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It is about a golem hunter poison deck i made myself


Hey ya, boys who hang about in the comment section, it is IdiotsgameV3 and I am writing my first guide on my most unusual Golem deck. Let’s go!!

Firstly, I want to say that hopefully, you are excited about something new for the ladder 😀

Hunter – The real MVP of the deck I must say.

He is your ultimate defense tank killer. He does a decent job against Hog Riders, Giants, and golems and any tank when paired well.

On offense, he takes care of annoying mini tanks like Valkyrie or Knight.

One thing to watch out for is his. Many people can take him out with just a Fireball or Rocket.

He does have a slow rate of fire, so a dark prince tanking is a great idea

Dark Prince

Although he is getting nerfed in this update, he is still excellent on both offense and defense.

His shield is excellent due to the shield, which protects him and buys you more time.

He is also great for splashing squishy troop.

A great pressure card. Just don’t use him at the very beginning of the game.

Golem – Your tank and win condition.

He is excellent also for absorbing damage as the last resort in the last few seconds of the game when the cards in your hand are very bad to counter.

For example, Hunter against Princes = Terrible, use Golem and then use Hunter/Mega Minion at the back instead.

He is also great against Mortar as a kiter and because he is slow, he can distract the Mortar for a pretty long time.

Poison – Kill those damn squishies!

I only use Poison in double elixir otherwise I don’t have enough Elixir.

Don’t play this against Elixir Collector first because you need to know whether or not they have 3M.

I will explain better later on how to counter 3M’

Zap – I noticed a lot of inferno dragon at the time of making this deck so i used it.

Use zap against barrel mostly and a higher level zap = more effective killing against the barrel.

Mega Minion – Very stable and lovely rare.

He survives Fireball. Use him on defense as a tank destroyer but have cards like Hunter to back him up.

He is easy to distract so make sure that you have some other troop protecting it i.e.dark prince. On offense he is great chipping away mini tanks and doesn’t get targeted until the golem explodes(depends on placement on mini tank as well). Get him to higher level if you can for damage

Baby dragon-I looked down on it. Now I love this card. He is your air splash and is great at counting cards like minion hoarde but use him to splash and i mostly use him on offfense. Nuff said.

Tornado-King tower activation clumping troops for that baby Drag/Hunter- nado combo. As a last resort, use him to drag troops futher away from the tower in the last minutes

Battle Deck

Decks and counters

Golem decks– Can be tough especially going up against decks with pump. That is when you poison it. Remember the splash troop nado combinations to help ensure less tower damage. Ig your pushing give it all you got and go full force and only push once first two minutes. If you are facing unconventional decks, pressure, pressure, pressure. That is all I can say.

Bait decks-How I hate bait. Zap the barrel, mega minion on princess and baby dragon on the gang. Don’t push cause they are likely to have inferno tower. If they throw Tornado early…push to oblivion. Murder them and overthrow them during double elixir. They will cycle like crazy and get desperate.

Mortar decks-First two minutes you don’t want to play golem early, mortar players are insane cyclers so watch out. Don’t provide them rocket value so I recommend playing dark prince at the back if you have no moves. Once it hits double elixir use golem to distract mortar and always go on the lane you are in. Once it starts, start choosing troops carefully and poison well. A good poison especially on archers where they are out of reach of your troops. If they have inferno, drag zap. For hog variation, tornado to the king tower and use  Hunter on defense remember to place him close possible 3-4 tiles deploy in front of princess tower.

Hog decks-Same thing for mortar hog variation tornado to the king tower. I also notice that they would use fireball and log/zap on my hunter. Play hunter once the fireball goes down on your bug push during double elixir

Double prince decks-Disgusting!! Just do the nado combo and golem tank the double prince and just same pressure lane always whenever against a double prince. Poison any of their squishies or to damage their defending troops so more comfortable to take them out on defense. Nothing much to say cause I haven’t played against much sorry.

Lavaloon-Remember Tornado hunter it is your best combination against their combo. On offense poison their squishies and if they have inferno dragon have the elixir to zap. Remember to give it all you got and use during double elixir(did I mention that). Generally, Lavaloon decks will have tombstone so you can just use poison. The main danger is inferno dragon

Cycle decks-Now here is where it is hard for this deck. Cycle decks can get to their win condition fast, but they have one weakness. One good push from a heavy player. I have seen cycles get desperate with their defense as my golem locks on and they can’t stop it. If it is hog tornado it, miner tornado it or just mega minion. Push during double elixir as well.

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