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Hybrid Hog Rider Balloon Deck for Arena 8+


What’s up guys! Zigge back to teach you how to play another great deck! This is a Hog Balloon deck which is very strong and has extremely great synergy! This is also a ”hybrid” deck which means that you can completely switch playstyle if your opponent can counter one of your win conditions. This deck requires a Princess which can easily be substituted by other cards though. Let’s get into the deck!

Hog Rider Balloon Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale BalloonClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Tombstone
Clash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Zap

Hybrid Hog Rider Balloon Deck

Card Breakdown

Hog Rider – The main win condition of this deck if your opponent can counter your Balloon pushes. Use him with you Ice Golem or Spear Goblins to create small but deadly pushes. He can also be put in front of a Baby Dragon to a counterpush after a successful defense. This card can be replaced with Miner but it breaks the synergy a bit and makes this deck non-hybrid.

Balloon – Your main win condition of this deck if your opponent can counter your Hog Rider pushes. This deck is built around the Balloon more than the Hog Rider even though the deck was first a Hog Lightning deck. Anyways, we all know the hardest counter to the Balloon, like come on, it’s th Minion Horde! The Minions do such High DPS that they shred the Balloon in seconds so this deck is built around that. We have soooo many counter to the Minion Horde! Princess, Ice Golem, Baby Dragon and Zap. Choose two of those cards and the Horde is completely wiped out! The trick with the Balloon push is to place the Ice Golem at the river, then place the Balloon at the farthest tile from the middle, behind the stone, and then a Baby Dragon behind to push the Balloon giving it insane speed! The synergy in this push is absolutely insane! Say for example that the play a Minion Horde to counter, The Ice Golem will tank the damage from the Horde, the Baby dragon will burn down the Minion to half health and then the Ice Golems death damage will finish them! If the don’t play a Minion Horde, instead a Mega Minion to kill the Baby Dragon, the Ice Golem will tank tank the tower, the Mega Minion will take out the Baby Dragon, then chase the Balloon and the Balloon will reach the tower doing 931 damage (798 damage and 133 death damage) or more. This card can not be replaced due to the fact that it’s the core of the deck.

Ice Golem – One of the best and most versatile cards in the current Meta. With his 1,1k HP he’s a big tank for his cheap cost and works very well with the Hog Rider. He can also be put in front of Spear Goblins to create a low risk high reward push due to its cheap cost. But that’s just the offense! He’s one of the best defense units too, he can be used to kite your opponents units but also works as a sponge to tank them and then slow them all down! This card can not be replaced due to its cheap cost and tankiness.

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Tombstone – One of the best and most popular defensive cards in the game, use it against Giants, Golems and Hog Riders. Place it down immediately when you have it in the lane your opponent is attacking because it will prevent them from attacking that lane. This card can be replaced with almost any defensive building.

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Baby Dragon – Hands down the most underrated card in the game. None likes this card, right? Wrong! I personally love this card due to his splash damage ability, tankiness and fast move speed which makes him very good with the Hog Rider and Balloon. due to his flying ability, he’s an ideal choice for taking out those pesky Barbarians that counter your Hog Rider or that Skeleton Army. He is very hard for your opponent to take out on your side of the map, which makes him a very good cards defensively. This card can not be replace due to its unique ability to fly and do splash damage.

Princess – The best Legendary in my opinion. Use her against Minion Hordes and Skeleton Armys trying to decimate your tower. Place her in the opposite lane that you’re attacking to add some double lane pressure and make them play cards in the lane they don’t wanna play cards in. This card can be replaced without breaking the synergy! Replace her with Fire Spirits that are also very good with your Hog Rider and they’re good against Minions!

