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Epic Lava Hound Skeleton Barrel Deck (All Air!)


Namaste betas of CRA this is RADIOACTIVE here back again with another deck guide coming at you fam.

This time, we are taking one of the newest meta decks and breaking it down for you guys. Welcome to Skelly Barrel All Air.


Clash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale BatsClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Inferno Dragon
Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Skeleton Balloon

copy deck

 Pros  Cons
  • Cards can be safe from ground-attacking troops
  • Can take the opponent by surprise
  • Ability to rush the opponent.
  • No spells
  • No buildings
  • No punishment for Elixir Collector
  • No resetter for ID, IT. 

Lava Barrel Deck

Clash Royale Skeleton BalloonSkeleton Barrel:

One of your main rush troops to get some nice chip damage!  It is also very great for usage in your main push!

This is the newest card in the game, bringing lots of possibilities, mainly of which the opponent won’t know how to counter it effectively without getting an elixir disadvantage.

Use the Skeleton Barrel mainly in quick rushes, when you know the opponent has a large lack of elixir.

Otherwise, it can be used as a distraction for cards such as Mega Minion, while the Tower finishes them off.

Using the SB later in the game is highly effective because the opponent wouldn’t have found a direct counter for it yet. 

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound:

One of the most underrated legendaries, this flying pregnant mother packs a small punch but a large belly.

The Lava Hound is your main tanky unit, and it should be supported by Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, and a swarm troop of your choice. As most of you may know already,

This card should be used in one of your main pushes, and remember to make good use of your 7 elixir, as a lone Lava Hound or a weakly supported one will be massacred by your opponent’s counters.

Lava Hound+Skeleton Barrel+Baby Dragon is a nice combo as it takes a nice bit of damage off a tower, especially when the Skeleton Barrel is placed.

Clash Royale Inferno DragonInferno Dragon:

This newly reincarnated meta card can sizzle your opponent’s cards to a crisp! Really necessary in your main push, as it takes down many different troops and buildings which otherwise would have given you a problem.

Use it in the main push of yours, and most importantly, defense. This is because it is the only HARD counter to cards such as Golem, as others don’t counter it so effectively.

Clash Royale Baby DragonBaby Dragon:

The only splash damage card in the entire deck, use your BD wisely.

Life becomes hard if you place a Baby D in the back and your opponent rushes the other side with Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, and Skeleton Army.

Therefore, use your BD wisely. However, usage of the card in your main push is also necessary.

Clash Royale Minion HordeMinion Horde:

One of your three swarm troops.

Useful in taking down LavaLoon, Balloon Cycle, etc.

Minion Horde is also a very prevalent card in ladder, and it can wreck your Lava Hound. Another reason to keep your Baby Dragon handy. 😛

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion:

Useful in most beatdown decks. It can safely chip away at many ground troops without suffering a hit.

Mega Minion is a nice chipper of towers and can swing at Minions and one-shot them.

Overall, very solid while balanced card.

Clash Royale MinionsMinions:

EXTREMELY self explanatory. However, due to recent complaints, I will explain:

Minions are useful for defense, are nice rush units, and are great for a cheap addition to your MEGA push.

Use ihe Minions as defense, as they can provide some nice value on some cards, such as Balloon. Then they fly over and attack the tower. What else can you ask for at 3 Elixir?

Clash Royale BatsBats:

Cheapest air troop there is. Great for taking down Balloon, etc while also getting an elixir advantage.

Being cheap as they are, you can use them MAINLY for defense, while also pinching in some of ‘em in your main push.


If you don’t really care about this theme of “All Air”, then you can pick some of these subs instead:

Clash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale Flying Machine

Clash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale WizardClash Royale Ice Wizard

Clash Royale BatsClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice Spirit

Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Lumberjack


General Gameplan:


Play defensively.

If he is a Beatdown player and places down a Golem in the back (really stupid play btw) rush with Minion Horde solo. That will take down a huge bunch of their tower.

Elixir Collector? Rush a lane, as you have no counter to it. 🙁


This is where you can show off your skills 😛

Place a Lava Hound in the back, quickly supported by Baby Dragon and Mega Minion.

By the time the Lava Hound reaches the bridge, support it as much as you can. Game over if you play wisely!


Basically it is the same as 2X Elixir.

However, for Pump users, it can be hard. Deny him any push by CONSTANTLY remaining on offense.

