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Hog Guards Control

Hog Guards Control

Greetings and Quick Answers:

What is your name?

Daxmvarg (dacks-em-varg)

What Arena?

Mid-tier Hog Mountain currently, but I could higher (3450-3600)

When did you start playing?

2 months after Clash Royale’s global release on March 2, 2016.

What card do you hate the most?

Either E-barbs or Golem. 3 Musks are okay after you face them a couple times

What is your favorite card?

Either Hog Rider, Guards, or Zap

Disclaimer: I’ll be assuming that if you’re reading this article, you are on the border of Hog Mountain and are looking for a deck to push with. Thus, I won’t be going into the details on how to use certain cards. I’ll simply assume you know how to use them correctly.


This Hog Guards Control deck is admittedly, a really fun deck to mess with. The deck is really out of meta, so people won’t exactly know what to do with it, especially after the E-Wiz nerf, and the fact that nobody uses Guards. This deck performs surprisingly well against most beatdown decks. In fact, the only decks that will give you any real trouble will be Golem decks, a really cheap Hog cycle deck, and Spawner decks.


HogRiderCardHog Rider: One of the best win conditions in the game. He teeters on the edge of being way too powerful, yet if nerfed, will become utter garbage. The beauty of the Hog is that he is able to rush the enemy tower REALLY quickly, and this is what this deck focuses primarily on; sending out your Hog, defending until you can cycle back to your Hog, rinse and repeat. He’s pretty self explanatory, just be careful if he’s underleveled. If so, I suppose you could use Battle Ram, but just expect much lower damage coming from this slot.

Miner: Easily one of the better Legendaries in the game. He does really well in the first 30 seconds of the game. Typically, I would wait for the max elixir, send him in, counter their defenses, then send in my Hog. You’ll be alternating the order in which you send out the Hog and the Miner. It’s also important to switch up your Miner placements. Every 4 hits your Miner lands on the enemy tower means one less time your Hog Rider needs to hit it. However, just because he is usually used offensively doesn’t mean he’s not a good defensive card. In those rare situations that a Mega Knight is heading towards your tower and you can’t use any other ground troop, the Miner will get the job done.

One thing to note about the Miner is that his spawn time is considerably delayed the farther you place him from your King’s tower. To deploy Knight on the Bridge requires 2 seconds. One for the server to receive the command, and one for the Knight to load. A Miner takes a second for the server to load, and a little bit of time for him to travel where he needs to go, before he starts loading in the game. If a Bandit starts to charge towards your tower, save him the walk and plant him on the tower, it’ll prevent one or 2 hits and possibly push the Bandit onto your Miner.

Mega Minion: Mega Minion, the definition of a glass cannon. After his nerfs, it is important for players to understand this concept. If a Wizard and Mega Minion are dueling it out with no support from either side, Mega Minion will always win with very little health. If the Wizard is one level higher than the Mega Minion, the Wizard will survive. This applies only to the Musketeer and Wizard. His incredible damage allows him to counter most cards in the game. Just be sure to play him in range properly, so that he doesn’t waste any time trying to chase. A one-tile drop placement between a Mega Minion and a Wizard could mean all the difference in games.

Tombstone: One of the best buildings in the game besides Inferno and Mortar. After the recent bug fixes to the Mega Knight and Bandit charge features, Tombstone is now one of the best counters to them. There are 3 basic spots to place a tombstone in this deck. 1) The usual 4-3 plant against Giants and Golems. 2) 5-1 plant, to counter most troop targeting units. i.e. P.E.K.K.A., Mega Knight, Prince, Knight. 3) Universal 3-2 plant. This will pull ALL troops in the game, no matter if your opponent pig pushes or not. The Skeletons that spawn from the Tombstone are incredibly helpful,. 5 skeletons from a destroyed Tombstone can take out the Mega Knight with the help of both Arena Towers.

ZappoisonZap & Poison: Both relatively straight-forward, Zap takes care of most swarms, and Poison to finish off the tower or to chip in double-elixir. Zap to let your Hog get one extra hit. Use Poison on pumps, Fireballer Units, Spawners, and Weakened building. Conclude


ElectroWizardCardElectro Wizard: How far the mighty have fallen. By a couple of steps. Even after the nerf, I find that the E-wiz is still incredibly good, both on defense and offense. There have been multiple times that I’ve countered P.E.K.K.A. pushes with a Wizard using only a Mega Minion, Tombstone, and E- Wiz. Add a Miner to your counter push, and that tower is good as gone unless they have a Fireball. Again, since you’re probably reading this in Hog Mountain, you probably have the E-wiz. If not, you can substitute an Ice Spirit for it instead. One thing though, NEVER play your E-wiz in the middle of a group of enemies. The spawn zap is used for 2 things. 1) Killing Skarmy. 2) Buying time for your tower to finish off the level 6 Balloon your Level 8 opponent put against you. That’s it.

