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Hybrid Giant Sparky Beatdown/ Bait : Some things never get old


Hey guys this is Sidd, back again with my second guide and today ill be giving you a guide on everyone’s favorite card, Sparky (pun intended). Okay, jokes aside, even though Sparky may not be the greatest card in the game, it can be insane if it’s utilized properly and what better way than using it with a Giant. This deck has given me a lot of success on the ladder and challenges, so without further ado, let’s get into it.


  • Great offensive and defensive power
  • Great synergy
  • Fast cycle for a beatdown/bait deck
  • Few weaknesses


  • One legendary, but irreplaceable
  • 3 epics and 1 legendary
  • No heavy spell
  • Card Breakdown

Sparky: I got this card in a Legendary Chest from doing quests and boy when I saw that, I got pretty mad. Like so many completed quests for this. But then I thought since I got it, ill try it and now here I am on a completely different opinion on Sparky.

This “not so trash can on wheels” will be used more offensively in double elixir and in single elixir more defensively. You should only use her offensively in single elixir if your opponent overused their elixir and your going on a counterpush or if you are confident to make a Giant push out of your remaining defensive units.

When using on offense, should mostly if not always be paired with Giant. Being paired with Executioner is a move to consider if building a counterpush on defense and Giant is out of a cycle.

When making a push in double elixir, it’s important to put Sparky, Giant and Exe in the push to make the best use of her, make sure to have Zap ready if you’re making a push with Giant or without Giant because your opponent may use the swarmy unit to bait Sparky shots.

When using on defense, she’s an absolute beast. She is obviously your tank melter. If your opponent used Zap to reset her, use Goblin Gang on defense to make a great defensive combo. You should do this only if there is a big push coming your way and then go on a counterpush. For small pushes, she is more than enough. Using Sparky and Tornado is your best defensive move but only should be used in Tower devastating pushes like Golem double Prince because that combo is 9 elixir.

Make sure to punish any Zap deployments used on other cards. Or the use of Ewizes on other instances.


Giant: Your main tank for the Sparky and your push and your primary win condition

It’s obviously important to send the Sparky with the Giant to fully utilize Sparky, but it’s important also to send Giant with Sparky or there is a high probability the Giant is going to die. You are going to use this hunk more in Double Elixir than single elixir.

Using him on offense in single Elixir is a good move if your making a counterpush out of your defensive units. Don’t put him down if there is only half life Exe left because that’s just a waste.

When making a push, your Sparky may not build the tower and might die, but that doesn’t mean you stop there, if the Giant makes the tower and there are no supports left and lets say a Valkyrie is swinging at your Giant, send the Goblin Barrel out of the Valkyrie’s reach so that you can at least get it down to low health if not destroy it.

Support your Giant with Zap to clear swarms to make the most value out of the Giant. Always make the most out of the Giant but make sure not to overcommit.

In double elixir you always send the Giant with a Sparky and Exe or Goblin Barrel or even both if you can supply enough purple juice.

Giant can also be used for kiting troops away for your defensive units to finish of your opponents push. Usually you won’t have to do this since you have Sparky on defense.

Goblin Barrel: Your secondary win condition, the main source of damage card in single elixir, chip damage, finishing spell and Zap bait.

As you can tell the Goblin Barrel has a lot of roles to play so let’s start off with the single elixir damage dealer. So as this deck doesn’t go very aggressive in Single elixir, you want to get some chip damage off. See what spell they use to counter the Barrel and react to the situations accordingly:

Zap: If used on Goblin Barrel. Start a Giant Sparky push if your confident enough or wait for the next time you bait the Zap spell to make a more steady push. Just make sure not to make a push with Zap in your opponent’s hand during single elixir. You can also keep baiting zap until Double elixir so that you can completely out cycle their Zap. Another option is to bait the Zap out from some other card and get some chip damage of GB.

