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Hog Royal Giant – Easy-to-use Deck for Arena 8+


Heeey what’s up guys! It’s me Zigge here with another deck for you guys, the Hog Royal Giant Deck!

This is the third part out of five on my CRA Birthday Special.

Let’s see how it works!

Hog Royal Giant

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Royal GiantClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Tesla
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Minions

Easy-to-use Hog Rider Royal Giant Deck

Here we have a Hog Royal Giant deck. This is a variant of the deck I used for the 2x Elixir Challenge. It’s basically Hog Cycle mixed up with RG Beatdown.

Pros Cons
Great synergy A bit weak to Lava Lightning
Counters Elite Barbarians well Weak to ”charger” decks
Pretty cheap A little bit weak to Hog decks

Card Breakdown

Royal Giant – The Royal Giant is your main win condition of this deck. Use him with your Minions or Fire Spirits to take out the troops they try to counter your RG with. The RG is an offensive card only so using him defensively is not a good idea at all.

The Royal Giant is in this deck used to kinda bait out your opponents building, allowing you to play your Hog Rider safely. You can also do the opposite by playing your Hog Rider to bait their building and your RG to deal damage. I’ll explain that later.

Hog Rider – The Hog Rider is your secondary win condition. Use him when you’ve baited your opponents counter with your Royal Giant. Use the Hog Rider with your Fire Spirits, Ice Golem or Minions. The Hog Riders unique ability to jump over the river can also be used to pull units.

Ice Golem – He is one of the best cards in the game. He can tank for Hog Rider, protecting him from an eventual Skeleton Army or Minion Horde. The Ice Golem can also be used defensively to kite or distract units.

A lone Ice Golem on defense can completely shut down;

  • Barbarians
  • Bowler
  • Archers, Musketeer etc.
  • Skeleton Army, Minion Horde etc.
  • Knight, Mini P.E.K.KA etc.

For more about the Ice Golem, take a look at here

Tesla – The Tesla is a very underused card because it’s in the middle between Inferno Tower and Cannon. Use the Tesla against a Hog Rider, Giant, Royal Giant etc. The thing that makes the Tesla unique is its ability to target air units which the Cannon can’t.

A lone Tesla can shut down all of these units;

  • Giant
  • Hog Rider
  • Ice Wizard, Wizard etc.
  • Miner, Lumberjack etc.
  • Mortar, X-Bow
  • Balloon, Baby Dragon etc.
  • Lava Hound

Fire Spirits – The Fire Spirits works well with the RG but especially with the Hog Rider. The will clear out any swarmy units and perform decent against Musketeers and Mini PE.K.K.As too! Do the pig push to pass any defensive building your opponent places in the other lane.

Fire Spirits are also very good defensively against a Miner + Minion Horde combo or a Goblin Barrel. They are the cheapest splash unit in the game so you will always have enough Elixir for an extra group of Fire Spirts.

For more, take a look at here

Minions – The standard Minions. I haven’t seen a good deck using Minions since the release of Mega Minion. It out-performs the Minion in everything but one thing, distracting! The Minion can easily distract an Inferno Tower, allowing your RG to take it down without any damage dealt to him. If done correctly the tower will have locked on to the Royal Giant and the Inferno Tower to the Minions. This will cause 1-2 of the Minions to survive, dealing several hundreds of damage to their tower if left ignored.

The Minions are also very good defensively against a Mini P.E.K.K.A or Valkyrie. They can take out almost any ground unit without any damage to the tower. Minions are also on of the best counter to the popular Graveyard.

Skeletons – The Skeletons are really good at distracting a Mini P.E.K.K.A running at your but they can also pull a Valkyrie, completely shutting her down. There are insanely many other used for Skeletons so if you wanna learn how to use them, check this out.

Zap – I have one thing to say:

Good for retargeting an Inferno Tower onto your Minions instead of RG. That’s it.

General Gameplan

This deck is very easy to use so NO SKILLS REQUIRED!

Just kidding with you guys. Basically try figure out what your opponent is playing before revealing your RG. Then you bait their counter with your Hog Rider, place your RG and see what their counter is. If it’s one of these cards;

  • Cannon
  • Bomb Tower
  • Barbarians
  • Minion Horde
  • Bowler
  • Mega Minion

Bait their counter with your RG and then use your Hog Rider. If it’s one of these;

  • Inferno Tower
  • Tesla
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A
  • Elite Barbarians

Bait their counter with your Hog Rider and then use your RG.

Starting Hand

The cards you wanna play first, in order;

  1. Hog + Ice Golem or Fire Spirits at the bridge
  2. RG + Minions at the bridge
  3. Skeletons + Fire Spirits combo at the bridge
  4. Skeletons in the back
  5. Minions at the bridge

When do I use my Hog Rider?

When you’ve baited your opponents counter with your RG or when you’re baiting their counter with your Hog Rider.

How am I pushing with my RG?

You basically place your RG at the bridge, then wait a few seconds a place your Minions behind so that the tower locks onto the RG. Zap they Inferno Tower (not the Arena Tower) if they use it.

Offensive Combos

Basically what I pair with my RG and Hog

  • Hog + Fire Spirits or Ice Golem – Main Hog push.
  • RG + Minions – Main RG push.
  • RG + Fire Spirits – Only if you desperately need a tower and don’t have your Minions in hand.
  • Hog + Skeletons – Only if you desperately need a tower, your opponent has placed a building in the other lane and you don’t have your Fire Spirits in hand.

Defensive Combos

You won’t get anywhere without a good defense.

  • Tesla + Minion + Ice Golem – Main defense against  a Giant push.
  • Tesla + Zap – Against a Hog + small units push.
  • Ice Golem + Fire Spirits – Against Elite Barbarians
  • Minions + Ice Golem – Good for clearing out some random units.

Guys that’s it for my guide! Hope you have a good day, comment if you need any help or advice and peace out!


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