Lava Graveyard - The Incredible Off-Meta Deck (That Works)

Lava Graveyard – The Incredible Off-Meta Deck (That Works)

Hey guys it’s PJNess here with a unique guide on my Lava Hound Graveyard Deck!

lavayard deck

Lava Graveyard

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Clash Royale TombstoneClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Zap

This Deck is a very strong off meta that has brought me from 3000 to 4600 trophies. The Deck consists of 3 Legendaries: Lava Hound, Inferno Dragon and Graveyard.

So far, three people I’ve met have used this Deck and variations of it. One player I faced used an altered version with barbs replacing Tombstone and the Log replacing Zap. A clanmate copied my Deck and has pushed from mid Hog mountain to challenger one and Jahoots on CRA uses a similar Deck as well.

I hope some of you will get to use this in the future.

 Strengths  Weaknesses

  • Strong against beatdowns
  • Anti-meta, off-meta
  • Very strong defensively
  • Very good at counter-pushing
  • Most counters are manageable

  • Valkyrie, minion Horde + Minions or Mirror, three Musketeers, Barbarians, Lightning, siege
  • Difficult strategy
  • High chance of a bad starting hand
  • Hard to cycle
  • Slightly weak offense — short of win conditions

Card Breakdown

Lava Hound

This is my favorite card and is one of the most useful in the game. Lavaloon is a common pairing that is in the current meta.

Lava Hound is an air tank that can soak up damage for your defensive/support troops. Tanking for your defensive/support troops are essential to this Deck’s strategy, especially when countering large pushes.

Inferno Dragon:

This card is the main defense in this deck, while also contributing in offense.

It is a very undervalued card but is very effective in taking out the heaviest of tanks.

With Lava Hound tanking, the Inferno Dragon is left alone to melt your opponent’s tank without being harmed by their support troops.

I find it more helpful in many situations rather than Inferno Tower because their tank does not attack it and it will have its remaining health if zapped or lightninged.

Placement is essential when facing Ewiz and you also definitely don’t want their tank moving out of the Inferno Dragon’s range.


This is the main offense of this deck, with Lava Hound tanking it accumulates Skeletons and shreds the Tower to rubble.

It is also really good solo or paired with Mega Minion or Inferno Dragon to put pressure if they invest Elixir on pumping or a heavy tank.

Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army is a strong card to swarm tanks or mini-tanks like Hog or Ebarbs when Tombstone is not in rotation.

Carrying Tombstone only is problematic because hybrid decks have multiple win conditions and it is near impossible to deal with. This card is backup for Tombstone when they use a quick Hog and you have a bad rotation.


Tombstone is a really good defensive building that helps by pulling troops, mainly tanks, and by spawning Skeletons periodically, even getting to their Tower with your Lava Hound tanking.

It helps counter many cards like Sparky and Hog Rider, while also helpfully stalling cards like Princess and ice Wizard.

It can be replaced with another defensive building if preferred.

Mega Minion

Mega Minion is extremely helpful in clearing the path and supporting the Lava Hound. It easily takes out Minions and Princesses that are planted at the bridge when you need to save Arrows for their Minion Horde.

It is very helpful defensively to take out tanks if Inferno Dragon is not in rotation, or quick Hog pushes if Tombstone is not in rotation.


Arrows are really important to take out Minions or Minion Hordes that are countering your Graveyard and can’t be taken out by your Mega Minion.

It can be replaced by Fireball to help counter Three Muskies, Barbs or clumped up troops.

I prefer Arrows to keep a lower Elixir cost and maintain better Elixir trades when facing Minions, Princess or Goblin Gang. Unless your Fireball is overleveled enough to take out Three Muskies or Barbs directly, I recommend Arrows for a quicker reaction when at low Elixir.


Zap is also really important as a quick reaction to a Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang countering your Graveyard, and another essential defense against spell bait.

It is replaceable by The Log but Zap is faster and hits air troops making it a better fit in this Deck.

General Gameplan

Early game (3:00-2:00)

Let your opponent act first because wasting time is not necessarily bad. You want to find out what your opponent has first and act upon their first move.

This Deck excels in double Elixir so play a more passive waiting game!

