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Hog Knight Deck that got me to Hog Mountain!


Hellooo. Since this isn’t a youtube video I’m not gonna do the “Hey Guys!!!!!” thing. I think it’s kinda weird. Anywho, this deck is muy bueno. (A little spanish for you) I used it to get into hog mountain and it has a over 55% win rate. It ain’t half bad. My name is Arb5284 FYI.


Hog Rider – Your WC, the card that will get you that W. You mostly want to play him behind your knight or Ice golem. That way, the hog pushes the tank card to the tower and they both get tons of damage. Also, use the zap spell to zap any cheap cards they place down. This is how you will win most of your games. Usually 2 – 3 pushes take the tower.

Knight – OP defense. It counters MK, witch, musket, gang, and the Lumbo Jack. This card is one of the best in the game and can be used on offence too. He really is a package deal. I suggest him in almost any hog deck.

Gang – Another OP card, can stop hogs, e-wiz, knight, witch and more. This card can also be used to bait spells and if that doesn’t work, do tower damage.

Bats – Take out balloons, princesses, and more with these bad boys. Can also be paired with the hog for a cheap push.

Zap – ALWAYS ZAP THE MINION HORDE! It will make your life way easier. Trust in me. Also zap gangs and the skelly army. Don’t use it on the Inferno tower though, just don’t.

Inferno tower – You need to play this card with caution. Almost always with pekka decks will you have to place down an Ice golem to distract her. If you don’t GG,

Ice golem – Sometimes can be placed in front of the hog if you face an Inferno tower user. Otherwise, use against minion horde and the gang so either the tower or the zap can finish them.

Princess – Very good in these hog decks. If minion hordes get on your nerves use the princess and save the zap spell and IG for the hog push.

Replacements –

Princess —— Archers
Knight —– MK
Gang —– Skeleton army

Now to tell you the top 3 most annoying decks to face.

Pekka – I hate the pekka so much, I’ve tilted way too much against her. You need to cycle and not waste elixir. Counterpushing is key. Inferno IG will counter these pekka plebs.

Golem – Yep, another tank deck. Using the Inferno IG and you’ll be fine. But if you waste elixir than you’ll tilt and rage quit.If they place a golem, counter push the other lane hard so they won’t support their golem.

Balloon – The deck where if you mess up and kill the lava hound first, the pups distract the Inferno tower and then it’s time to cry. Place the Inferno tower up towards the bridge to lure the balloon towards it, then you should be fine. Like the golem deck, hard counter the lane that they didn’t place the lava hound.

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