Zap Clash Royale

Arrow or any other spell: If they don’t use the Zap spell and they use another light spell like the Log that probably means they don’t have Zap. If they are using the Log, you may have some hard time defending with Goblin Gang, but you can bait the Log with GG and keep getting some great damage of Goblin Barrel. If your opponent isn’t running Zap you are in luck because you can make a good Sparky push in Double elixir without any interruptions.

So when dealing damage in single elixir, its good to chip some tower damage in single elixir to at least get their tower down to 1800 to 1500 hp. If you don’t do so, it’s fine because Double elixir is when you strike back.

If your Giant is getting hard countered every time, then you have to rely on the Goblin Barrel as your win condition and have to defend hard. It may be hard to win in such matchups because you won’t be able to cycle Goblin Barrel as fast as in other Barrel decks. This situation won’t occur that much but it’s important to consider this possibility.

This card is also one of your Zap bait troops. You can go on a full Sparky push if they use Zap against you.

Since there is no heavy spell in this deck, the GB are the ones that finish off your tower. But you will have to mix up your deployments because you are sometimes not guaranteed damage on the tower if they use their spell.

Executioner: Yes, my second deck guide with the Executioner.

I just love this dude too much because he is soo good at clearing swarms. It also synergies great with Tornado.

When making a Giant push, you have to put Exe in there because it can clear cards that are the most annoying, Minions and Horde. He is also your main ariel defense but I also recommend to use him with most ground threats when paired with Tornado, but keep in mind on when you deploy the Nado because it now has a decreased duration.

Substituting Wizard with Executioner is a good move because of the slow hit speed of the Executioner when a defending Skarmy is coming your way the Executioner can only kill half of it and the Sparky hits the other half, you don’t want that because the less the Sparky shots, the less the recharge time which means fewer chances of Sparky getting countered.

You can use the Executioner as a tank for the Sparky but that’s not very recommended. Even if you have a full life Exe walking towards the bridge after defending, don’t support it with a tank or Sparky because you want to keep Giant and Sparky in the Same cycle right after each other. if you deploy them separately in any time of the game, it will be very hard to make your big push.

He is also your only ariel splash damage unit and main air defensive unit, can be paired with Sparky to make a strong defensive wall.

Bats and Goblin Gang: Your two swarm, cheap defensive units and two zap bait cards.

These both are for the mini pushes that come your way, like Hog and Mini P.E.K.K.A. These are your main Bait cards when it comes to this deck. These cards are great on defense as they are swarm units. They are your cheap stop for Princes, Hogs, Rams and when paired up with more support units, even big tanks like P.E.K.K.A

When defending, you probably want to put Bats first and when they Zap or Arrow or whatever, then put down Goblin gang since gang is the faster defense and can counter more cards. So you want to bait the light spell out with Bats and let the Goblin Gang to the defensive work.

This doesn’t mean Bats are only for baiting because they are good on defense as well on their own. If your opponent doesn’t Zap the Bats, they still can get the job done. I recommend using Bats for Hogs as they are cheap and only let one shot on the tower.

And finally if your opponent is running The Log you want to use bats on defense and if your opponent uses Zap than you probably want G Gang because the Goblins in the Gang still survive or you just want to use the baiting technique that I mentioned before.

Because one is arial and one is a ground troop, you can use one of them more on defense depending on which light spell they are using. if your opponent is running The Log you want to use bats on defense and if your opponent uses Zap than you probably want G Gang because the Goblins in the Gang still survive or you just want to use the baiting technique that I mentioned before.

Tornado: There are two cards in this deck that synergy amazingly well with the Tornado: Sparky and Executioner

When stopping medium to big pushes, you use Exenado as it is one of the best defensive synergies in this deck. But when very big pushes come your way, you have to use the super powerful defensive synergy: SparkyNado. This is your main defensive play and should only be used in desperate situations.

Tornado Hogs, Barrels and sometimes even Giants if you have to the King Tower.

