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How To Deal With Losing Streaks


Wassup fellas, RohanReigns here talking about perhaps an untalked topic but a significant one, losing streaks.

losing streak

While some may have an incredible win ratio, but it’s no doubt that every player out there faces losing streak at least once. I recently had a losing streak and lost around 300 trophies within few hours. It really sucked!

And then I started analyzing my mistakes and came up writing this guide for you all so that you can avoid losing streaks in the time ahead. So let’s right into it!

Losing Streaks and Tilt

For those who don’t know, losing more than 4-5 times in a row is simply called losing streak.

Tilt on the other hand refers to a combined feeling of frustration and over-excitement that disables your ability to focus in a battle and you lose as a result. Ever had a day when you just keep losing regardless of whatever you do? That’s not rigged matchmaking, neither is your deck weak. That’s tilt, an altered psychology of your mind that forces you to play explicitly.

I know you didn’t understand the previous line right? Well actually there are two kinds of playing in Clash Royale:

Explicit Playing

When you use your newly learnt knowledge strictly into a battle, without missing anything that the guide/video you learnt from, says, then that’s explicit playing. Example includes timing your defensive building right when RG crosses the bridge. When you first do that, it might take some time and you’ll do mistakes. Newbies play explicitly and it’s nothing bad about that. Everyone plays explicitly first and improve gradually.

Implicit Playing:

When you master something that it becomes a “walk-in-the-park” for you, then that’s implicit playing. Example includes perfectly spliting your Skeletons to kite the entire minion squadron. As you slowly progress in the game, the skills that you once used explicitly becomes natural and somewhat easy to you. Being a fast-paced game where a mistake costs you a loss, implicit playing is crucial for winning. So that was just some extra stuff that I wanted to share with you all. Re-entering into the topic, now let’s know some few causes of losing streaks and tilt.

Bad Internet Connection

Self-descriptory I guess.

The worse your internet connection, the slower you’ll be able to respond to their pushes, resulting frequent losses (provided you’re still playing with that internet).

Physical and Mental Tiredness

Playing while tired makes you unable to focus in a battle and as I previously said, Clash Royale requires constant focus in order to win.

This is actually true for me because the last time I went on a losing streak, I was sick (had slight fever) and physically tired. I kept losing till I halted playing for a while.

Technical Difficulties

It’s no less than a miracle when you win a battle while playing in a phone with only half screen working.

Other than that technical difficulties includes your phone’s charge level, sudden phone calls/messages, overheating issues etc.

They in fact don’t lose you a game but they do increase your chances of losing, which can turn into a losing streak ultimately.

Winning Streaks

Might sound controversial, but when you win a lot in row and are close to reaching a new PB, League or Arena, your mind’s psychology transforms drastically due to heightened levels of excitement.

This forces you to play explicitly rather than implicitly.

You expect a win anyhow in that final battle and become either too defensive or aggressive. Your response time decreases as you start to play more carefully and consciously. But those delayed responses are what cause a loss.

Just one loss and you become tilted. You keep playing expecting wins time and again but guess what, you lose every time. That makes you feel it’s the end of world, literally.

Playing In A Wrong Environment

It’s a significant one.

Playing while standing in queue and expecting wins in that situation is called foolishness.

Having a right environment before playing greatly increases your chances of winning and the opposite is just as true.

Stable focus and prediction plays are possible only when you’ve got the right conditions and preparedness.


Arghh, emotes really hurt!

Crying or Laughing emote from your opponent after you lose sucks the positivity out of you. You begin to tilt. While some may have no effect of emotes, majority of players do have.

Be careful next time, don’t get winded by those emotes.

How to deal with Losing Streak?

Okay enough talking about the causes. Now let’s get into the useful part, what can you do to avoid tilt and losing streaks? To know, continue reading.

Stop playing when you lose 3 games in a row.

I think this tip should be the “tip of the century”!

Do exactly what it says, stop playing for a while once you’ve lost 3 battles in a row.

I don’t know if I should blame the matchmaking or something else, I’ve lost most of my games when I’ve continued playing even after 3 consecutive losses. I strongly suggest you guys to rest for a while. Get rid of that “king-with-a-moustache” icon and do something else. You have many things to do other than Clash Royale. And after all, it’s just a game.

Have a right environment before playing

Plug in your headphones if you have, make sure you have plenty of battery left and ensure that no one is gonna disturb you before tapping the Clash Royale icon.

I personally play Clash Royale when I am free or have no chores to do because that’s when I can focus well and have some smooth wins. Yes, you can play 2v2 , petty tournaments and friendly battles without having to prepare but it’s never a bad idea to not to play while having a meal (Did I confuse you?) or some thing like that.

By the way, you can actually play while sitting in your toilet but not for long xDD.

Mute your opponent if he BMs you.

Emotes are a great to blackmail your enemies.

Next time you play, go ahead and tap the mute emote icon after wishing a good luck. This way you can stay focused and un-influenced the whole match.

Muting emotes has actually improved my game play personally. I was actually a bad BMer before when I read this post. Read this post once and remember, behave well because “what you sow is what you reap”.

Don’t play when you’re sick

Because that might heat your phone faster (Jusk kidding :p).

Talking about my recent losing streak, it happened because I was sick actually. Then I noticed that playing while having a 102.8°F fever can degrade your in-game performance.

This applies to physical tiredness too. When your doctor says to rest while being sick, that’s true! Follow him and you can prevent losing streaks as mine.

And yeah, don’t battle right before you’re dozing off!

Don’t keep changing your playstyle or decks

There are various benefits of not changing your deck frequently.

  1. You can get used to the playstyle of your deck.
  2. You’ll play implicitly later on.
  3. You will discover new ways to countering something with your deck.
  4. You can upgrade your cards faster.

Just because you lost some matches doesn’t mean your deck is useless. So don’t change your deck completely instead you can analyze the weakness of your deck and replace one or two cards.

Watch your replays of lost battles

Rather than playing more matches, start watching replays more often because it does really help to point out the mistakes you did last time. And in the next games, you can avoid that error and win !

TL;DR version of this entire post: Have some rest for a while if you think you’re on a losing streak.

Thanks for reading guys!

Don’t hesitate point out my mistakes in this post! I’ll keep updating this post for sure.

Have you faced any huge losing streak? Let me know in the comment section below, let’s see who has the record of losing the most trophies (😂).

And as always, take care, clash on!


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