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Happy Birthday Clash Royale!


As you might already know, today, Friday March 2nd, Clash Royale turns 2 years old!

This year Anniversary Event has 2 special Challenges and some birthday gifts for all players!

happy birthday clash royale

Happy Birthday Clash Royale!

The Anniversary Challenge: From Mar 2 to Mar 5:

  1. Stage 1 – Retro Royale: Play with only cards released at soft launch on January 4th, 2016! More tips for this Challenge at here.
  2. Stage 2 – Modern Royale: Play with only cards released after January 4th, 2016!

anniversary challenge clash royale

Also, don’t forget to check out the shop to get these special offers:

Thanks for being with Clash Royale and CRA over the past 2 years.


  1. damn, i thought SC was gonna give us a free magical chest or something, but i guess not…

  2. well the rewards are underwhelming compared to last year’s. should I buy those boosts? or are they not worth it?

  3. hey i just saw on clashroyaledicas.com (yes i know portuguese) that we might get 2 free chests like the last time when we got 2 free magical chests but the image showed 2 LEGENDARY KINGS CHESTS… dont quote me though i cant be sure

    also 5th nobody claimed

  4. I’ve been playing CR for around 1,5 year and tbh I’m thinking about quitting because:
    1. I’m getting bored
    2. Stupid balancing
    3. OP/UP new cards
    4. Most of my friends have quit

    So yea
    HBD Clash Royale!

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