So use Tornado as much as you can cause it is way more valuable than you think. Just make sure when you are making the SparkyNado combo that you only place the Tornado when the Sparky is fully charged because after the balance changes, it has been hard to time your Tornado synergies.

Zap: I promise all those Zap

General Gameplan

  1. Best Starting Hands:
  2. Tornado, Sparky, Goblin Barrel and Giant next
    Gob Gang, Goblin Barrel, Tornado, Sparky and Giant next
  3. Best Starting Moves: lovers out there that one day ill give this card a guide but unfortunately that’s not today.
  4. Gob Barrel to the Crown Tower (preferably the trick Barrel spot)
    Split Gang in the back
    Tornado the King tower, Nah I’m just kidding 😀


Early Game:

This period is to take things slow and obviously to figure out your opponent’s deck, counters and any kind of resetting cards or if they’re even using any. Sending Gob Barrels is your ideal move at this point and defending hard.

If your opponent is going super aggressive from the start. Then defend and go for a counterpush. But until a minute passes by I wouldn’t recommend any big pushes.

When defending with Sparky, If your opponent uses Zap to rest the Sparky, immediately send the Gob Barrel in the triangular formation and get ready to make a small counterpush of your Sparky, like Sparky + Bats or Sparky + Gang

If your opponents really mess up hard in the Early Game, then go for a Sparky + Gob Barrel push.

Sending Executioner with your Sparky is one of the most risky moves you can make at this period, but if you are ready to make this risk.

If you use these both in for defense (only do so for big pushes) than you can send a Goblin Barrel down the same lane to make a deadly counterpush.

So this period is basically to find out your opponent’s deck, make small counterpushes whenever you can and to take things slow

Mid Game

Now is when things heat up. And now that you have a bit of the understanding of the deck and your opponents cycle, you can now make bigger pushes and even a few Giant pushes.

You still should not make a Giant Sparky push since its still single elixir.

But now you pick things up in offense and try to limit them to making any pushes. Keep them on their toes and make pushes like Giant + Gob barrel or Sparky + Barrel.

Don’t forget to defend in your hot pursuit of offense. That’s why you hold on to your Goblin Gang and Bats. Most important is to keep in mind when they are using their Zap, Ewiz and Zappies.

If you are still uncomfortable about offense, then that’s okay because this deck shines in Double elixir. Just keep sending Goblin Barrels to get some source of damage

When nearing Double elixir, make sure you have Giant and Sparky are in the same hand or their right after each other because you will have to build your mega push early in Double elixir.

You can make a Giant Sparky push if your opponent uses their elixir way too much, If they make a big blunder or if you have a huge elixir lead. But you usually won’t make a big bush just yet.

So basically you have to heat things up during Mid Game and get ready to make a strong push.

Late Game:

Now that you have hit Double elixir, You have to Go full strength push.

So basically you start a Giant at the back and wait for about a second or two and put the Sparky behind your Giant with the Executioner and support this with Bats, Zap and even Nado.

Use Nado when they put down their counters near the crown tower so that they all get clumped right in front of the Crown Tower for Sparky to obliterate the Crown Tower and all the possible counters.

If your Sparky push doesn’t make it the first time, learn from your mistake and try again.

Keep cycling offensive units and pushes, don’t let your opponent go on the offensive side and if they do, defend, conterpush and destroy.

If there is only a little bit of Crown Tower Hp left on your opponent ’s.  you can do one of two things:

Goblin Barrel your way to victory and stay on hardcore defense

Or you can go for a second tower on the other side

I do both depending on what deck my opponent is using.

If you are really desperate to get a tower like let’s say you are 2 1 down, then in these situations you can drop the Giant in the middle of their base and send the Goblin barrel down when the Two towers are locked on your Giant.

There are some really great offensive synergies you can use in this deck during Double elixir.

So this period is to go hard offense to surprise your opponents for the slow-paced game the first half and to make up for the very defensive paying style during Single elixir.