Deck Matchups

Clash Royale The LogLog Bait: Win Rate: 40%

This is scarily hard, because your only splash unit is Baby Dragon, and there is no resetter for Inferno Tower. Therefore, utilize the time when you KNOW he doesn’t have his IT, and begin your master push to end the game.

Clash Royale X-BowSiegeWin Rate: 60%

You have no card to absorb damage from the X-Bow or the Mortar, so murder it fast with your Minion Horde, and rush both lanes. Repeated usage of these instructions will ensure you a tower or two.

Clash Royale GolemGolem Beatdown with Pump: Win Rate: 40%

Rely, rely, rely on your Inferno Dragon! It will melt the Golem as well as support units, and place the Minion Horde on top of the E-Wiz if there is one. Having a constant Elixir disadvantage, you have to play smart. 

Clash Royale GiantGiant: Win Rate: 75%

Inferno Dragon to melt it. Basically it is the same as the Golem Beatdown, but much less intense.

Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight: Win Rate: 50%

Of course, you will suffer some damage. Inferno Dragon for the Mega Knight, and Baby Dragon for any support. Add Minions or Bats if necessary.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Cycle: Win Rate: 70%

Again, you will take some damage. Destroy support with your Baby Dragon, and DON’T USE your Lava Hound while still in Regular Elixir.


Thanks and until next time 😉


    • Who ARE you? An unemployed guy who spends his saving on renewing his internet to satiate his desires of commenting first on online message boards? A remotely operated android who has been created with such finesse that his only aim in life (or whatever passes for life to him anyways), is to be he first one to comment? Or are you just a normal, addicted, teenager who has too much free time on his hands without any constructive way to use it?


    • Apparently. Though I don’t know what would prompt anyone to do that. Granted, you’ve be to be( no offence to radioactive) pretty crazy to even use this deck, that doesn’t guarantee a craziness quotient high enough to use minion horde solo.

  2. All air isn’t that great, cards like bandit can get guaranteed damage, not to mention this deck is weak to splash, spells, etc. The minion horde isn’t really necessary, replace them with a mini tank or cards like LJ. Bats and minions are ok, both dragons are good, lava barrel is fine, and maybe the mega minion should be replace with a ranged ground troop so that it still targets air but also an emergency distraction for those last second defenses. Make those changes and the deck will be more solid.

  3. what about like the 2.6 miner deck surg shared? that has poison, princess, and tornado… Wouldn’t that hard counter this deck? and exe nado rocket would also hard counter.

  4. U know that nickatnyte is one of the worst clash royale players of all time right? Yes players not youtubers.

  5. Minion Horde is not a win condition, sorry. You’d have to be thicker than cement to think it’s a win condition. A win condition is a card that can consistently get damage. Horde is a 5 elixir high risk card. Not for tower damage consistently.

  6. Guys just to point it out, this is meant to be a fun troll deck. All you guys are just saying to RadioActive “This deck is stupid.”, “I could counter this deck soooooo easily.”, “Fast ground cards are such a hard counter to this deck!” Guys this is a troll deck! Stop giving Radioactive such a hard time people! He can write about troll deck if wants to, so lets not give him a hard time about it! The deck is meant to be fun to play even though it might not be the best! Just wanted to point this out because it seems like a good amount of people are being very negative. Happy Thanksgiving 😛

    • im not sure if it should be allowed for troll decks to be posted on cra. Kind of defeats the purpose of this website.

      • I don’t really know how to feel about that, however this deck is not very troll-ish in the sence that’s there’s a win condition, a tank, damage dealer and so on. It’s like a Rocker siege deck or a Hut Spam deck in a way.

      • this website was first made to help people who are new to the game or want a deck that can work on ladder/challenges.

  7. lol people call cards such as zap or ice spirit self explanatory because they are a staple in so many decks. Its not laziness, its saving time for the reader and to focus on more important things

  8. Seriously? Which people? If at this stage of the game, you still need explanations about each card, then tbh you should quit.

  9. Newbies aren’t in higher arenas and haven’t unlocked all cards, so don’t need to see these guides.

  10. And this is why ya gotta bring out the mirror clone xbow deck. Because scientific studies show that cloning xbows gives them higher DPS…!

  11. BTW Radioactive, you should say in the beginning of the guide that it’s a troll deck to keep everyone informed and prevent the negative feedback.

  12. Startegical advice that’s necessary for higher arenas doesn’t really work in lower arenas or for new players.

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