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Hog Sparky Deck – Double Pressures

Hey guys whats going on! RSivak here with a creative Hog Sparky deck I found, credit to Ash, who showcased this deck a while back and I wanted to make a guide for the Sparky as I just unlocked my first one today!

I originally found it underwhelming and when I found this deck I was stunned! It is such a great deck for people struggling with Sparky as their only Legendary, but enough chit-chat lets get into the cards!

Hog Sparky Deck

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The Best Hog Rider Sparky Deck

Hands down, it is very hard to make work of Sparky in the current meta but truly this deck does work pretty well!

This one is not a typical Sparky Deck. Your main objective is not to build up a strong push in one lane.

The main idea of this deck is to use Hog Rider in one lane, while using Sparky to push on the other lane. By doing this, you can easily break down your opponent’s Elixir on two lanes, giving him loads of pressure. Vice versa, drop your Sparky and Ice Golem in front on a lane, wait until your opponent drops their defenses then pig push on the other lane with Hog Rider and Ice Spirit.

This deck’s Average Elixir Cost is only 2.9, meaning it is very easy to switch lane or to drop 2 Hogs/Sparkies at once.

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider: The key to your win lies within this Hog riding, hammer wielding, mohawk rocking machine! This card will be dealing the chip damage onto the enemy tower to whittle it down to it’s destruction.

Sparky: Sparky is easy to counter and having it as the main win condition makes it very difficult to win with it, but in this deck this is a panic inducing card, hard counters the popular Ice Golem, Hog Rider push, drop off your Sparky and BOOM! Bye Bye Hog Rider! This is the main function of this card, shut down enemy pushes with sheer damage and then once it starts rolling to the enemy tower, push with an Ice Golem, Hog Rider on the other lane and watch your opponent panic as they try to defend a split lane push!

Mega Minion: Beastly air defense, shuts down medium health ground units like Valkyrie, Knight, Mini P.E.K.K.A before they reach your tower. Mainly defense, can defend against a Hog push if you are low on elixir.

Archers: Great support, good at taking out Minions, Minion Horde if you ever in a tight spot and can be perfect counter to all the wild Graveyard decks flying around. I love that they can rack up hundreds of damage to a tower with a simple Ice Golem tanking for them.

Ice Golem: Your cheap mini-tank, great for distracting P.E.K.K.A’s big and small, Princes, Giant Skeletons, and can easily weaken Minions to be picked off by a tower, mainly dropped in front of a Hog Rider or Sparky to tank damage.

You can learn how to use Ice Golem to kite units effectively at here.

Ice Spirit: Shut’s down a full health Mega Minion from reaching your tower. Essentially a mini freeze it can freeze your opponents defense long enough for your Sparky or Hog to get a shot in. Versatile and cheap great for cycling as well.

Zap: Shut down Goblin Barrels, Minions, Minion Hordes, Sparky’s, Inferno Dragon’s, reset Inferno Tower charge. Such a strong and useful utility card. I love the cheap cost with the reset ability making Zap a must have utility in this deck.

Log: Great card to finish off weakened troops, send troops crashing back into their tower so the Sparky hits the troops AND the tower, shuts down Princess and other pesky Goblins, Skeletons  from killing your Hog. Great for killing a weakened tower. Direct counter to Tombstone as it take s out the Tombstone and all of the Skeletons left. If you don’t have the Log use Fireball, it is the better than Log because the knock-back can be crucial in games.

General Gameplan:

Let’s get into the finer points of playing this deck. This deck specializes in split lane pushes.

You never want to play Sparky right off the bat. If they push with a Hog or Giant, defend with Mega Minion and Archers. If they don’t do anything just send a lone Hog to see what they like to defend with and you can adjust your play later by performing prediction Logs, and Zaps.

I really like to let the tower take a Hog Rider hit or two or at least take some chip damage, as this will make them play exclusively on that lane. This means that I can easily drop off my Sparky with a bit of support if need be, and it will decimate everything.

Then once they see the Sparky, they will focus on dropping everything they have to defend against it and I all I have to do is to drop off an Ice Golem Hog on the other side and watch a Tower going down in health super fast!

This deck does not focus on Sparky as the win condition, rather it is the secondary win condition, your support turned offense that induces a panic in your opponents. Even a simple push as Ice Golem planted in front of Archers that defended a push can add hundreds of damage if left ignored.

Sparky is also such a wonderful counter to Elite Barbs, make sure you drop the Sparky behind the tower though! If you want to get a Sparky hit on the tower and they drop a troops a little to forward, drop a Log and watch your Sparky score that hit dealing a hefty 1300 damage.

Out of the last 10 games I have played I lost 2 and drew once, and I think this deck is a great deck to counter the meta right now, Ice Golem Hog Rider will get utterly decimated by this deck as their Hog Rider is unable to land any hits because the Sparky shuts him down so fast.

Until Double Elixir you might have trouble fighting other Hog Cycle decks but once Elixir is flowing through your veins you will find that this deck will be very punishing, I have managed to get 3 Sparky’s onto the field and this will completely overwhelm the opponent!


Ice Golem, Hog Rider (Archers, Mega Minion can be added): This is what will most likely deal the tower damage and win you the tower, simple consistent pushes will whittle a tower down slowly but steadily.

Ice Golem, Sparky: An Ice Golem dropped in front of a defensive Sparky heading to the tower, this will give your Sparky more time to charge and kill troops. Simple yet panic inducing.

Ice Golem, Archers: Similar to the Ice Sparky above, an Ice Golem in front tanking can allow these pink haired sharpshooters to shoot down the tower’s health. Perfect chip damage.

Some tips for you

  • NEVER drop Sparky off at the start, it is too expensive and easy to counter. Drop a single Hog Rider, much safer to test the waters than to launch a Sparky that will get decimated.
  • Keep up the pressure, don’t let your opponent get comfy. Keep him on his toes so that a simple mistake could cost him.
  • Don’t play Sparky’s in the same Lane, they are easy to Zap and destroy if clumped, keep split lane pressuring with them.
  • This is split lane push deck! So make sure you Split Lane Push!
  • Log back the defense into their tower so that the Sparky blast hits the troops and the tower for bonus damage!
  • Log down a half health Tombstone to kill the Tombstone AND the 4 skeletons it will spawn. Make Yarn proud.


Zap Bait

I find that Zap Bait decks with Minion Hordes, Skarmy, Goblin Barrels slightly annoying against this deck because they counter Sparky very effectively, and since nothing they run is a high health troops except Miner making Sparky’s huge damage seem excessive and they easily swamp you if you are careful, keep your Log for Skarmy, Princess, and Goblin Barrel, Ice Golem for Minion Horde and Skarmy, and Zap for Minion Horde and Goblin Barrel and you should be fine.

3 Musketeers

If you are seeing a lot 3 Musketeers, then sub in a Fireball for Log. I had quite a bit of trouble with 3 Musketeers when I was testing this deck, and Fireball seemed to do the trick.

Lava Hound/Golem/Giant:

You are pretty well matched, Sparky for Golem’s and Giants. Archers and Mega Minion deal with Hounds, and I can usually cycle fast enough for me to get 2 Mega Minions or 4 Archers onto the Hound.

Hog Cycle

You might face a health deficit at the beginning but this deck will come back stronger at double elixir. Defend Hog Pushes with Sparky and send your own on the other lane to force them to spread their defenses thin.

You can watch how Ash uses this deck in this video:

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed and put this great deck to good use on the ladder and in Tournaments. For obvious reason’s don’t use this deck in the Electro Wizard Challenge ;). Until next time!