3M Deck


  • Executioner:  Wizard, Witch, Baby Dragon
  • Gob Barrel: Miner, Graveyard
  • Goblin Gang : Skeleton Army
  • Bats : Spear Gobs
  • Tornado : Freeze
  • Zap: Arrows, Log, Zappies, Ewiz
  • Opposing Threats

If you remember from my previous guide, this is where I tell you cards to look out for and how to deal with them blah blah hehe properly.

Electro Wizard:

As I have mentioned before this deck has only a few weaknesses and usually Ewiz isn’t a threat, but obviously every Sparky user has some fear from the Ewiz. The key here is to not send Sparky on its own and to put troops down with your Sparky to either distract the Ewiz or to kill him. Something like Goblin Gang should be good when in Single elixir and you are defending with Sparky. During Double elixir, while making a push, support it with Executioner or Goblin Gang

So basically never send Sparky alone and you’re good.


Has some fame in the meta after Hut Control so it’s important to know how to deal with them.  They are easier to deal with compared to the Ewiz as they fix on one opposing troop unlike the Ewiz. Key here is to send the Sparky down with the Giant or with some other sort of tank in front of it so that your Sparky has enough time to recharge and shoot. Mainly Giant is a good choice to deal with.


Golem Beatdown:

This can be easy or hard depending on how good your opponent is

Punish their Pumps is a good move, like sending Goblin Barrel + Giant. You have to go kind of the opposite of what I said is the Gameplan in usual circumstances. You will have to get most of your damage done in Single Elixir. And defend in Double elixir.

Don’t use Sparky that much in Sigle elixir. keep her has a surprise defensive unit during Double elixir and make a deadly counterpush with her.

Make a Giant push the same lane they make a Golem push so that their support units are busy clearing the Giant, while your Sparky and Exe finish of their Golem.

Tornado the support units all together so that you can get more value out of the Sparky, get the push decimated faster and hopefully you Giant can survive to make a lethal counterpush out of your defensive units.

Do the same thing with Giant beatdown as well. And your good for the beatdown

Always make sure you protect your Sparky from their support units when on defense because if she dies, you’re basically done for defense an probably the game.


Decent matchup. You have pretty good splash protection in this deck so your good from all the swarm units.

Because you have such good splash protection, do only use your Zap on their win condition unless your Sparkys shots are always getting baited out by all those swarm unit.

Use Tornado a lot in these matchups during offense as their defensive units are mostly aggro troops or ranged troops (Princess).

These decks are very good at slowly chipping away your tower and your push so be careful when you use your spells.

So in double elixir you are obviously going to take damage, but you’ll have to force your opponent to go on defense and keep them on their toes.

And it basically all comes down to who the better bait player is (;


Easy matchup, use your Giant to tank for their siege weapon, support if needed.

If you don’t have Giant, use Sparky, just, make sure the siege weapon hasn’t locked onto your Sparky because it will bring it down to low life and you cant build a counterush out of it.

If they punish you with an Xbow deployment because you put the Giant in the back than bats the Xbow and if they Zap your Bats than Goblin Gang the Xbow

Just make sure you have enough elixir for your main push.

Always pair up your Sparky with the Giant so that the Gian doesn’t die from the many buildings in an Xbow deck.

You may have a few troubles keeping up with their cycle, but that usually isn’t a problem.


So that’s it for this guide, if you do not like my Giant Sparky Beatdown/Bait deck here are some other Giant Sparky decks to consider:

大羽Shake™’s deck

Giant, Sparky, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Zap, Arrows, Mega Minion, Minion horde

CowFTW’s deck
A guide on this deck right here

Giant, Sparky, Baby Dragon, Princess, Tornado, Mega Minion, Zap, Goblin Gang

Classic Old School Giant Sparky

Giant, Sparky, Princess, Barbarians, Wizard, Elixir Pump, Minions, Zap

So good luck with this deck and keep on clashing.


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