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Jungle Arena – The New Clash Royale Arena!


Yes, it is the Jungle Arena! So finally Supercell has revealed the new Arena which is going to be released soon in this December update!

Clash Royale Jungle Arena

Clash Royale Jungle Arena – The New Clash Royale Arena 9

The Jungle Arena is unlocked at 2600 trophies. Which means, Jungle Arena is now Arena 9 and Legendary Arena is now Arena 10. The gap is now so close to Legendary Arena, this change definitely help you enjoy the road to Legendary Arena a lot more!

The Jungle Arena chests contain the average of 10% more cards than the Frozen Peak chests.

As we are going to have the new Jungle Arena, I strongly believe that we are also getting new cards soon beside the Electro Wizard.

Clash Royale Jungle Arena

Please note that the new Arena will be live on January 13 2017!

Some other changes:

  • Supercell also revealed that we are going to have the new “News Royale” section coming to the Inbox!
  • Epic will cost only 1000 Gold.
  • Royale TV button and Free Chest button reworked.
  • New Legendary card confirmed.
  • There will be new cards for the new Arena.
  • Updating…

Unconfirmed changes

  • We will have a bigger shop, showing 6 cards instead of 3.
  • Possible new chest.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see this big update!


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