Playing Lava Hound in the back is risky without knowing what your opponent has. A quick push can easily cost you the game when they catch you off guard with low Elixir.

  • If they play a support troop behind their king, place Lava Hound to bank Elixir and tank their support troop and let your support troops take it out unharmed.
  • If they decide to place their tank, use Inferno Dragon or Mega Minion to take it out when your Lava Hound starts tanking.
  • If they pump up, put pressure on that side using Mega Minion or Inferno Dragon Graveyard quickly. This is to try and damage their pump or their Tower to punish.

It is common to have a bad starting hand with nothing to play. It is also very difficult with this Deck to cycle so it can cause quite a predicament when they play a slow troop at the back. Just wait to react on their play, either counter fast or bank Elixir with a slow troop at the back.

Mid game (2:00-1:00)

Try to maintain a good hand rotation against their push.

Now that you know the most part and strategy of their deck, countering their pushes should not be a problem.

Use Lava Hound to tank high damage support troops or Ewiz so that Mega Minion or Inferno Dragon can take out their tank efficiently.

Remain defensive until double Elixir for maximum effectiveness for pushing and counter-pushing.

Late game (1:00 – Overtime)

This Deck is excels in overtime because now that you know most if not all of your opponents cards and counters, you will know what to do ahead of time and also support your Lava Hound with more troops.

If your opponent seems to counter your push perfectly every time, mix it up placing a Lava Hound on one side, gathering Elixir, then doing a quick surprise push other lane with Mega Minion/Inferno Dragon Graveyard. This will hopefully catch them off-guard or get them to overcommit to your Lava Hound and do a quick change up.


Hog Cycle

Ideally use Tombstone because it is the best counter but if not use Mega Minion as your rotation is not nearly as fast.

Skeleton Army is a last resort along with Inferno Dragon as they are easily Zapped so be aware that damage is almost guaranteed.

Pushing either side is ok as defending the Hog won’t result in much of a counter-push. It will be difficult for them to defend air for the most part.

Royal Giant

Lava Hound must tank for the Inferno Dragon to take out the Royal Giant.

You are better off letting your Tower tank a few extra hits to let your Inferno Dragon take it out without being reset or taken out by their support troops which will usually allow less damage to be done overall.

Almost always try to push same lane unless you have a significant advantage damage-wise on the other lane.

Graveyard Poison/Freeze

A effective combo as Skeleton Army is eliminated from being a counter to Graveyard.

Mega Minion would probably the best option or Zapping after enough Skeletons have accumulated would also work as long as you have a good enough timing to minimize damage.

Spell bait

Always keep Arrows for Minion Hordes because that is the only way you can achieve good offense. Zap Bob Barrels if Zap is higher level or use Skeleton Army. Mega Minion is sufficient to take out Princess, Goblin Gang or Minions. Inferno Tower is tricky so try to have Tombstone and/or Graveyard spawning Skeletons to distract it. Splitting Skeleton Army at the middle of the river so it targets on is also an effective method.

Lava Hound

Inferno Dragon takes out the Lava Hound, Tombstone pulls and distracts Bballoons, Mega Minion takes out the Balloon and lavapups.

Keep Arrows for Minions, Minion Horde or lavapups.

As long as there isn’t a mistake or bad rotation, you should win the majority of matchups.


Use Graveyard plus Mega Minion quick to take out pumps behind their towers.

If they pump in front of their king or invest in a tank at the back, do a solo Graveyard opposite lane to prevent a counter push.

You can also place Lava Hound at the back same lane to tank their support troops so that your Inferno Dragon to take out their tank.


A tough matchup, but use Tombstone to distract the X-Bow or Mortar and use Mega Minion to clear it out.

If you react quick enough for Inferno Dragon to target their X-Bow or Mortar you are pretty lucky and it would be countered quickly and minimize the damage done.

That would be all for my guide and I hope you enjoyed reading it, even if you don’t have the cards to use it.

I hope you do get them in the future so you can try out this amazing Deck. It isn’t only for trophy pushing, it’s an off-meta and really fun deck to use.

If there are any questions about me or this Deck or even if I should make a Clash Royale YouTube channel, post in the comments!

This is my sign off and I’m hoping to make some more guides in the future. I hope to see you guys in the arena.