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Inferno Golem Deck for Legendary Arena – Best Tips and Strategy


Hey everyone! It’s Exordium back again with another Deck, this one with an advanced guidebook on how to play! Today we’ll be exploring a very powerful Challenge winning Deck, created using two core Cards: the Golem and Inferno Dragon! I am sure all of you reading are aware of the Golem+Inferno combo. It can be extremely powerful when used correctly, but, having such influential Cards as the core win conditions can be risky. This guide will help you avoid common mistakes and utilize the Inferno Dragon particularly to its optimal capabilities.

Inferno Golem Deck

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Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale GoblinClash Royale LightningClash Royale Zap

Inferno Golem Deck

GolemGolem can be very hard to.play, largely due to the amount of Elixir he consumes during deployment. Never use Hound tactics and jump straight into an offensive push with this Deck, as the enemy will simply use their full Elixir bar to lure and pull apart your push. You need a solid, layered formation and this will only be achieved by using the Elixir Collector (see below). Golem has extremely high hitpoints, therefore acting as the sole tank in the Deck. Use him as an anchor for pushes. Using Golem defensively is very different to using defensive Hog or Giant. Only place the Golem to soak up damage in dire situations, when there are no other options left, since he has a very high cost. Always push by starting with the Golem behind the King’s Tower, shifted to the desired side, to allow for Elixir buildup and your push to be strengthened along its path. Have at least one Elixir Collector down first.

Elixir Collector – The Elixir Collector pairs very strongly with the Golem, and these is a link in the Deck that must be viewed as very significant. Charging Elixir fast after the update can be hard – always get your Pump down as soon as possible, and if you start with it, drop it down. Always deploy in the center, between the Towers – this will allow you to counter Miners more easily as both Towers will be alerted. Never use the Elixir collector defensively, unless you need to make a clutch win and can use it as a final decoy to soak up some damage.

Inferno Dragon – This is one of your Deck core Cards, but can be ridiculously hard to use in the game. My first tip has to be to never use the Inferno Dragon in an off-the-bat aggressive push, whatever the stage, as the enemy will find it far too easy to counter. You need to use Inferno Dragon defensively – this is when I have observed it strongest, and the enemy will almost always lose tank pushes if you strategize your defense this way. It can devastate Golem, Giant and even Hog. Since the Inferno Drag takes a whole to get its ‘fire going’, give it plenty of time and drop it early. Team it up with the Goblins and Mega Minion for solid defense, and finish immense pushes using Lightning.
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Miner – The Miner can be substituted easily with the Goblin Barrel in this Deck, due to the situation in which it should be played. Use it aggressively, and if your enemy continues to counter your Golem using aggro and luring, start using a chip cycle until double Elixir time arrives! This will ensure consistent damage is done! Teamed with the Golem tanking, Miner can deal incredible damage! Always deploy Miner towards the back of the Tower, except for one or two times when you should switch it up for confusion and deploy on the far sides!

Goblins – The Goblins are one of my favorite Cards in the game, and always have been! They provide unique abilities in this Deck too. Use them with the Miner to devastate enemies if you bait the Zap, Log or Arrows. They can be used to set up a solid defense with the Mega Minion and Inferno Dragon, which almost no push will get through, and a Lightning finish will deem your defense unbreakable.

Mega Minion – Mega is one of the most powerful Cards in the game right now – quite simply, it’d be a shame not to use it. The MM uses its high DPS and can provide strength in defense, or as an alternative to the Inferno Dragon when pushing, can act as a solid support unit! Use the Mega Minion carefully, behind other, stronger units such as the Inferno Dragon, due to it being a glass cannon with low HP but high damage. It has very efficient capabilities, so use it very carefully!
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Lightning – Lightning is an amazing addition to this Deck. Not only does it help eliminate defense or troop lures used to shut down your own pushes, but paired with your other defensive Cards such as the Mega Minion, there is no chance of a push getting past you. Lightning should be reserved carefully, as for six Elixir hitting 3 targets is always best. Golem counters such as Inferno Tower and Valkyrie can be eliminated well using Lightning, and can therefore funnel your troops directly to the enemy Tower. Defensively, especially with huge amounts of Elixir from Pumps or the 1:00 boost, Lightning is a great option. It allows you to take down 3 heavy units, or at least damage them, to a point where your defenses are able to take control!
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Zap – When paired with the Ice Spirit, this Card is absolutely priceless. Zap will allow you to ‘Spirit-Zap’ Minion Hordes, and with a total cost of 3 Elixir, you get a huge positive trade out of many different combos. Hordes are common in defensive manoeuvres against your Golem, so this is a perfect counter. The Zap can also weaken or eliminate Goblins, help against Minions, Archers and more, making defense easier. The tiny stun time can even optimist your countermoves, making them more valuable with a very low cost.

General Gameplan

This Deck is incredibly powerful but only when used in the correct way, and placement is key. Remember these tips:

  • Always use the Inferno Dragon in defense, unless your push is very large and there are units both behind and in front of the Inferno Drag.
  • Use the Mega Minion with a tank ahead, since it is a glass cannon troop.
  • In this Deck, save the Goblins for defense, again unless you are engineering a huge push. This will allow you to incorporate lures and kiting into your defense and solidify your counterattacks.
  • Since there is no defense, always be cautious with your offensive moves – do not overload pushes. Keep them concise but powerful, and save at least 2 good units for defense, unless you are cycling fast due to double Elixir or lots of Pumps!


Hope this guide helped you all, I put a lot of effort into it! Enjoy the video, and have a great day everybody!


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