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Hog Hut Deck: Easy 2000+ Trophies at Level 6


Hello guys, today I am going to show you another stunning Hog Hut Deck, which successfully helped JesusSlark pushed from Arena 6 to Royal Arena in just a few days. Are you a fan of Hut Decks? You will like this one for sure! Also, I will give you some decent replays of this Deck so you can easily see how it works.


The Use of Cards

Tesla and Skeletons: They work perfectly together. Tesla is the only one defensive building of this Deck, which has low Elixir cost, nice damage and targets both ground and air troops. The only weakness of the Tesla is its HP as high damaging troop such as Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Hog Rider,… can take it down with just 1-2 hits. Normally we want to have some tankers for the Tesla and Skeletons is a great card for this purpose as it costs only 1 Elixir, you can to give as many Elixir as possible on offense to keep building Huts pressuring the opponent’s Tower.

Minion Horde and Knight: This is one of my favorite defensive troop combo in Clash Royale. Your opponent sometimes doesn’t want to send just a few troops to attack you. If you face a big push towards the Tesla and Skeletons, you just can’t blindly drop cards and hope to win the defense, right? Do it smart my friends! In this situation, If the opponent uses a Wizard to back up his Giant, you can’t just use Minion Horde to kill either Wizard or Giant as they will be killed regardless. You should drop your Knight for the Wizard and when the Wizard gets locked on your Knight, you can use Minion Horde to kill both Wizard and Giant from the other side.

Hog Rider: Hog Rider works perfectly in this deck as he deals a lot of damage to buildings and Towers. If you drop just 1 Hog Rider himself, he will rarely be able to hit more than 2 times. However, we have lots of spawned units from Huts and Hog Rider is the commander of them all.

Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut: The levels of them just don’t matter very much since the goal of them is creating pressure on 1 lane and Hog Rider is the main damage of this deck (Of course I recommend using Huts at least level 4 If you want to get to Arena 7).


Important Tips

  • Always try to have a Tesla up. It has been saving my life a lot of times. With this deck, you may want to constantly build Huts. You are extremely weak to counter most attacks and may lose your tower within first 10 seconds If you don’t have a Tesla up. Also, If you face a X-Bow deck, just don’t use your Tesla and focus on building huts the entire battle.
  • If you don’t have any Hut on the ground, you rarely can win with this Deck. Don’t just drop troops only.
  • Use Hog Rider only If your opponent just failed a massive push.
  • Your opponent always try to use Arrows and splash damaging troops on your troops when you have a decent amount of spawned troops. After that, immediately use your Minion Horde and Hog Rider to deal massive damage.
  • When you have x2 Elixir speed, you may want to cycle your cards to build as many Huts as possible to keep the pressure up. More Huts = More pressure. However, you may need to be careful. If your opponent has either Prince, Hog or Balloon, it’s better to save some small troops for them.
  • Try to place Huts far from your Arena Towers and near your King’s Tower to prevent opponent from Fireball/Rocket them.
  • The best way to deal with Lightning Spell hut is to go on offense more with Hog Rider. Your opponent would spend 6 Elixir on your Barbarian Hut but It will be still alive and keep spawning some more Barbarians. When your opponent uses Lightning, immediately use your Hog followed by some backup troops.

Below is a video with some replays from JesusSlark:

You can take a look at this other Deck which can help you easily push to Arena 6 at here.

Okay Clash on guys! Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any question or suggestion. I love you guys very much!


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