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The Top (Secret) That Top Players Know – Deeper Understanding

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Hey Clashers,

Although there are several things that determine the winner of a match, there is one underlying law in the clash world that towers over it all. If you are a fan of the devil's lettuce, you may want to abstain for a little bit, we are going to be doing some math here… 😉

It all comes down to Elixir(E). It's really as simple as that. Every match has a limit, a finite amount of elixir that can be earned. It is the same for both you and your opponent. We will call that Total Elixir (TE). There are things that can manipulate these numbers like pumps and if you leak elixir. Yes yes, card placement and counters to your cards have to be figured in, but it still goes back to the fundamental concept of the worth of your elixir. Lets go into "leaking" elixir..

For anyone not aware, "leaking elixir" simply means when you let your elixir max out and you are unable to continue to accrue it. I see this a lot, and it can really make or break a battle. Every millisecond your elixir is maxed out, your opponent is getting an elixir advantage. Meaning, over the course of the game they will earn more elixir than you do. Bad news.

On to Positive elixir trades. This is the meat and potatoes. This is the most vital part. Th ultimate goal is to make your elixir worth more than your opponents. You can think of this concept like trading currency. Let's say I'm the USA and my opponent is in the EU. I'm not sure of the exact exchange rate so don't troll be but if every 1 US Dollar I have is worth 1.50 Euros, I can essentially buy more with less money. Same goes for elixir, but how you play determines it's worth.

The winner of a match is always the person who's elixir is worth more. This can be calculated by Total Damage per Elixir.

(These are hypothetical number below)

Here's an example in Clash Royale I am going to keep it simple, so please, I am leaving almost all the variables out of the equation. This is to understand the fundamental principal:

Opponent sends a Giant at the bridge worth 5 elixir(E).

I counter with a Skeleton Army for 3 Elixir.

The giant however gets to my tower and inflicts 400 Total Damage(TD).

My Skeletons defeat the giant causing 200 damage to it, and make their way to the bridge.

I combo with a Miner worth 3 elixir to engage the tower before my skellys reach.

The combination of my miner and skeletons to 300 damage to the opponents tower.

Time to put everything together:

My Opponent: Total Elixir = 5(Giant) | Total damage = 400 (To Tower) so 5TE = 400TD

Me: Total Elixir = 6 (Skelly Army + Miner) | Total Damage = 500 (Skellys killing Giant(200) + Miner and skellys at tower(300)

My Equation is 6TE = 500TD

Who's Elixir was worth more? Let's divide:

Opponent 400TD/5TE = 1 Elixir is worth 80 Total Damage.

Me: 500TD/6TE = 1 Elixir is worth 83.333333 Total Damage.

This proves my elixir was worth more than my opponents, and if I do this continually for the match, I will always win. This is a perfect world of course….

Maximizing your elixir!

Never let your Elixir leak.

Level up your cards.

Positive elixir trades, spend less to do more!

Hope this helps, happy clashing, and see you in the arena!

Rob June

Leader of House Stark

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