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Legendary Royal Giant Cycle Deck


Are you looking for an easy-to-use Royal Giant Deck which works well in the current meta?

This deck was shared by Joe. It works well against Lavaloon, Zap-bait, Royal Giant, Hog Cycle and so many other deck types, helping him push from 2600+ to 3158 trophies.

Legendary Royal Giant Cycle Deck

Legendary Royal Giant Cycle Deck


  • Plays well against Lava Loon deck
  • Plays well against the new meta/Zap bait deck
  • Plays well against Royal Giant decks
  • Plays well against Hog Cycle decks.
  • This deck can work as somewhat of a Zap bait to go along with the new meta
  • 3.1 average Elixir for quick cycles


  • 1 Mistake with the Inferno Tower could cost you the game
  • contains 3 legendaries that although are replaceable, can change the game

Clash Royale Royal GiantClash Royale MinerClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale The LongClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Inferno Tower


  • Royal Giant – Cannot be replaced since it is the foundation of the deck
  • Miner – Goblin Barrel*
  • Princess – Archers*
  • Ice Spirit – Ice Wizard
  • Log – Zap*
  • Fire Spirits – Minions, Zap, Spear Goblins
  • Skeleton Army – Guards, Goblins
  • Inferno Tower – Not recommended to replace, but you can with any other building.

*Note, these legendaries are very unique and can change the game if replaced

Card Breakdown:

Royal Giant – This is the foundation of your deck. He is a beast with massive amounts of hit points allowing him to do massive amounts of damage. Use him to chip your enemies tower, along with your Miner and Princess.

Miner – This guy is part of the, as I like to call it, Legendary Trifecta. It’s one of the cards everyone dreams of getting when they play this game. It is because he is a very unique card, that digs underground. But the main reason is because he is a tank that only costs 3 Elixir and can do lots of damage if left alone. He is also a very good duo with the Royal Giant because often your opponent will only have 1 or 2 counters for a tank.

Princess – This is the second card in my Legendary Trifecta. She is a goddess with incredible range that can punish the enemies greatly. In this deck, she is great when you put her behind the Royal Giant. She can kill counters like Skeleton Army, Minions, etc instantly.

Ice Spirit – This card is a great bang for the buck costing only 1 Elixir. It can really save you the game or win you the game. As you all now, it Freezes its range of 2.5 for 1.5 seconds, which is just a really great option for freezing heavy tanks for your Inferno Tower or chipping Minions or Goblins. He can also bait out a Zap.

The Log – This card is the third card of the Legendary Trifecta. Once most people have it, they have a hard time letting it go. It’s just a great card to take out large masses of low hp cards and also has the knock-back which is always nice. This card has also been in the debate of whether it’s better than the Zap or not, which is better to use, etc. Well, now with the Zap nerf, I think it is a pretty easy choice given that it can take out Goblin Barrels and the Zap can’t (same level comparison) The only defect to The log is it can’t reset Inferno Towers, but that shouldn’t be a huge deal with this deck. Take a look at here to read more about The Log!

Fire Spirits – Like the Ice Spirit, these guys are a great bang for the buck and can do massive amounts of damaged. I like to add these guys in because we don’t have the Zap for Minions etc. I always prioritize these guys against air cards. They are also good against Goblin Barrel. And lastly, they can bait out a Zap for your Inferno, Ice Spirit, or Skeleton Army.

Skeleton Army – I’ve included these guys because they are only 3 Elixir and can really save you the game. The are a greater counter against ground tanks and also a good distraction. Especially if you bait out a Zap, it can really give you an Elixir advantage.

Inferno Tower – Not much explaining to do with this guy, it can take out Lava Hounds, Royal Giants, and any other tank, almost instantly, which is always a nice little addition. It’s also a great counter against Hog decks.


This deck is a heavy offensive control deck, if you don’t keep control you’ll lose. And what I mean by this is, if you let them get to big of a push going, it can be very hard to defend. But once you have control, they can’t do anything and that’s what makes this deck so fun.

Start of Match (0:00-00:30)

Here it really is based on your starting hand whether you want to go first or not (Refer to the best starting hands below).

If you get a good starting hand, I usually like to place the Royal Giant at the back and get a push starting.

In this first 30 seconds, you really just want to be scouting out his stuff and not play too aggressive.

