used their valkyrie, rush the tower with lumberjack + graveyard poison. Without the valkyrie, your opponent doesn’t have their best graveyard counter.
  2. If you are attacking and you know your opponent has their valkyrie in rotation, place the graveyard so that a couple tiles are on the other side of the tower. This lets skeletons spawn on all sides of the enemy tower to minimize the valkyrie’s effectiveness.

Second Tower Take Down

Taking down a second tower can be irritating with the king tower up, but there is a way to distract both the enemy crown tower AND the king tower.

When attacking, place the graveyard directly in the center of the enemy tower with the poison ready to poison any graveyard counter your enemy has, Play the lumberjack directly at the bridge so that he takes the aggro of the crown tower.

Right as the lumberjack crosses the bridge, place the knight right at the pocket to take the aggro of the king tower and splits the damage of the king and crown tower. This makes sure that none of the enemy towers are shooting at the graveyard.

The knight doesn’t always have to be used as a distraction to the king tower. Goblin gang can be used to swarm the enemy and potentially deal massive damage.

Lumberjack Tips

The lumberjack is very underrated and not many people use him. I am an often lumberjack user and I’ve grown to know his strengths and weaknesses.

  • Offense is where he shines – Unlike the mini-pekka, the lumberjack is much faster, faster hit speed, and drops the rage. The mini-pekka is better used on defense with higher health and more overall damage. On offense, if the lumberjack can get to the tower, he can get off an insane amount of hits because of his fast hit speed. Once he dies, his rage can help out any of your troops and also rage the graveyard’s skeletons. Sometimes, he can also be used to tank for the graveyard if you don’t have the knight ready.
  • He is a squishy troop – The lumberjack is mainly a glass cannon. If you play him in the middle of all your opponent’s, he’s completely screwed. Know the right situations to play him in. Only play him to counter small troops or individual glass cannons, low DPS troops. If the lumberjack can be kept alive, he can make for a scary counter push.

Deck Matchups

Hog – The hog isn’t that much of a problem. The inferno tower, lumberjack, and goblin gang are all great counters.

Make sure you don’t go all out on a push because you can get destroyed by a hog rider counter push.

Always leave some elixir left for defense after you push in case your opponent counter attacks you.

Golem/Giant/PEKKA – Inferno tower can melt all these tanks.

The only issue is the lightning spell. The lightning will completely own your inferno tower. You will need the executioner and knight to take out the backline of troops and use the goblin gang or lumberjack for extra DPS once the backline has been taken out.

Sometimes, placing your inferno tower in the anti-lightning placement doesn’t help because your opponent will just lightning the lone inferno tower and potentially hit some of your other support troops.

Lavahound – Lavahound can be easily countered by inferno tower and executioner.

Place the inferno tower close your own tower with the executioner close by to help with splash damage.

Miner – Knight, goblin gang, and lumberjack are all good counters to the miner. This should be an easy matchup.

Have the executioner ready with splash damage against large swarms your opponent may have with the miner.

Bait Decks – The executioner is your only good swarms counter. The poison and zap can also provide some more splash protection.

On offense, graveyard poison will destroy all your opponent’s swarm cards and should give you graveyard some good damage.

3 Muskies – 3 muskies are a real pain. The poison will have to take time to kill them instead of the fireball doing instant damage.

If you see your opponent place an elixir collector, rush that same lane with knight or lumberjack + graveyard while also poisoning the pump and the tower.

If the pump is in front of the king tower, place the poison spell to hit the pump and the tower instead of placing the poison on top of the graveyard.

If your opponent is attacking both lanes, tornado all the troops together in the middle with your executioner splash damage. Place a knight in the middle of all the troops to tank damage from the executioner.

Royal Giant (cancer) – The cancerous Royal Giant is melted by this deck.

The inferno will tear it to shreds with the help of the goblin gang and executioner + tornado will kill all the support troops.

X-bow/Mortar – Place the knight in the center of your side of the arena to tank damage from the x-bow or mortar.

The inferno will melt it if can lock on to the enemy siege weapon. Executioner + tornado will destroy all the support and counter push with graveyard poison.


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