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Hog-Loon Mirror Surprise Deck


In this post I want to share my deck with you, the one which got me from Arena 5 to Arena 12. his might be strange at first, but if you get used to it, you will have a blast using it.


  • Good for trophy pushing
  • Insta-win if the enemy has no splash damage card or spell
  • No legendaries
  • Pretty easy to use


  • Kinda high elixir cost (3.8)
  • Playing against Pekka Poison is really hard
  • No direct damaging spell in the deck


Alright, now that we got this out of the way, let’s start breaking down the deck.

The deck:

  • Balloon || This floating thing that deals the massive amount of damage. It’s recommended to use it with Minion Horde or Baby Dragon, because a lone Balloon is pretty easy to counter which means that it’s very risky to play. If you get one or two hits with this on a tower early game, then you basically won.
  • Hog Rider || The guy who rides a pig to win you the game. Seriously. Even a lone Hog can get a swing or two casuing at least 500 damage to the enemy tower. If you know that the enemy has used it’s splash damage spell or troop, the Hog paired with Minion Horde can be a lost tower for the enemy. This combo however is a very risky one, because it costs 9 elixir, and your opponent can start a push on the other lane.
  • Musketeer || This card is one of the best support/defense cards to have in a deck, not only can it take out Minion Hordes behind the tower, it can deal with almost anything. If left behind a Hog, then it can deal a lot of damage. Use this as defense if the enemy pushed without a swarm card.
  • Valkyrie || Oh, swing your axe more! This lady can take out entire pushes alone, such as E-Barbs and/or Skarmies. Good against Witch, Wizard, basically most of the splash damage cards. If you put her in front of the Hog, you are guaranteed to deal at least 700 damage to the enemy tower. Use as defense against Gobling Gang or Goblin/Skeleton Barell.
  • Minion Horde || This is the soul of most of the pushes in this deck. Use it with Ballon, Hog, Valkyrie, Musketeer, literally anything from this deck. (pls no skarmy :c) The only weakness is that it can be countered with basically any splash damage spell or troop. This card is perfect for defensive playstyle as well, use it to counter Inferno Dragons, Balloons and/or Lava Hounds.
  • Baby Dragon || A great support/defense card. Use it to counter Skarmies, Minion Hordes, enemy Baby Dragons, Barbarians, NW, Witches, etc. you get the idea. Support your Balloon with this and you can most likely get at least one hit with the Balloon on the tower.
  • Skeleton Army || This is the card that will stop most of the enemy pushes, and it can also be used to support a Hog + Minion Horde push. It’s weak to Zap, but that is where the next card shines.
  • Mirror || Oh boy.. if the enemy didn’t think you are trolling, then he/she most likely will. If your opponent Zaps/Logs your Skarmy, replace it with a copied one! Your enemy thought that he/she was so smart with that E-Barb + Log/Zap push, but he/she will quickly change his/her mind.
Musketeer Valkyrie Minion Horde Baby Dragon Skeleton Army Mirror

General game plan:

  • Early game 3:00-2:00 || Play defensively and find out what deck they are using.
  • Mid game 2:00-1:00 || Try to gain an elixir advantage, while you turn the enemy push into a counterpush if possible.
  • Late game 1:00-0:00 || Double Elixir! This is where you release the tiger from the cage. Start pushing in both lanes, so you make your opponent’s job harder. Overwhelm him/her with your high DPS cards and go for the 3-crown win if possible.

Possible match-ups:

  • Golem || Try and bait the Log/Arrow from the enemy, and use the Valkyrie to counter the support cards. Use Skarmy/Minion Horde to take it down.
  • Mega Knight || Put down a Minion Horde with a Valkyrie, so while the M. Horde kills it, you don’t have to worry about it jumping on your tower.
  • Giant/Royal Giant || Calm down… I know it’s annoying as hell, but you have a Skarmy don’t you? Anyways, use Skarmy to kill it while a Valkyrie/Baby Dragon takes care of the rest.
  • 3 Musketeers || Try to put a Skarmy on them. (Note that Minion Horde is basically useless against it.) If they Zap it, use a Mirrored Skarmy. They spent 11 elixir and you spent 7. Sadly you can’t do anything against the pumps.
  • Lavaloon || Minion Horde + Baby Dragon + Musketeer. Use the Horde against the Hound, B. Dragon against the possible enemy Minion Horde and Musketeer against the Balloon.
  • Graveyard || Use Skarmy to defend or Valkyrie if they use it with Poison.
  • Spell bait || Valkyrie and Baby Dragon do the job well against this kind of deck, while you can try to bring the tower down with your Hog or Balloon.


Golem Mega Knight Giant 3 Musketeers Lavaloon

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