For example

  • If you place Royal Giant down and a bunch of stuff behind it quickly, he could maybe put down Elite Barbarians and then cost you the game. So just play a little safe and see when you should push/counter push.
  • If they start immediately when the game begins, you have to make a decision of whether your starting hand is good enough to defend, and if it is and you are just waiting till he reaches the bridge, then I would just place a card on the other side to charge his Elixir and keep you from having to defend a large push.

Remember though, this all depends on game sense and understanding, never play this game like a robot.

Mid Game (00:31-2:00)

By now you should have at least a rough understanding of your opponents deck, should know when to attack and when not to.

  • If your opponent is really getting to you, then conserve your Elixir a little bit while chipping with Miner or princess, etc.
  • If you are really controlling him and you get a tower already, then I would start trying to get a second tower as soon as possible because if double Elixir hits and he get a good push and all you have been doing is defending then his deck will catch up to you and you’ll lose.

Double Elixir (2:01-3:00)

Double Elixir is known as the clutch round. Many players can make huge comebacks if you make any little mistakes.

You always want to make sure you are playing smart and aware of what your opponent can do.

  • If you already have a tower and you’ve been chipping another tower, you want to try and get that 2nd tower just to secure the win, but if it’s to hard then just defend.
  • If he gets your tower before the game is over and its 1-1, then let your Elixir reset, and make a push when the time is right. I always like to mess around with my Miner in this round because it catches them off guard. Sometimes you may also want to put your Royal Giant in the middle of the arena on your opponents side because that will also catch them off guard.

Deck Matchups

Zap Bait – If you know you’re up against a Zap bait, play aggressive. Conserve either your Log, Fire Spirits, or Ice Spirit for whenever he throws that Goblin Barrel. Try to continue to cycle and drain his Elixir and take control. If you maintain control then Zap bait decks are the easiest to defend against.

LavaLoon – They will most likely start the Lava Hound in the back, if so, I always like to counter attack on the other lane so they are forced to defend and can’t get the Elixir to get the balloon. Also make sure you have your Inferno Tower and a support ready (princess or Fire Spirits) if you don’t, it can cost you the game. With Lavaloon I always like to try and get 2 crowns because double Elixir can really take a toll, and they will most likely get at least 1 tower. So if you get a good push and get a tower, start to really push for that second crown.

Elite Barbarians/Hog Cycle – This deck has some great counters for both Elite Barbarians and Hog Riders. Use the Inferno Tower for the Hog Rider. If they have any type of support behind it, use Ice Spirit or Skeleton Army. Same goes for Elite Barbarians. If you know your opponent has them ready, make sure you have your Skeleton Army ready and another support ready to play down in case they Zap the Skeleton Army (Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit).

Sparky Decks – They are not impossible to counter with this deck, but it’s hard to beat a Sparky without a Zap and we all know that. I always try make quick cycles to force them to not use the Sparky, but if they do get the Sparky down, then try to have your cheap cards ready to waste its charge. If you can’t get a tower, and you’re just using all you have to defend, then just do your best to draw. Fortunately not many people use the Sparky, but you get every once and a while.

Royal Giant Decks – This is the best Royal Giant deck so it has to be able to beat its brothers right? Use the Inferno Tower to kill the Royal Giant and if they Zap it, then have your Skeleton Army ready because since they Zapped the Inferno Tower, they won’t have a counter for the Skeleton Army.

Graveyard decks – The deck of no skill is counter-able with this deck. Try to bait their Zap if they have one because you are going to need to use your Skeleton Army to defend it, also have your Fire Spirits or Log ready in case they Freeze it or something. The Graveyard is such an op card in my opinion that it is hard to counter.


vs. Lavaloonion:

vs. Zap Bait:

vs. Elite Barbarians:


This deck has gotten me several wins in tournament level against guys who are at 3700+.

Although I will admit, I’m ‘only’ at 3158 right now, I’m still climbing easily. I feel like I should post this now because the deck is just working great.

I was in 2600 two days ago struggling to get just 2700. It sounds funny right, haha well the new update really messed with my old deck so I had to make this one, and in just 2 days I’m back to 3100+.

If you are still reading to this point, I know that you are really looking for a deck that is going to be consistent and is going to get you to where you want to be, because it has gotten there for me.

This is also my first deck that I’m submitting so if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, and I’ll try to answer them!


— by joe


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