GuardsGuards: Never, has a card been so useful to me once I got it to level 5, excluding P.E.K.K.A. and Executioner. Guards are definitely one of the reasons why countering beat down decks aren’t that bad. They’re cheap, low-risk high-reward, and best of all, they pair VERY well with the Miner. A Miner Guard combo is very annoying to deal with. You can’t Fireball, Zap, or Log them. The only counter to this combo is Valk, but then its either the Miner, or the Guards. They straight up counter a bulk of ground cards in the game. Even Mega Knight and Hogs have a tough time with them, with the latter only landing at most 2 hits. However, they do have some short-comings. They are sturdy, but not that sturdy. The same with the Mega Minion, the distance you put them at can affect the entire sequence of events. I would also never waste my Guards on Skarmy. Their only purpose in this deck is to defend and then tank for the counter push, take care of support units, make positive trades, and distract heavy hitters. They do not deal a lot of damage. With all three of them, they only do around 300 DPS at Level 5, compared to the Skarmy’s 1400. Still, it is easy to dismiss them as being useless when they’re played by themselves. but pair them with an E-wiz or Miner, and they’ll be forced to take action.

Difficult MatchupsMatchups

Golem Decks: Most of this deck’s defense revolves around separating the Tank from the Support, Killing the Support, then counter attacking, all the while your Tombstone and Tower does work to the tank. Mega Knight? No problem. P.E.K.K.A.? Too easy. Giant? A bit more complicated, but definitely doable, though he’ll land one or two punches on your tower. Golem? His health makes it extremely difficult for 13 skeletons and 2 towers to kill. Plus his death damage undoes all of those Skeletons. Majority of Golem users have a pump. Do whatever it takes to destroy that Pump. By destroying their pump, the opponent is left in an awkward scenario. Either they have a Tank with too little elixir to support it, or they have a single support unit that you could easily counter. It is much easier to counter Golems in double-elixir though, as long as you keep enough elixir for an emergency tombstone.

Really Fast and Cheap Hog Cycle Decks

This will be your toughest matchup by far. Because they will often have their Hog ready before you will have a counter ready, you can often find yourself being slowly chipped out. If they take a tower, either accept defeat, or all-out push on the other side.


How to Counter Mega Knight:mega knight

It’s really quite easy, even if they have support units. I’ve went up against 3 or 4 opponents in Tournaments using Mega Knights, and they rarely get to my tower. Heres how to counter a lone MK.

  1. Tombstone in the 5-1 plant. He will leap onto the first Skeleton, then will be drawn into a cycle of killing the next Skeleton and waddling to the next.
  2. Plant down Mega Minion for the damage. If they have support, use the Mega Minion and Guards to take them out.
  3. If the MK destroys the Tombstone too soon, then plant down a Miner or E-Wiz to distract him. At this point, his health will be very low, making it unlikely your E-wiz will die.

How to Counter 3 MusketeersNight Witch Three Musketeers Deck

  1. TAKE THE PUMP. The instant they play the pump, they have an instant advantage over you. Take it out, this cannot be stressed if you expect to win against a 3 Musk deck using skill alone, and not the other player being terrible
  2. 3 Musks in one lane? Guards and E-wiz can take care of them. If you don’t have the E-wiz, then use an Ice Spirit to free them. Just quick drop the Guards, then IP.



E-wiz v Ice Spirit: Spirit is guaranteed to stop everything and is much cheaper, and offers greater trades, but E-wiz is better if you want to counter-attack.

Battle Ram v Hog: Using the Hog means one less defensive option, but guaranteed tower damage. Battle Ram can comfortably be used as a defensive unit without worrying about the timing.

Zap v Log: Everybody has Zap, but Log has better value against Princess decks. Unless you’re me and has level 13 zap that one shot literally EVERYTHING.



Well, this concludes my tutorial for this off meta deck. I don’t expect people to be fond of his deck, since it uses guards and only 1% of the CR player-base uses them. Good luck!