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Hog Exenado Rebirth (Got Me to 4K Club)


Hey guys! Supermarine here, and today I am showing you guys a Hog ExeNado deck that finally got me to 4K trophies!

This deck is solid on both offense and defense, with the capability to create deadly pushes and at the same time have massive push stopping power!

So, without further delay, we now get into the guide!

hog rider tornado

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale TornadoClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale fireballClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Inferno Tower

copy deck


  • Hard counters Hog Rider
  • Strong against Golem
  • Hard counters Siege
  • Has multiple tank killers


  • No swarm
  • Lots of high risk cards
  • Very little cheap cycle
  • Weak to Spell Bait

The Hog ExeNado Deck

Clash Royale Ice GolemIce Golem:

This savage hunk of ice is one of the most useful utility cards one can have, as it opens up opportunities for so many things!

It can allow you to kill Horde or Gang with Zap, and it also allows you to kite deadly troops away from the Arena Towers or win conditions.

He can even help you to preserve Zap by killing Bats or Skellies for you!

And the best part is, he only costs 2 Elixir!

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider

Isn’t it obvious?


Clash Royale ExecutionerExecutioner

This guy is a master of crowd control, and he is deadly when paired with you Ice Golem, Hog, and Tornado.

Capable of taking on any swarm or horde, he can take them all out with one throw!

Be careful though, as he is 5 Elixir.

If used poorly, your Arena Tower will pay for your error!

Clash Royale TornadoTornado: Quite self-explanatory really.

It’s used with Executioner for crowd control, and also moves troops to the King and away from the win conditions.

However, Tornado is also quite a high risk card as well.

If you screw up, you’ll be down 3 Elixir and in big time trouble!

Clash Royale Inferno TowerInferno Tower: Your tank killer.

Melts the likes of every tank, including Lava Hound, Balloon, Giant, Mega Knight, and more!

Don’t use it on mini tanks like Battle Ram though, otherwise you’ll just be wasting valuable Elixir.

Also watch out for reset cards, especially Lightning!

Clash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AMini P.E.K.K.A: This is what you should use on deadly threat cards such as Valkyrie, Elite Retards, and Battle Ram.

Even Giant, Mega Knight, and Magic Archer have issues against the Pancake Hero!

His high damage per hit allows you to shred through just about any mini tank, and can also be used as a emergency defense against Golem and other big tanks if the Inferno Tower is compromised.

However, sometimes you can use this guy on the counterpush as well after defending a push, and paired with Ice Golem, Hog, and Zap, you can create a really deadly push!

Clash Royale ZapZap: Very, very self explanatory.

Kills swarms and resets Infernos.

Also can be used to kill Goblin Gang, Goblins, and Minion Horde when paired with Ice Golem.

Clash Royale fireballFireball: Annnnnnnnnd… Fireball!

This is a great medium damage spell to have in Hog ExeNado because it absolutely annihilates glass cannons, preventing them from doing anything to pose a threat to your Tower.

Can also kill Minion Horde for a positive trade and Barbarians if paired with Zap.

Be careful, though! Like Executioner and Tornado, this card’s a risky one to play in some situations, and one misfire could cost you, on offense or on defense!


Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Knight

Clash Royale fireballClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Lightning

Clash Royale ZapClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale The Log

Clash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Goblin

Clash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Magical Archer

General Gameplay


Make sure you get some cheap Hog pushes in so that way your opponent won’t have the time or Elixir to attack properly.

If the opponent does manage to get in an attack, you have Tornado, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and Inferno Tower to help in defense.

Executioner also helps, and it is always recommended to start a counterpush with him during this time unless he is at low health.


This is when the Hog pushes go from normal to crazy.

Most should contain Executioner and Tornado to maximize the safety of the Hog.

Also be sure to save Mini P.E.K.K.A for defense, then make an Executioner+Hog Rider counterpush.

Use Zap and Fireball, or ExeNado on any swarms that need clearing.


Clash Royale GiantGiant: Easy matchup.

Just use Inferno Tower or Mini P.E.K.K.A. Use Zap to help divert support units away, then counterpush with the Hog.

Clash Royale GolemGolem: Easy matchup.

You have Fireball for their Pump, along with two tank killers.

If one is compromised (for example, Inferno Tower gets hit by Lightning), then use the other.

If you have a Hog in hand and they place Golem in the back, use this opportunity to take their Tower while they are depleted of Elixir.

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AP.E.K.K.A: Moderate matchup.

Unlike Giant and Golem, P.E.K.K.A Decks render your Mini P.E.K.K.A as useless against her.

This is why you should use Inferno Tower on the P.E.K.K.A, then use MP on the support or secondary win condition.

Use Tornado if necessary to move P.E.K.K.A away.

If they place her in the back and you have a Hog in hand, punish hard, similar to how you would punish a Golem user.

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound: Easy matchup.

Just use your Inferno Tower and Executioner.

If they place anything behind the Hound, then use Tornado to pull it in to the Executioner axe.

Also, if they have Lightning, Executioner won’t die to it!

