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How To Counter Mini P.E.K.K.A. In Arenas 2-3


Hey guys! I’m TheBoss, leader of the clan BegginForMore. I decided to start writing articles so show newer players tips and tricks that I wish someone would have shown me when I started playing. Most of these guides will be for lower level arena players. But if you’re a higher level player and just need to touch up on some of the finer points of the game, this guide is for you too! So today, I’m going to show you how to counter the Mini PEKKA in arenas 2 and 3.

Mini PEKKA  can be unlocked in the training arena. This is a legendary card, so your chances of finding it right away are usually pretty good. But if you don’t find one and you see that your opponent has, how do you counter it?

Of course, you can’t just ignore it. The Mini PEKKA does an INSANE amount of damage if it gets to your tower. Untouched, you can count on it getting at least three hits off of your tower. That’s over a thousand damage and your tower will crumble with even a minor push from your tower because the Mini PEKKA weakened it so much.

The best counter by far is the witch if you have unlocked her. Place her in the back and let her start spawning skeletons. Since the Mini PEKKA can only attack one at the time, the other two skeletons will be able to get a couple minor hits on it. While the skeletons are distracting it, the Witch will be shooting it with her bolts, and of course, your princess tower will be shooting it as well.

Placement is key here. Don’t place the witch behind the tower. If you do, once the Mini PEKKA,  will still go forward and possibly get one hit off of your princess tower. Instead, place the witch in the center, directly in front of your king tower, close to the river. After it destroys the skeletons, the Mini PEKKA will then attack the witch. If it even manages to kill your witch, by this point it will be weakened enough by your princess tower that it will die before landing a hit on it. If you are lucky enough to save your witch, then you can prepare for a counterattack after you’ve killed the Mini PEKKA. Simply place a Giant or a Knight in front of your witch to shield her, then go after your opponent’s tower!

Even if you don’t have a witch, this strategy can work with other units, like archers. Just place them in the center so the Mini PEKKA is distracted by them and will not target your tower. In this case, the range unit is the best. They can get several hits off of the Mini PEKKA before it has a chance to damage them.  Obviously, don’t use the Giant, it won’t attack other units!

As you get higher in the arenas, you will come across many other cards that will counter the Mini PEKKA much better. But until then, use this strategy to counter it!

Good counters for the Mini PEKKA: Witch, Archers, Spear Goblins.

Poor counters for the Mini PEKKA:  Musketeer (solo), Bomber (solo), Arrows, Giant.

I hope this helps any players struggling to beat the Mini PEKKA. Once you have it, it is a great card to have in your deck. It can be difficult to counter in lower arenas with the cards you have. But now that you know how to counter it well, you can turn the Mini PEKKA attack into an attack of your own without even losing very many troops!

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