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New Troops: Lava Hound, Skeleton Warriors + Reward Gold


Hello guys, new troops will be added in the next Clash Royale update: Lava Hound, Lava Pups and Skeleton Warriors. Also, we will be able to get battle reward gold after every win match. Let’s take a closer look at this guys!

Once again, spAnser, somehow, gets access of Clash Royale server and share this great news to us!

New Troops: Lava Hound, Skeleton Warriors + Reward Gold

New Clash Royale Troops: Lava Hound and Skeleton Warriors

According to the digged data, 3 new troops which will be added in the upcoming update are Lava Hound, Lava Pups (summoned upon Laval Hound’s death) and Skeleton Warriors:

Name Unlocked Rarity Cost HP Shield HP Range Damage Attack Speed Spawns on Death
Lava Hound P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse Legendary 8 3000 3.5 Tiles ? 1.3s 8 Lava Pups
Lava Pup 100 1.5 Tiles ? 1.3s
Skeleton Warriors Royal Arena Rare 3 40 200 1.4 Tiles 50 1.2s

The Legendary Lava Hound will be a great tanker for any air attack with 3000 HP, also, he can summon 8 small Lava Pups upon death, which is awesome.

Battle Reward Gold

After every win, you will get a better reward gold with decent amount of Gold:

Arena Gold
Training Camp 5
Goblin Stadium 5
Bone Pit 7
Barbarian Bowl 9
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 11
Spell Valley 12
Builder’s Workshop 14
Royal Arena 15
Legendary Arena 20

Bellow are some images of the new troops for you:

Lava Hound:

lava-houndLava Pup:


Skeleton Warriors:



What do you think about this new update guys?

Also, please share this great news with your friends guys! You rock!


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