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Heal Draft Challenge – Best Tips on Getting 12 Wins!


The new special Heal Spell Draft Challenge is finally live in Clash Royale guys! Let’s open the game and get the chance to unlock your Heal Spell!

By joining the challenge, you will have a chance unlocking the new Heal Spell even before its official release.

Let’s take a closer look!

Heal Draft Challenge

Heal Draft Challenge Is Here!

Yay! Another special Draft Challenge is here and this time, the reward thresholds are much stricter!

As you can see in the screenshot above, like the previous special challenges, we will also have one time rewards in this Challenge:

  • 4 Wins = 2,500 Gold.
  • 6 Wins = 10 Healing Spell Cards.
  • 8 Wins = Giant Chest based on your current Arena.
  • 10 Wins = 25,000 Gold.
  • 12 Wins = 100 Healing Spell Cards.

Not only that, beside these one time rewards, you will still receive the Challenge rewards based on your wins.

Once you have unlocked the Heal Spell, you will have the chance of pulling it out from any chest. Yes, you will unlock it forever even before the official release.

Number of Wins Total Prize
Gold Cards
0 700 10
1 950 15
2 1250 25
3 1600 43
4 2000 65
5 2500 93
6 3100 125
7 3800 165
8 4650 210
9 5750 265
10 7100 335
11 8750 430
12 11000 550

The first entry is free and the next ones cost 100 Gems each.

By winning this Challenge just one time, you will be able to get your Healing Spell to level 6 (76 cards away from Tournament Standard).

To see some gameplays of this challenge, watch Yarn’s video:

Best Tips on Getting 12 Wins in Heal Draft Challenge

First, I strongly recommend you take a look at this article to see the best tips for Draft Challenge!

Based on the interactions in this page, here are some great ideas for you to succeed in this challenge.

  1. Don’t forget win condition and a building.  This is basically the most fundamental thing in Draft Challenge and everyone should follow these rules. You just can’t play without win condition and pray for the victory. Win condition + glass cannons are always better than glass cannons themselves. You also need a building to draw the Hog Rider away from the opponent’s Heal Spell..
  2. If you want to play with the Heal, pick it along with glass cannons for the best synergy. The Heal Spell could provide an insane value for your glass cannons.
  3. Try to get at least 1 heavy hitting spell in order to deal with glass cannons and Heal. Consider picking only Fireball with Zap, Arrows or Log to prevent the opponent from healing the damaged troops. Just make sure your spell/spell combo is strong enough to finish off troops in one move.
  4. Pick at least one of these cards If possible as they requires specifics counters which couldn’t appear in the battle. Except the Graveyard, the others would work pretty well with the Heal:
  5. When you have to pick one between a card and its counter, go for the counter (Obviously).

Tips shared by Jerrymouseisme

What combos will work well with the Heal Spell?

The Heal Spell is the brandnew kind of spell in Clash Royale, which heals troops instead of damages them. With only 3 Elixir, the spell could offer the insane value If played correctly.

The Heal Spell works extremely well with glass cannon, which have insane DPS and don’t die to some direct damage spells like Zap, Fireball, Poison, Arrows etc.

Try to pair the Heal Spell (If you have one) with these cards to make the most of it. These ones don’t die to Fireball/Zap/Poison immediately and you could to a ton of extra damage If couple them with the Heal Spell.

Some other cards which are also pretty great when get healed: Hog Rider, Musketeer, Electro Wizard, Mega Minion…

Please take a look at this post for more details: Best Cards to Play With Heal Spell

I will definitely test it with some Beatdown decks but seems like it would work extremely well with aggressive cycle decks (The Heal will give Hog Rider/Elite Barbarians 300 more HP to deal a lot more damage!)

Please share your opinions guys!


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