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4 New Cards: Ghost, Sneaky Archer, Magic Archer and Barbarian Barrel


Hey guys it’s Zigge! Today I’m gonna be showcasing the leaked cards and give my opinion on them. Let’s get into it!


Magic Archer

The first new card I’m gonna talk about is the Magic Archer. It’s the card that doesn’t have any card picture in the video.

At level 12 it does 168 damage per hit which is similar to a Baby Dragon (176 at level 7). It dies in 8 shots from a level 12 Princess Tower, which means that it has less than 952 health but more than 833.

In the video, its range looks like it’s either 7 or 6.5 tiles, the latter being equivalent to a Dart Goblin or Royal Giant.

From what I can see its hit speed is below 1 second.

  • Movement Speed: Medium
  • Rarity: Common
  • Cost: 4

Barbarian Barrel

The next card is Barbarian Barrel.

It’s kind of like a Goblin Barrel but has a weird landing technique where it lands a few tiles farther than where its cast.

It also does impact damage (!) similar to how Goblin Barrel used to do impact damage. However the damage is dealt where the barrel is cast, and not where it lands.

It’s a rare card and a maxed Barbarian Barrel will spawn 1 level 14 Barbarian! We don’t know the exact impact damage yet but it’s enough to kill an underleveled Magical Archer.

  • Movement Speed: N/A
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Cost: 4

Frost Knight/Ghost

The third card is something along the lines of a Frost Warrior which has an interesting death mechanic (more on than soon).

At level 4 it dies to 9 shots from a level 12 Princess Tower which means that it has between 1071 and 952 health. It does 199 damage per hit.

But here comes the interesting part! When it dies a ghost spawns which deals 167 damage per swing (level 4) and has between 1063 and 1182 health.

From what I can see they both have s hit speed around 1 second.

  • Movement Speed: Medium
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Cost: 4

Sneaky Archer

The fourth and final card is the Sneaky Archer.

This card summons 1 Archer with pretty the same damage but a lot better attack speed (0.45s/hit).

That’s it for today guys! Stay tuned for more leaks in the future!


  1. Lol idk why but i’m always hyped for the barrels,like barbarian/skeleton barrel, i really like the concept

    • I think they’re more thinking along the lines of how to help alleviate issues with meta trends. Not necessarily creative but, cards that can deal with any meta for a nice price. Therefore creating a new meta and the madness and mania start again.

  2. “From what I can see they both have s hit speed around 1 second.”
    Obviously the s was not supposed to be there, but out of context, lol swear word.

      • A building that spawns mega minions every 6 seconds and lasts for 45 seconds. It’s a floating factory with goblins powering it with dark elixir (btw why not at least come up with an alternate universe game where you have two resources to draw from and add 4 cards from the dark elixir side (which are a totally separate set) but, max cost on dark elixir is 4 instead of 10…no card will cost more than 4 de and just make a totally different set of cards…I think it can be done in 6 months time, if not less, as it’s only addition and coupling of features, but, I digress) and when the factory dies (actually the goblins destroy it if left untouched) no matter the method, the goblins parachute off, land and attack anything in range (two gobs). Legendary for 8 elixir.

      • yeah, Rage should go down to 1 Elixir and last for 3s. Would be cool in Hog Cycle decks. The biggest problem though I think is that it fills up a slot in your deck that can’t defend. No beatdown deck would say no to a 2 Elixir Rage, but it doesn’t do a smack defensively and that’s why people are choosing Lumberjack instead.

    • We have way too many buildings right now. In my opinion buildings should get a huge buff but should fill very niche roles where no building is optimal in any situation. Sort of like how Cannon is useless against Lava Hound but your best friend vs a Hog Rider deck.

  3. I like the frost warrior and barbarian barrel, but frost warrior should have about 700 health and a slow effect like ice wiz though.

  4. unrelated, but i had a very clutch comeback on my 2nd account today:
    my opponent had a pekka and took my tower, i had a mega knight and balloon on the other lane, i arrowed the tower and got it with 1 sec left and went into overtime, and then i 3-crowned him

  5. the sneaky archer is in clash of clans to and it is invisible when you deploy it so i think it will be a legendary

  6. I don’t really think these cards are needed in the game. dart goblin fills the role of magical archer, I’m not sure how barbarian barrel works, but we don’t really need more 3 elixir barrel cards right now. and the frost warrior looks like trash, I’m not sure how it is supposed to work. maybe it’s an indirect buff to NW and LJ? and please, supercell, be done with the whole ” bringing coc troops to CR ” thing.

  7. What is the proof of their legitimacy? And if they are legit, then duh, the sneaky archer is from CoC

    • There is no proof, but like @bowlerbanditforthewin:disqus says opegit studio have been right on almost every leak if not all leaks

  8. Leave it to opegit studios. They’ve leaked everything since the electro wizard at least that I’ve been following.

  9. If barbarian barrel can be spawned anywhere it should replace goblin barrel. If not then it act as a support killer(like knight)

  10. The magical archer is basically a better musketeer js
    The barbarian barrel would be pretty fun
    The ghost knight could literally be given a shield and it would be like a knight with a shield,

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