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Lava Miner Inferno Deck – Challenge Winning Deck


Hey what’s going on guys! RSivak back again with a brand new Lava Hound deck. The wonderful thing about this deck is it’s ability to halt other Lava Hound users from reaching your tower while yours does. This deck can counter every major meta deck at the moment. I also just won a tournament using this deck so hope you guys like it!

Lava Miner Inferno Deck

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale MinerClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale Musketeer
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Zap

Lava Hound + Miner + Inferno Dragon

Lava Hound: Your main win condition, cannot be replaced. This card is the Flying Fortress of this deck. Taking damage while your support shreds through defenses. Wait for it go pop and when it is paired with a Miner correctly the tower is sure to suffer massive damage.

Inferno Dragon: Your second win condition, this card is one of my favorite cards throughout the game. Seen has hard to use, this card is an absolute monster when paired with other cards. When paired with a Zap, this card will shut down Inferno Towers before they roast through your Hound giving you more damage and throwing your opponent into a panic.

Miner: The 3rd and final legendary and the only replaceable one. Can use Goblin Barrel instead. However, when using Goblin Barrel, throw the Barrel when the tower locked onto the Hound and to the top right or top left to avoid your opponent from Arrowing or Zapping both your Lava Pups and Goblins. The Miner is such a great mini tank, when placed correctly, you can have all the opponents defense concentrate on the Miner allowing the pups to dish out hundreds of damage.

Musketeer: Such a versatile card, deals hefty damage and can easily pick off troops from a distance. Does well at killing off enemy Lava Pups, Minions, Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, and many other melee troops. Try Wizard after the Balance, might be a stronger if more expensive alternative. The Musketeer is great on defense and if the opponent forgets about her, focusing on the Minions, Inferno Dragon and Lava Hound instead she will punish them by dealing with all their defense.

Minions: Speedy, deal a fair amount of damage and cost only 3 elixir, they are great at countering Minion Hordes provided you Zap them first! They can pick off any single target troops, shutting down the enemy Inferno Dragons, Musketeers from dealing too much damage on your Lava Hound.

Mega Minion: The Meta Minion, no Air deck is complete without it, versatile, and deadly. This card is such a great defense and can be used on offense to pick off any defense troops like Witch, and Wizard. This card is can also tank damage for the Pups like the Miner would allowing the Pups to go to town on the tower.

More: Ultimate Guide to Using Mega Minion

Ice Spirit: I really love this card in this deck. You can freeze the enemy troops or defense for 1.5 seconds, weaken Minion Hordes to Zappable range and overall allow your troops more chances to deal damage. This card shuts down a full health Mega Minion, and minimizes Musketeer damage on your own tower.

Zap: Perfect for killing Goblin Barrels, Skarmy’s, Minion Hordes, and finishing off weakened troops and towers. This card has such a high versatility that makes it a must in this deck. Resetting Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower charge allows you to take them out and push onward to the tower.

General Gameplan

If you get a Lava Hound in your starting hand then place it in lower left hand or right hand corner. Test the waters and see how they defend against it. Drop one or two support units for the Hound, but don’t over commit early on, you want to see his counters and get a feel for his placements and rotation.

If you don’t have Lava Hound but have Miner and Minions I recommend a simple Miner Minion push, drop the Miner at the tower and the Minions at the bridge to cycle through your cards, you could also add an Ice Spirit if you have it to make it more deadly.

Throughout the game until Double Elixir you want to keep pushing with the Lava Hound deck, the great thing about this deck is it has an average elixir cost of 3.4, letting you cycle through pretty fast. The key is to not let your opponent build up too big of a push, don’t over commit just keep chipping with the Hound, Miner and other support.

Don’t use Inferno Dragon unless you need to kill a tank, because this card is the surprise card.

I usually try to keep it hidden till double elixir when I can give the Inferno Dragon enough protection to make it to the tower.


Miner + Minion: Cheap yet effective if opponent misplays you will at least get in 500-700 damage in. Drop the miner at the tower and the Minions at the bridge with an Ice Spirit for added damage.

Lava Hound + Mega Minion/Minions/Musketeer + Miner: Your more simple push, the types of pushes you want to make until double elixir, of course use Ice Spirit or Zap if you need to.

Lava Hound + Mega Minion +Minions + Inferno Dragon + Musketeer + Miner: Your winning push, EXTREMELY expensive so never ever do this until double elixir. Start the Hound off in the back and drop the Mega Minion in front of the Inferno Dragon and Minions behind the Inferno Dragon, Musketeer behind that. Prepare a Zap or Ice Spirit for Minion Hordes. This push will almost always guarantee you a tower. The key is to cover the Inferno Dragon to protect it from distractions allowing it to reach the tower and lock on.


This deck doesn’t face too much trouble from Giant Bowler, as the Inferno Dragon kills the Giant, and Minions or Mega Minion cut through the Bowler, be wary of Graveyard, I find Minions the best counter to it so save those Minions if you know they run a Graveyard deck.

Another deck you might have issues with is 3 Musketeers, however I find that while they kill the Lava Hound, they die very soon after and all the troops behind the  Hound deal the real damage, so make sure you protect your Hound with Mega Minion and Musketeer as they kill the 3 Musketeers pretty fast when the Musketeers distracted.

Other Lava Hound decks should not be too big of a problem, your Inferno Dragon will take out the Hound and with the help of a Musketeer or Mega Minion the Pups as well. Placement becomes key though watch for Lightning Spells that can be deadly.


  • Try out a Miner Minion push if Lava Hound not in your starting hand.
  • Avoid using the Inferno Dragon too soon, unless you need to shred through a tank, this card is a great surprise card behind the Hound.
  • Work on Miner placement, it is key if you want the Pups to deal enough damage.
  • Musketeer and Mega Minion are your greatest defense.
  • Make sure you have a Zap ready if your opponent counters your push with Minion Horde. Don’t be afraid to Zap an Inferno Dragon or Tower to reset it’s charge it can give you hundreds of damage later on!

Well that’s about it guys! If you have any questions or concerns drop a comment down below. Hope you have fun with the Flying Fortress deck and may it win you many battles! Until next time!


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