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Inferno Ghost – Best Deck for Farming Challenges!


Hey Guys!

It’s Unstoppable, and I’m back with another video and deck guide on what I believe is one of the strongest deck in the current meta!

inferno ghost

Clash Royale Goblin HutClash Royale BatsClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale Skeleton Balloon
Clash Royale Mega KnightClash Royale MinerClash Royale Royal GhostClash Royale Zap

copy deck

I began using this deck, and I was shocked at how OP it was. I won game after game in Grand Challenges, and it seemed impossible to lose with it

I ended up going 2 12-0 Grand Challenges in a row with an additional 12-1 (loss was from a different deck) then several more games after that, with an incredible win streak of 36 wins in a row with this specific deck!

It’s absolutely insane for farming cards and gold (Already farmed around 2 million, I’m spending over 60K a day to not max out lol) and I have almost 350,000 cards won from GCs.

Please check the end for a 12-0 live gameplay and commentary guide on how to use it (and friend link for in game)!

The Deck

Clash Royale Goblin HutGoblin Hut

A very strong support card.

It allows you to play passively, and figure out what your opponent is using.

It will deal around 500 damage if left unattended, and yet it is very hard to take out.

Only spells are effective at actually destroying it.

In Double Elixer you will want to begin stacking multiple huts to create huge waves of spear goblins, creating a lot of pressure for your opponent to deal with.

Clash Royale BatsBats

Synergizes extremely well with Inferno dragon due to it’s large defensive potential and zap bait.

If they zap your bats, your inferno dragon gets a ton of value.

If they zap inferno dragon, bats generate value by killing opponent troops such as Flying Machine, Mega Minion, ground troops, etc.

Great on offense paired with a miner as well to create pressure, or behind Skelly Barrel.

Clash Royale Inferno DragonInferno Dragon

Main Tank killer.

You want to use Bats to bait out a zap so they can’t use it on Inferno Dragon.

It’s great for killing Mega Knights, Golems, Giants, P.E.K.K.As, and can be used effectively on the counterpush as well.

Often you can place a Skelly Barrel to tank for it so the drop damage will kill opponent’s units that they use to counter your Inferno Dragon, such as Bats.

Clash Royale Skeleton BalloonSkelly Barrel

One of the main win conditions of this deck.

Great on offense, surprisingly effective on defense.

Can kill Bats and Skeletons on death drop, and will kill Minions combined with a Zap.

Use a Miner to tank for the Skeletons that drop out. I love using it to tank because after it dies, the Skeletons explode, creating even more trouble for your opponent to deal with even after they destroy your barrel.

Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight

Key defensive unit of this deck. Since you don’t have poison, this is one of your best bets to killing three musketeers, swarmy troops, and any medium health support troop like a wizard or witch. Then it offers incredible counter pushing value with a skeleton barrel, bats, and miner to support. One of the strongest pushes in the game is Mega Knight with skelly barrel tanking, miner to the back of the king tower, Bats to distract a potential inferno dragon or tower, with an inferno dragon following behind.

Clash Royale MinerMiner

All around great for tanking troop.

Kills pump, defending troops, then proceeds to tank for a Skeleton Barrel or Bats.

Very versatile, and can be used on defense against a Royal Ghost.

Clash Royale Royal GhostRoyal Ghost

The new OP card in the game.

It’s great if you have this card, if not, no worries. Poison is a highly valid substitution.

It’s extremely versatile and can be used on defense (kills 3 Musks in 3 shots), oneshots Goblins, and is incredible on offense.

It has literally no positive elixer trades (knight and guards are equal).

It’s even a good move just to cycle this in the beginning of the game.

Clash Royale ZapZap

Pretty self explanatory card!

You can use with Skelly Barrel’s death damage to kill Minion Horde/Minions, otherwise just overall utility card for resetting Infernos, killing Bats, Skarmy, etc.

General Gameplan:

In the beginning, try to control the game.

I start passively, cycling Goblin Huts and perhaps a Royal Ghost or two, figuring out what he has.

There are no hard counters to this deck.

Notice how in my video I play passively for a bit, I don’t use Mega Knight or Inferno Dragon til necessary.

Skeleton Barrel, Royal Ghost, Miner, Bats, and Goblin Hut are typically the cards i cycle in single elixer, chipping my opponent out slowly.

If I am down a lot, notice how I often start building a big push with Mega Knight in the back, and begin stacking troops behind it for a monster push.

In double elixer, keep stacking more Huts. They will slowly begin to overwhelm your opponent.

Skeleton Barrel is great for tanking, once more.

Check out the video linked below for a comprehensive gameplay guide to this deck 🙂

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  1. MAIN! Im really starting to wish I had Miner. Skeleton Barrel and Goblin hut our some of my highest level cards!

  2. a balanced nerf to RG is make it 4 elixir (from 3) then make the invis ability only last when it spawns and hits a troop then its stuck as a visible target to hit?

    • maybe that would be a bit too much of a nerf IMO i think 3 elixir is fine and the invisibility nerf is a good idea but do a big damage nerf ( from 135dmg/s to 90dmg/s and remove the splash) and do a health buff since he’s gonna spend less time invisible (from 1100 to 1250 making him immune to rocket) so that would make him an invisible knight with half the dmg … but thats just IMO

  3. i dont have mk or royal ghost, otherwise i’d use this deck. waiting for them in shop. got 140k gold waiting for them lol

  4. This deck is dominating both on ladder and challenge.
    Ghost is the most OP card in the deck. Anyway, substitution always not as good

  5. I pressured opposite lane for golem, then tesla, however only works about 60% of the time for me, and I actually haven’t encountered a lvl 13 RG while using this deck

  6. The 5 percent hp buff they gave it five balance changes ago made it too op. The only fact that makes it op is that no spell counters it.

    • People haven’t realized that until LOUPANJI brought it in the meta. The PEKKA Goblin Hut deck was considered off-meta at one point.

      • Oh I’m not saying he didn’t it wasn’t realized it was good all this time what happened was that it just kinda shifted into the meta

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