Clash Royale Royal GiantRoyal Giant: Easy matchup.

Just use Inferno Tower.

Against Minion Horde, use Fireball or Executioner, and versus Ebarbs, use Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider: Easy matchup.

You have three hard counters to him in the form of Inferno Tower, MP, and Tornado, which is the best option versus Hog Lightning and other light pushes.

What could go wrong?

Clash Royale Three Musketeers3M: Easy matchup.

Use Fireball on the side with two.

Then use Ice Golem to distract the one, and use MP on any mini tanks.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard: Moderate matchup.

Use Ice Golem to distract all of the Skeletons, or use Executioner to kill them all.

Also, don’t worry about a Poison, your troops will survive.

If they use Freeze, be careful and don’t overcommit by Fireballing. Instead, use Zap+Ice Golem so you can save your Fireball for tougher troops.

Clash Royale X-BowSiege: Easy matchup.

Use Inferno Tower, Mini P.E.K.K.A or Hog (doing that is not advised).

Use Fireball or Ice Golem if necessary.

Clash Royale MinerMiner Poison: Moderate/hard matchup.

When Poison isn’t used, you don’t have any good Counters to Miner you can use without getting an Elixir disadvantage.

Miner+Poison pushes can easily be countered by Mini P.E.K.K.A, however.

Also be careful of any big tanks paired with Miner. In this case, do NOT use MP on the tank (use him on Miner) as this will allow Miner to get massive damage if you don’t counter the tank fast enough.

Clash Royale Goblin GangSpell Bait: Hard matchup.

Use Tornado or Zap on the Barrels, and Fireball everything else.

However, your main problem will be the Princess, as you can’t counter her without attaining an Elixir disadvantage, unless you use Tornado.

Also, if they fire their Rocket and you can’t properly punish, you’re in big trouble!

Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight: Easy matchup.

You should be able to treat the MK like a Giant and get away with it.

This means that you can use Inferno Tower on it without penalty, then use Ice Golem to distract support.

Use Mini P.E.K.K.A if the Inferno gets reset.

So that’s all for this amazing deck guide!

Leave a comment op if you guys enjoyed, or have some feedback you want to give me!

My new deck series (possibly a collab) is COMING SOON!


    • i would keep it because lighting has high hit radius which will allow you do kill clumped up troops easier plus it has better versatility rocket takes to long to hit and firebal does not do enough damage)

      • if you want to be even better against golem decks I’d say put poison because it has high radius

  1. Great guide , I used to play the exenado combo that pushed me to arena 10 then stoped playing it since my Exe is lvl 3 , will give it a try some time soon , thanks

  2. did i say a single golem? i said if u get enough damage on the king tower. I first respected you because you tried to make a intellectual conversation but now you ruined it. also calling someone a retard just ruins your point. makes u look like an asshole.

    • I already gave that question an answer way earlier. If you fear that, use the OP stab goblins, it’s there for you to use. Or even Knight, rumored to be the barbarians’ handsome cousin, anything. Don’t tell me after doing this your king tower will break, there’s troops to help you. They don’t have all the elixir to only spam golems. They need to defend your pushes too. Good luck.

      • Double charge nearly instantly kills it, even better when it targets dark princes shield, getting you the most negative trade possible for that archetype…

      • Either way, you’re not always gonna have those cards, the elixir or the fact that charge is gone doesn’t take much away.

      • Use Ice Golem + MP
        I-Golem tanks the hits from the charge attack and slows them while MP kills both for +3 elixir trade
        That’s how i think it will go anyway…….

      • was talking about INFERNO but ok, also that doesn’t happen sadly, the I-golem dies instantly and mp just has to target DP for the assault to continue.

      • Ice golem does not die instantly. I think it actually absorbs both hits with some health.

      • even so that’s plenty of time for the mini pekka to at least get rid of one of the princes

      • one of them-supposedly a dp because every double prince player knows dp should be infront, that leaves the main damage dealer, prince to stay alive.

  3. Don’t understand why inferno is here with exenado, you have a good defensive set up with exenado and mini pekka, instead of inferno, a cheap troop will be better IMO, with this deck you have to go on pressuring and control their offense so you don’t really need a inferno tower. Great guide tho

  4. It’ll probably get posted soon, I don’t have access to the guides so I don’t know where urs is in the long line of guides

  5. Ok, I like the guide but I’m really not feeling it in the matchups section. I really think those could be stronger. Stuff doesn’t just get countered if you put certain cards down. We need placements and strategy. Good job though.

  6. this deck will have trouble with Rocket_cycle.dek(s)
    you should know that your deck is a Hog deck, too, so consider a Hog deck as an easy match-up is stupid because any other hog decks will have many counters to your hog, too, while you can’t cycle fireball as fast as they can cycle their rocket

  7. No complaining please. Sorry to be rude but I posted three guides they never got posted and sorry if you posted like 10 or something

    • Not trying to be rude but I am a better cr player and my guides are a bit better. Will told me he would post it so I have a right to be a bit disappointed. Thanx for your unwanted opinion, tho.

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