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How to deal with Golem + Elixir Combo


Hi guys, It’s me again with the “How to counter series”. Today, let’s discuss about the Golem + Elixir combo, which is extremely popular in Clash Royale from Arena 6.

golem elixir combo in Clash Royale

How the Golem + Elixir Combo Works

Golem is the troop which has highest HP in game at this time. Although he is the hardest troops to take down in Clash Royale, he also costs lots of Elixir (8 Elixirs). The Elixir Collector is a perfect partner for the Golem as it gives players Elixir quickly to deploy the high Elixir Golem as well as support troops which can deal damage while the Golem is soaking damage. Sometimes, you can see players who want to go all in by using the Mirror Card to mirror the Elixir Collector and generate Elixir quicker. You can say goodbye to your Towers If you just make only 1 wrong move against this combo.

How to counter it

There are 2 parts of this combo: The Golem and the Elixir Collector, obviously.

If your opponent plays Elixir first:

  1. Try to damage it with your Spell cards: If you have any Spell Card (Fireball, Rocket, Lightning Spell, Goblin Barrels), you will probably want to deal damage to the Elixir Collector and also the enemy Tower, as long as you have enough Elixir to defend against the upcoming attack. Your blast will get the most value If the opponent places another card next to the Elixir Collector and the Tower, within your spell radius.
  2. Try to take them off by using a sneak attack: Using a sneak attack is pretty risky, truly, but If you can do it well, it will pay off beautifully. The idea is that when your opponent needs to spend 5 Elixir on the Collector, you just spend all of your Elixir to do a decent attack with your Hog, Prince or other cards, deal lots of damage before your opponent can recover enough Elixir to stop your attack. Prince is a perfect card for this sneak attack. As far as I can see, the opponent can only stop your attack If he uses Barbarians or Minion Horde. Don’t use this plan If the opponent has more than 1 Elixir Collector on the ground.

There is no proper way to deal with the Elixir Collector without using Spell Cards. If you don’t want to defend against those Golems all the time, better go all in the opposite site, that’s the only choice for you.

For defending against Golems, you will definitely need at least 1 defensive building card. The Inferno Tower is extremely useful at dealing with Golems but Cannon, Tesla or the Bomb Tower is also great. Just make sure to place your building in the middle of your arena to give your Crown Towers a decent distance, also, don’t place it too soon so it can last longer.

If you place your building (Inferno Tower for example) too soon, of course your opponent will never send his Golem immediately. Instead, he will play Goblins/Minions/Barbarians/… at first and drop the Golem after that. Most of the time, your opponent will use small troops such as Golins or Minions to distract your defenses and protect the Golem, as well as ranged troops behind in order to deal damage. You should remove those ranged troops at first since they can do massive damage within seconds to your Towers. Using Zap/Lightning/Arrows is great, but If you can’t do that, just strategically place your melee troop with high HP (Knight,…) to attack them from behind once they enter your arena. Just make sure that the ranged troops behind is targeting something before placing these melee troops otherwise it will be a big waste!

Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any other idea to deal with Golem and Collector combo my friends! Also, please share this post to your friends If you found it helpful, that will help this blog a lot. You rock!


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