Spear Goblins – Also very underrated card but they’re actually very good to be honest! They can easily take out a Miner + Minion Horde combo with the help of a Zap for a positive Elixir trade, then kill the Miner and run to chip off 300 health on your opponents tower. Spear Goblins can, with the help of a Zap, Princess shot, Baby Dragon fireball or Ice Golem frost nova take out Minion in one shot! Place them behind a Hog Rider or Balloon push if you have some extra Elixir to spare. They also help cycle your deck and are a cheap counter to cards such as Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Mega Minion. I don’t recommend replacing this card due to their fast move speed which makes them very good on offense.

Zap – Come on, you know how to use this card, do I have to explain? No. Just use it with your other troops as it synergizes very well with them both on defense and offense. Great at taking out Spear Goblins and other cheap stuff. This card can be replaced with Arrows but we already have such good counters against Minion Horde so it’s not recommended.

General Gameplan

Play defensively until you know their counter to your Balloon. Play like any Hog deck and chip their tower with your Hog Rider and Ice Golem pushes. In 2x Elixir, go in for your big surprise push, Ice Golem + Balloon + Baby Dragon. And remember, never give up!

Is it okay to do the Balloon push in regular Elixir time?

Yes, it is if you know your opponents counters to your Balloon. Just beware of a big counterpush.

Is my main win condition the Hog Rider or the Balloon?

The main win condition is the Hog Rider, even though the Balloon usually take the tower it is the Hog Rider that is used to do the major damage. The Balloon is just the icing on the cake.

How do I play against other decks?

  • Lava Hound – Kite their Mega Minion with your Ice Golem and use Spear Goblins + Baby Dragon to kill the Hound. Then support your troops with a Hog Rider for a powerful counterpush.
  • Giant Lightning – Use your Tombstone against their Giant, your Ice Golem to distract the Bowler and Musketeer and your Baby Dragon to kill them.
  • Miner Graveyard – Just use your Ice Golem + Spear Goblins against their push. Play defensively, get the Elixir lead and make a big push they can’t stop.
  • Graveyard Freeze – Split your Ice Golem and Spear Goblins up to avoid getting frozen. Get the Elixir lead and make a big push they can’t stop.
  • Hog or Miner – Play defensively, save your Balloon and make a big push in 2x Elixir.
  • Three Musketeers – Hardest matchup. Play aggressively, don’t let them get down their Musketeers. Use your Hog Rider as win condition.
  • Golem – Just like play offensively like against Three Musketeers. Don’t let them get down their Golem. Balloon could be the win condition depending on their other cards.
  • X-Bow – Pretty easy matchup. Use Ice Golem + Balloon when they place down their X-Bow. Then use Hog Rider in the other lane.
  • Mortar – Play extremely aggressive and don’t let them play down their Mortar.
  • Royal Giant – Be careful and try to chip their tower. Read further to see how to counter Royal Giant + Minions.

How do I play against Mega Minion?

Either your play Hog Rider or you have Spear Goblins behind your Balloon push.

Starting Hand

Here are the order of cards you wanna start with;

  1. Princess, in the back
  2. Tombstone, 4-3 plant
  3. Spear Goblins, upfront to chip
  4. Hog Rider + Ice Golem/Spear Goblins
  5. Ice Golem in the back

Offensive Combos

Here are some nice offensive combos I use;

  • Hog Rider + Ice Golem, the main push
  • Ice Golem + Balloon + Baby Dragon, the backup push
  • Ice Golem + Spear Goblins, chip push
  • Hog + Spear Goblins, to pig push

Defensive Combos

Here are some nice defensive combos I use;

  • Tombstone + Spear Goblins, good against Giants, Hog Riders and Golems
  • Baby Dragon + Ice Golem, good against spawners
  • Princess + Ice Golem, good against Barbarians (Baby Dragon is a better choice though)
  • Tombstone + Baby Dragon, good against Royal Giant + Minions


  • Insanely great synergy
  • Is a hybrid deck
  • Uses only one Legendary


  • A bit weak to Mega Minion
  • Weak to Poison
  • Especially weak to Giant Poison

That’s it for my guide guys! Hope you have a good day, comment if you need any help or advice and peace out!


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