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Just a thank you Supercell…

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Wanted to give you guys at SC a giant thank you. For 2 years I have been unable to put this game down. Played it every day, 10-15 matches minimum a day.

But after this last update, I think I finally can take a break. Clan chat is unreadable due to trade requests, no more does it feel like I'm supporting a group of individuals as we battle together. And the feeling that I'm a vital part of helping everyone to grow? Gone.

Between the way War works, where our clan at 3300 trophies hits legendary and suddenly fights against a clan of 9000 trophies, to the unwillingness to fix hog rider bugs, to the ridiculously promo'd offers only to find out how crazy they were. ($100 bucks on Black Friday? Really? hahaha)

I have had a lot of fun. From the very beginning. I have hated you and loved you and I couldn't just quit you.

Until now.

Thanks for making it clear where we the consumer stand with your company. I am grateful for the past few years, and I hope you find success with finally releasing Brawl Stars. Good luck.

For everyone else, I hope you have arrows whenever you run into minion horde, inferno tower for every golem and lightning for every elixer pump. Good battles!

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