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Hog Rider Chargers – Overwhelming Arena 8+ Deck


Heeeey what’s up guys! Zigge here with another deck, the Hog Rider Chargers deck for Arena 8+ players!

We have our Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians, Lumberjack or Mini P.E.K.K.A which are all fast units threatening your tower. The Rage Spell also helps a lot with these ”chargers”. Let’s see how it works!

Hog Rider Chargers

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale LumberjackClash Royale Furnace
Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale ZapClash Royale Rage

Hog Rider Chargers

Pros Cons
Extremely hard to stop in x2 Elixir Weak to air (Rage can be replaced with MM)
Great synergy Very punishing if you make a big push that they can easily stop
Uses underrated cards Hard to comeback

Card Breakdown

Hog Rider – The main win condition. He is very good at chipping your tower and pairs extremely well with all of the cards in this deck. Hog Rider + Ice Golem or Fire Spirits is the main push.

In 2x Elixir, you can start making insane counterpushes that will easily overwhelm your opponent, especially with the rage. But more about that later. The Hog Rider is also very good with the Furnace because it spawns multiple waves of Fire Spirits.

If you have the Elixir advantage over your opponent in regular Elixir time and feel like you can make a big push, Hog Rider + Ice Golem + Furnace Spirits + Fire Spirits is a push that your opponent is not gonna be able to stop 90% of the time.

Ice Golem – One of the best utility cards in the game.

He can kite units and with his death damage, he can kill Skeletons and severely wound Minions. His 1,1k HP also helps a lot in this deck because he can tank for your other units. Ice Golem + Elite Barbarians + Fire Spirits + Furnace Spirits is a strong 2x Elixir push. Ice Golem can also counter a Bowler alone or distract him while your Lumberjack or Elite Barbarians stab him in the back.

Take a look at this guide for more details: Advanced Ice Golem Tactics

Fire Spirits – They are one of the best offense splashers because of their fast movement speed and high damage.

You don’t need to use them defensively when you have your Furnace so save them for offense behind your big push. They completely counter troops such as Goblin Barrel, Minion Horde and Guards which can be a pain to deal with for this deck.

A good mini push that your opponent can’t ignore is Ice Golem + Fire Spirits. This push will do insane 647 damage to their tower if left alone.

Furnace – The core of this deck. Furnace will support all of your pushes. Try to have two of these down in 2x Elixir. This will apply insane pressure if you time it right so that the Fire Spirits spawn at the same time. Every wave will deal 507 damage to their tower.

Here is how you place your Furnace if you attack the right lane:

furnace placement

Elite Barbarians – They are very good both offensively and defensively.

Lumberjack + Elite Barbarians + Furnace Spirits is an almost unstoppable push. Only try this push in 2x Elixir because of its high cost.

Elite Barbarians are also good at stopping a Hog Rider, Giant or Royal Giant while they’re distracted trying to destroy your Furnace. Elite Barbarians are very good at counterpushing, especially with a Furnace down.

Rage – Yes, you read that right. The most hated and least used card in the game.

Use the Rage as a surprise card when you have a big push. But, as Yarn said; ‘’You only use it when you’re winning, to win even more. ‘’ Rage can also be useful defensively if your opponent has a big push.

Zap – Zap is the best cards etc. etc. Use it against Goblins or Skeleton Army.

Always have it ready when you make a push. Just in case he counters with something worth to zap.

General Gameplan

Get as many Furnaces down as possible. Chip with your Hog and Ice Golem pushes. Make small counterpushes or abandon your troops when they’ve defended. Losing a tower early is not good.

You won’t be able to place your Furnace where you want to and they will have map control. This is not a comeback deck, so therefore, be very defensive until you know your opponent deck. Then you can start being a bit more aggressive.

In 2x Elixir time, that when this deck shines

You can start making split pushes without getting punished for it, be more aggressive and spam your chargers in a way you aren’t usually able to. If you have three Furnaces down, your opponent is screwed. He won’t be able to place down Barbarians, Minion Horde etc. that usually counters your deck very well.

Don’t be afraid to use your Rage defensively

Rage is a great card. Using a defensive Rage isn’t a bad idea at all because;

  1. It’s cheap, you can cycle to your Furnace faster
  2. Rage works well with high DPS units
  3. It also helps your Arena Tower

Offensive Lumberjack

When using the Lumberjack offensively, there’s two ways you can do it;

  1. Placing him in front to tank and give the rage effect
  2. Placing him behind to deal damage, then place the Rage spell for a raged Lumberjack (super combo)

Do the one that fits the situation best.

Offensive Combos

Here are some nice offensive combos I like to use;

  • Hog Rider + Ice Golem + Fire Spirits – Standard push
  • Lumberjack + Elite Barbarians + Fire Spirits – 2x Elixir counterpush
  • Ice Golem + Elite Barbarians + Fire Spirits, regular Elixir counterpush
  • Ice Golem + Elite Barbarians + Lumberjack + Hog Rider, the unstoppable push. You only able to perform this about 1/10 games.

Note: I didn’t mention Furnace Spirits because I didn’t feel like it was necessary. Furnace Spirits are of course gonna be behind every of these pushes.

Defensive Combos

Here are some nice defensive combos I like to use;

  • Lumberjack + Fire Spirits – Good against Miner + Minion Horde
  • Elite Barbarians – Good against a lone Hog Rider, Royal Giant or RG
  • Elite Barbarians + Ice Golem + Rage + Fire Spirits – Good to stop a giant push (not a Giant push, a gigantic push) if you don’t have any other answer.
  • Elite Barbarians + Ice Golem + Lumberjack – Good against Giant Bowler Musketeer push

Note: A Furnace should always be placed down when you have it to pull/distract enemy units

How to play against specific decks

  • Lava Hound – Be extremely aggressive and don’t let them build up a big push.
  • Golem – Be aggressive until their Golem reaches the bridge, Furnace to pull and Elite Barbarians to kill the supporting units.
  • Miner – Be defensive and get the Elixir lead. Punish them with a big push in 2x Elixir.
  • Hog Rider – Same as above
  • Zap bait – Same as above
  • Graveyard – Elite Barbarians to stop their Graveyard, Lumberjack for their Bowler. Same as above
  • Royal Giant – Furnace will distract their RG while you Elite Barbarians kill him.
  • Giant Bowler – Elite Barbarians + Ice Golem + Lumberjack to stop their push.

Guys that’s it for my guide! Hope you have a good day, comment if you need any help or advice and peace out!


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