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Trophy Rushing vs Trophy Pushing – Handling the Season


Hello, c’est PeakCell! I’d like to talk with you about an important subject that people may not think about a lot, but may experience naturally: The choice of trophy pushing, or trophy rushing, and the general way people climb leagues during the season.

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You know guys, I’m kind of lazy. It might not seem like it when you read my guides but that’s just because I like to write things and talk CR strategy. But I am, overall, a very lazy person.

Why do I tell you that? That’s because we’ll talk about something I do very bad: Handling the season.

Please note that this post really aims for people who are aiming for a league and are reset at 4k trophies every season, having to climb back everytime. If you are not at 4k trophies this post will probably not be useful to you.

Keep in mind that you may or may not learn a lot from this article. I’ll expose the logical things behind the different climbing techniques, and I’ll talk about a technique that I’m sure some people already use, since we all have our way of climbing the ladder.

There are two general ways to handle a season:

  • Trophy pushing
  • Trophy rushing.

Very bored people might prefer a third one which is trophy dropping tho, but we won’t talk about that since what we want is to climb the ladder, and to be more accurate the leagues.

While trophy pushing is what a lot of people do by attacking and pushing their trophies up regularly, trophy rushing is what people do by waiting the last moment (when the climbing will be the easiest) to push their trophies to the best score possible.

I’m kind of a trophy rusher. Last season, I started playing the game again when the 2v2 mode returned, and made it to 4400 to rush 500 more trophies in the last season evening, which nobody should do because of some reasons we’ll talk about later.

This trophy rushing method only exists because we don’t have any obvious reward by playing ranked games during the season. It only makes the climbing annoying.

These two methods, while being very different, can actually be compared. First let’s see the pros and the cons of each, and then I’ll give you a method I don’t use by pure laziness but which should be way better to climb than these two.

Pros of each method:

Trophy Rushing:

  • If you attack at the end, you will play less. It’s the point of this strategy; the whole point is to play other kinds of game modes for the rest of the time and not be annoyed by the competitive aspect of the game for some time.
  • It also allows you to chain wins like if it was easy-mode. I’m talking about those people who have natural high ranks because of their skill/cards levels and will only get wins during the majority of their rush time.
  • It avoids people struggling all the season long to always be at their max level.
  • It can feel like attacking is useless during the season because we will most likely never reach our PB mid-season. Which is the main reason why some people just rush.
  • The first games will be a nice warm up, meaning that you’ll be warmed up for the entire rush.

Trophy Pushing:

  • Your final trophy level should be more representative, because you played a lot more games overall, and followed the general climbing of other people. Also, you won’t meet a lot of trophy rushers which is great for you.
  • This method avoids you throwing completely for some reasons we’ll talk about in the cons of the first technique.
  • You’ll have to give less effort at the end of the season.
  • You will maintain your skill level more easily by still practicing 1v1 games with your ladder deck.
  • You can take long pauses between your games when you feel like it.

Cons of each method:

Trophy Rushing:

  • Actually, it’s a big effort to give at the end of the season. A part of the rush could be easy, but the other could be really hard.
  • If you’re lazy like me, you could stop before finishing your rush or reaching your true level. Like, if you want to make it to the 5k trophies like me, you may want to stop at 4900 just because you’re in the matching league and you don’t really want to continue. That’s what I did:'(
  • Raging can completely mess your rush up. If you start feeling angry, your playstyle is gonna lose quality, and it will affect your other games because you are not taking pauses between your games like a trophy pusher does.
  • Your final trophy level might not be your real one: You didn’t play a lot during the season, and even if you did a long rush and were warmed up, a lot of things may have a role in your final level: If you’re bored or not, if you’re angry, if you had a number to reach and reached it..
  • Talking about warm-up: While a rusher will be warmed up during the majority of their games, they will not be TRAINED as a pusher who trained their deck all season long. Yeah, that’s two different things.
  • It’s almost off-subject but it’s also a cons, your laziness means you will fight unfair battles against 4k players who stand no chance against you. For some people, it’s even a sufficient reason to push and not rush.

Trophy Pushing:

  • The current system does not directly rewards you for pushing instead of rushing.
  • The climbing will be harder overall because you will most likely be matched against people of your level. You can also be matched against lower-endseason-ranks players (The more you climb, the more it is unlikely) or higher-endseason-ranks players (The more you climb, the more it is likely) which makes this difficulty.
  • While you’ll have the training required to keep your skill at it’s best, you won’t be warmed up in the beginning of your sessions.
  • Knowing you won’t reach your pb anyway isn’t a good way to get motivated.

Ok so now we compared the two. Or at least we saw each one’s advantages and flaws.

So, as promised, I’ll introduce you my technique-that-I-dont-use-by-pure-laziness.

Keep in mind, before reading it, that you probably ALREADY apply it, since everybody uses their own way of climbing.

I called it… Trophy Prushing.:’)

Actually, these methods are not bad, but we can see that they complete each other very well!

So this method, the “trophy prushing”, is just a mix between those two.

Ok so what is the best way to mix those ?

I’m sorry but there is just no way I could tell you what is the best way. It’s just too complicated for that to be made that simple!

Here is the trophy prushing technique I am talking about

  1. First step: Play 2v2 without playing ladder mode for the beginning. Really, playing ladder mode for a season long has almost no point.
  2. In the mid-season, begin playing each day. Try to get as many trophies as possible, while not forcing yourself too much. Since you have a lot of time left, you can do 3-4 games per day, it’s not a problem.
  3. When you’re on the last day, even if you’re pretty high, rush as much as possible: You approached your true best during the season, now you can more easily rush it.

So, why? What is this method that different? Let’s see its pros!

Prushing – The Pros

  • You’re waiting a mid-season time for the ladder max trophy levels to climb, meaning when you’ll begin to play you’ll be able to reach your pb easier, while not even waiting all the season long.
  • You’ll have the training of the trophy pushing and the warm-up of the trophy rushing.
  • The effort to give during the climbing is minimized because you will play less days and the ladder trophy level will be pretty high when you’ll play again. Also, the effort to give during the rush is minimized because you have way less trophies to rush.
  • Your rush should not be very long so you will not totally mess it up by raging or being lazy.
  • You see the things: This method is clearly better than these other two.

If you didn’t already do that, I’d recommend you try this and tell me how it goes. I’ll personnally only play during the last week I think, too lazy to follow my advices.

See you in the arena;




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