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Hog Double Wizard – Incredible Off-meta Deck


Wassup Guys! It’s DabMaster2 here back at it again with another deck guide for you guys.

Today, I’ll be showing you the Hog Double Wiz Anti-Meta Deck. This is a solid deck which can easily counter the meat decks – Spell Bait, Giant Poison, etc.

This deck uses two wizards for splash damage and the barb hut as a defense because it has so much health and pressures opponents. Together, these cards make perfect shut downs of pushes.

Without further ado, here is my deck guide:

Hog Double Wizard

Hog Double Wizard Deck


Pros Cons
Counters the meta Weak to Bowler
Versatile offense Bad at comebacks
Constantly pressures opponents Takes some skill to use

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider – He is my favorite win condition because he charges fast at the tower, has good health, and good damage. You can pair him with any troop in this deck to strong push. Do a Hog push when your opponent has low elixir or has used their counters. Always have a Zap ready for a skeleton army.

Barbarian Hut – Why the Barbarian Hut? This isn’t being used much right now, but it has lots of potential. It has so much health, it can sHut down an incoming Hog and continue spawning barbarians. This building forces opponents to answer the incoming barbarians or deal with massive chip damage therefore pressuring opponents constantly and forcing them to spend elixir constantly.

Wizard – He is great on defense with his high splash damage and turns into a deadly counter-push afterwards. He really counters Zap bait decks because his high splash damage shreds through groups of low to mid-health troops. Try not to place him near your barb Hut because that will make perfect Fireball or Lightning.

Ice Wizard – IMO he is the best defensive troop. He slows down troops so much which lets your troops have more time to take down enemy tanks and such. On offense, he will slow down troops allowing your Hog more hits on the enemy tower.

Archers – These little ladies are strong support cards. They are just overall a great card to have in your deck. They can deal decent DPS on offense and defense and are a nice and cheap counter to many cards.

Ice Golem – A great mini-tank. Use him to distract and kite away enemy troops. When attacking, he will soak up tons of damage to protect your Hog Rider and other troops behind him. Due to his frost nova having a reduced range, he won’t be as good at taking down skeleton armies which is why the Wizards are behind to clean things up. Read more about the Ice Golem here.

Fireball – This should be self-explanatory. Use it to Use it to take out clusters of medium health troops for a positive elixir trade. One good tip to learn with the Fireball is this: Don’t use it until your opponent has their whole push or at least almost their whole push down. If your Fireball too early on a single troop, your opponent can clump up all his troops knowing that you have used up your Fireball.

Zap – Also self-explanatory. Just be smart when using it.


  • Hog Rider – none
  • Barbarian Hut – Inferno Tower
  • Wizard – Executioner
  • Ice Wizard – Mega Minion
  • Archers – Dart Goblin
  • Ice Golem – Knight, Miner
  • Fireball – Poison, Tornado
  • Zap – The Log

*Note: Not all the substitutions are as good as the original

General Gameplan

At the start (0:00 – 0:30), you will want to play slow and defend your opponent’s beginning attacks. Don’t overcommit especially now in the beginning because your opponent can easily punish you with a counter-push. Here are your beginning plays:

  • Archers at the back
  • Hog Rider at the bridge
  • Ice Golem at the back
  • Barb Hut at the middle
  • Wizard/Ice Wizard at the back

Once mid game arrives (0:31 – 1:59), you should know by now your opponent’s counters and win conditions. There are two different playstyles to use with this deck: Control Counter-Push and Double Lane Beatdown. I suggest you learn both to counter your opponent’s defense well.

  • Control Counter-Push – Use this playstyle if you facing against a heavy beatdown deck. Defend all their attacks then counter-push immediately with your remaining troops. This is a simple playstyle but one wrong move and you are toast.
  • Double Lane Beatdown – This playstyle takes a bit more skill to use. While your barbarians and other troops are going one lane, attack the other lane with a Hog Rider push. Your opponent must react very quickly to defend well. Also, use this strategy if your opponent constantly Fireballs your pushes. This will enable your troops on the other lane to not have Fireball damage. Learn more about double lane attacking here.

These are your main combos:

  • Hog + Ice Golem + any troop
  • Hog + Barbarians*
  • Hog + Wizard/Ice Wizard
  • Hog + Double Wizards + Ice Golem + Barbarians

*These are barbarians coming from the barb Hut

In double elixir, you are now able to make stronger attacks and attack more frequently. Always have a Barbarian Hut placed down for defense and to constantly pressure your opponent. Whenever you finish defending, Immediately counter-push. If you can reach the tower, you should be able to chip it away slowly, but surely. When you have, a big push going, try stacking up as many troops as possible if you know your opponent doesn’t have a Fireball in rotation. Otherwise, double lane attack him

Deck Matchups

Giant/Golem Lightning Decks – Always have a barb Hut down. It will provide amazing defensive capabilities if you have it up. Make sure you don’t have your Wizards placed in between the barb Hut and the tower because that will make good lightning spell for your opponent. Have a Fireball ready to decimate their support troops and immediately counter-push if you have the elixir left.

Bowler/Executioner Decks – This deck is slightly weak to bowlers and executioners. On defense, have an Ice Golem distracting the bowler or executioner while your troops are dealing with him or the enemy tank. On offense, split push to make sure they can use their bowler or execution to deal with all your troops at the same time.

Zap Bait Decks – This should be easy to play against. You have two Wizards to deal with incoming swarms. Remember to save your Zap spell specifically for the goblin barrel to avoid major chip damage.

Lavaloon – Have your Barbarian Hut down always to distract their Lava Hound and Balloon. With your two Wizards, the Ice Wizard will slow the troops down while the Wizard will splash on to every troop. Also, have your Archers just in case to help.

X-bow/Mortar Decks – The Barbarian Hut will be able to take the bulk of the damage from the x-bow. Use your Wizards and Hog Rider to take it down and counter-push. Some x-bow decks have the rocket though, so place your barb Hut away from the tower to avoid them both being hit at the same time.

Hog Decks – The barb Hut alone will take down the Hog easily. Don’t be afraid to take extra damage to it since it has a lot of health. Once again, counter-push his Hog pushes.

Final Words

This a solid deck which counter the meta well. Having a barb Hut and two Wizards can stop almost any push. With this deck having two different offensive plays, it makes this deck very versatile. Defend all your opponent’s attacks then counter-push. If you can defend your opponent’s pushes, you can win.

Don’t forget my 3 don’ts of Clash Royale: Don’t over commit, don’t waste elixir, and don’t get upset. If you follow the 3 Don’ts, it is one more step to becoming a better Clash Royale Player.

Have a Clashtastic Day!


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