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How to play P.E.K.K.A. Mega Knight


Hello guys, Today I will explain to you how to play my favorite deck for arena 10+.

The deck is Pekka, Mega knight (MK), zap, poison, miner, E-wiz, goblins, and bats.
The goal of this deck is to build a Pekka-push or MK-push and in one time destroy that tower.

As there are 8 different cards with 8 different uses, I’ll explain it all. So,

Never start off with an MK or Pekka, except if it’s your only choice because poison and zap are in your starting hand as well.
To punish, you can do miner bats/miner goblins. If no response the tower will go down.
Never play both Pekka and MK in the same lane before double elixir.
In most cases, play MK instead of Pekka for defense,
If your opponent counters your MK/Pekka constantly, you should turn over to miner poison, until double elixir time.


With a lot of both attack and defend troops, defending is pretty easy.
All exact counters will be listed at the end.

Miner can be caught by goblins or E-wiz, and if you are already trying to build a push maybe you MK as well.
Spear goblins/Goblin gang/Fire spirits etc. can easily be countered by zap for example and that means the chip isn’t a problem

Tanks can be countered by Pekka and the support by MK, and this is an easy way to get elixir value+ a counterpush, sometimes you will need other troops to defend the support

With zap, poison, goblins , bats and E-wiz. Bait is easy to control.

As this deck also has miner poison and fast cycle, control can be copied. You can also defend with E-wiz for example

Just poison the spawner, tower, and the outcoming troops to get nice value and/or tower damage.

Hog cycle (as a special kind of deck):
MK, Pekka, goblins, E-wiz and bats. You’ll always have something.


Use miner bats and goblins to punish
Use Pekka E-wiz or MK E-wiz to create a big push, (also add e.g. bats)
In double elixir, you can eventually do MK Pekka bats E-wiz. (And throw everything just behind it.
Use poison or zap to troops with poison/zap-value near the tower to do some little damage.

List of counters to all damage dealing cards  (, which deal more than 100 damage left alone):
Tanks aren’t in there btw

  • Speargoblins: zap/bats/e-wiz/goblins
  • Knight: bats/goblins/e-wiz
  • Archers: goblins
  • Minions: bats/zap/e-wiz
  • Skeletonbarrel: bats/goblins/e-wiz/zap
  • Bomber: bats
  • Goblin gang: bats/goblins/zap/e-wiz
  • Barbarians: poison/bats+goblins/e-wiz+goblins
  • Minion horde: zap/zap+e-wiz/ bats+e-wiz/zap+bats
  • Elite barbarians: Pekka/MK/goblins+miner
  • Royal giant: Pekka/MK
  • Dart goblin: bats/goblins/e-wiz
  • Mega minion: bats/e-wiz/(distraction) goblins
  • Hog rider: MK/Pekka/goblins/e-wiz+bats
  • Valkyrie: bats/e-wiz/Pekka/MK
  • Furnace: Poison(see above)
  • Mini-Pekka: goblins/bats
  • Flying machine: bats/e-wiz/(distraction) goblins
  • Musketeer: MK/Pekka/goblins/bats
  • Battle ram: goblins/e-wiz+bats
  • Goblin hut: Poison(see above)
  • Wizard: miner/MK/Pekka
  • Barbarian hut: Poison(see above)
  • 3 Musketeers: Poison+zap/MK/Pekka
  • Cloned troops: Poison/zap/e-wiz
  • Skeleton army: zap/e-wiz/bats/goblins
  • Guards: bats/goblins/poison
  • Goblin barrel: zap/bats/goblins
  • Baby dragon: (surrounding) bats/e-wiz
  • Dark prince: MK/Pekka/bats+zap/zap+(surounding) goblins/e-wiz
  • Executioner: (surrounding) goblins/e-wiz/miner
  • Cannon cart: Pekka/MK/goblins
  • Prince: e-wiz+goblins/zap+bats/e-wiz+bats/Pekka
  • Bowler: bats/MK/Pekka/e-wiz/miner
  • Witch: goblins/MK/Pekka
  • Balloon: bats/e-wiz/bats+e-wiz
  • Giant skelleton: Pekka/MK/goblins/miner
  • X-bow: Pekka/MK
  • Pekka: Pekka/goblins+bats
  • Princess: miner/goblins/bats
  • Bandit: goblins/e-wiz
  • Ice wizard:  goblins/e-wiz
  • Night-witch: bats/goblins/e-wiz
  • Inferno-dragon: bats/ (distraction) goblins
  • Lumberjack: goblins/bats
  • E-wiz: bats/goblins
  • Graveyard: goblins/bats/e-wiz/poison
  • Sparky: e-wiz/goblins/bats+zap/Pekka/MK
  • Megaknight: Pekka/MK/bats+miner
  • Lavahound: e-wiz+bats/e-wiz+zap/bats+zap

I hope you will be just as successful with this deck as me.

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