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Lava Hound Cycle Deck for Arena 8, 9 and 10


Hey what’s happening guys! It’s Jaybros here and welcome to this new deck guide.

So as you can see by the title this is an extremely cheap Lava Hound deck that I’ve been playing with and it is insane. This deck has won me multiple Grand Challenges and has pushed me above 4,000 trophies. So it is an extremely effective deck.

And while there is 2 legendary cards in the deck 1 of them is easily replaceable. Also real quick this deck has all rares and common cards so it is extremely easy to level up (besides the 2 legendary cards in the deck).

Lava Hound Cycle Deck

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale MinerClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Archers
Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale ZapClash Royale fireballClash Royale Tombstone

Lava Hound Cycle Deck

Now keep in mind this deck is super flexible so you can use so many of these cards for so many different situation. And what makes this deck unique to any other Lava Hound deck is that it is extremely cheap being that it is a 3.3 average Elixir cost. So now onto card analysis!

Cards Breakdown

Lava Hound: Your main win condition. This card will be the card you win the game with most likely (Not Replaceable because this is a Lava Hound deck!).

Miner: This card is extremely versatile. He can tank for your Lava Pups, or take down Elixir Collector for a +3 Elixir trade, or distract incoming units, or chip a tower down, or even finish off low health towers.

All in all this card is a card that has so many uses I highly recommend using it in this deck if you have it.

However if you don’t have it don’t worry you can replace this card. Preferably with these cards: Baby Dragon, Knight, Ice Golem, Lumberjack, or Inferno Dragon. The idea is to have these units tank for your lava pups and if timed right any of these cards can work.

Ice Spirit: This card even though it got nerfed is still a beast.

It can be used to cycle you deck faster, to freeze any unit for 1.5 seconds allowing you units to have an easier time taking down enemy pushes, or to support your own push by reseting Inferno Towers.

Ice Spirit is needed in this deck because this is a super cheap deck and it is so versatile for 1 Elixir.

Archers: These pink haired ladies sure have mad a comeback. I remember the time when these guys were non existent in the game. However in this deck they help a lot.

They can help take down Graveyards, take out zap bait units like Gob Barrel or Skelly Army, they can be used on counter pushes effectively, or even to help take down tanks like Royal Giant or Giants.

This unit is super versatile and for 3 Elixir can offer a lot of support. Take a look at here to read more about Archers!

Mega Minion: As known as Meta Minion.

This guy got a nerf in the most recent update and yet he still runs rampant in the Arena. He has high DPS making him your best option for taking down tanks.

Also for 3 Elixir he is quite beefy himself, able to tank a Fireball and when paired with the Lava Hound no one wants him to get to the tower.

Read this guide for more details: Ultimate Guide to Mega Minion

Zap: What can I say? This is the most useful spell in the game.

For 2 Elixir it can give you tons of value. Just some examples are: Gob Barrel, Skelly Army, Mega Minion, and many more. This card also will be useful for resetting Inferno Towers and also retargeting units like Royal Giant or Princess onto something else.

Fireball: Super versatile spell.

It can be used to take down or make one shotable so many units like Musketeer, 3 Musketeers, Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, Minion Horde, Mega Minion. And many more. This spell will most likely be used on defense unless value can be obtained on offense.

Tombstone: Even though this building got a nerf in the latest update, I still like it a lot.

We don’t see Tombstone all the time anymore but i still think it is a great defense. In this deck i use it to of course counter enemy pushes but on offense it can be great as well. On offense the skeletons that trickle out will be able to wreck an opponents tower if there is a tank in front of them.

All in all I still think this building is still a great defense.

General Gameplan

So all of these cards have great synergy as well as many uses for each card. However one of the biggest reasons I like this deck is because it’s so cheap in x2 time if you cycle fast enough you can end up getting 2 Lava Hounds down on the battlefield. When using this deck though i have a few tips to share.

  1. Always put Lava Hound in one of the back corners. Why? Because if your opponent does the original 4-2 placement on an inferno or any defense for that matter the Lava Hound can surpass it without being attracted.
  2. Never ever ever start a Lava Hound push at bridge unless it is x2 and you need to get a tower down.
  3. Always make sure to counter push if you can this is a cheap Lava Hound deck so it can counterpush. How to do it first counter of course. If your opponent pushes and you counter with Mega Minion and Archers and you have enough Elixir to do so put your Lava Hound in front because like i said this is a cheap deck so yeah.

Have fun with this Lava Hound Cycle deck guys this deck is a lot of fun to play with so try it out and let me know how you like it. Peace out guys!


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