Top 20 Tips for Getting to Legendary Arena

Hello everyone! It’s You Won! here, and I want to make a guide on getting out of Arena 10 because so many people are there.

I would like to note that I have climbed out of Arena 10 into Arena 11 as a Level 9 (and Arena 10 as a level 8 but that’s not the focus) before, with tournament standard leveled and below cards. I used Lava Loon.

legendary arena

Best Tips for Getting to Legendary Arena

This is the deck I used to get out of Arena 10 as a level 9:

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale BalloonClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale Skeleton Army
Clash Royale MinionsClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Rocket

Some people don’t have a Lava Hound, and some people don’t like the play style. That’s ok, because I’m going to give general tips on how to get out of Arena 10 in the current meta.

Tip 1: Always keep at least one or two swarm cards in your deck.

No one likes that one guy with the Level 13 Royal Giant and Level 12 Elite Barbs.

That’s ok though, because swarm cards will melt Royal Giant and distract Elite Barbarians.

Tip 2: Use a building

Royal Giant is a huge issue, but other decks can be a royal pain as well.

My favorite building to use is Tombstone, due to its versatility against so many things as well as its pressuring power, but Inferno Tower is a great choice for Arena 10.

Tip 3: Don’t Ragequit

Arena 10 is full of people who throw matches if they waste too much elixir taking down a tower.

For example, if an opponent places a Royal Giant and Elite Barbs and you lost a tower and you have 10 elixir, just put a quick Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, or another swarm to kill all of it and split push the other lane.

There’s no need to ever rage quit because there are many instances where you can get a clutch win at the last second.

Tip 4: Mute the enemy

If you get rage easily, mute any enemy you come across.

This way you can avoid the ol Elite Barbarians bmer that expects an easy win/rage quit.

If however, you’re like me, just laugh when someone tries to BM you, you don’t need to mute the enemy. You be the judge.

Tip 5: Have a win condition

For some reason, people are able to get into Arena 10 with no win condition and just overleveled cards.

In my opinion, this is awful for both players because they don’t know how to play and it’s frustrating to go against one of these players.

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale GolemClash Royale MinerClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale Mega Knight

Keep in mind that if they have no win condition stalling for a win can be very beneficial because they can’t take down your tower easily, but also remember that taking down their tower can be harder because they may have more defense.

Tip 6: Use a good deck!

Synergies are very useful.

That’s because in Clash Royale (and many other aspects of life), some parts can add together and become very oppressive.

One great example is Elite Barbs + Zap. While this can be easily outplayed, to someone who relies on using Skeleton Army it can be very disheartening to play against one of these people. 1+1=3!

Tip 7: Do not change decks often

You may see a person ranked in the top 100 playing this super awesome deck, so you copy it. Then you realize that the rares used in that deck have a level of 3.

Don’t always switch because you’ll run out of gold eventually.

Also, switching decks uproots any knowledge of a previous deck because it may not be applicable to the new deck you are playing.

Tip 8: Remember the aggro distance

Keep in mind that Ice Golem can kite PEKKA or Mega Knight if placed close to the river on the other side of the arena right across the middle, a hog can be pulled into both arena towers if you place it 4 tiles away from your crown tower on the other side of the middle.

Remember that that applies to big building targeters too.

For the big ones, 3 tiles away from the crown tower is sufficient.


Tip 9: Don’t use awful cards

Unless your Bomb Tower is over leveled, don’t use it. It’s not going to do too well because of how little application it has as a low damaging splash tower that, more importantly, costs 5 elixir, when an Inferno Tower is generally more useful against Beatdown decks.

Tesla is an awkward child because it is basically an air targeting Cannon that can be spell resistant. Most of the time however, Tesla’s spell resistance isn’t going to be useful anyway.

Tip 10: Learn the meta

Just because you shouldn’t change your deck often doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check what others are using!

Remember when almost every deck had Elite Barbarians? That’s because it was powerful. Therefore, you should always plan to play around any potential meta cards.

Tip 11: Don’t overextend

You’ve got a nice push going.

Don’t always overshove it just to have someone send a single rocket and gain a +23 elixir trade.

Keep in mind that not only are big pushes easy to shut down with a high damaging spell, but also that they are prone to split/counter pushes.

Tip 12: Don’t wait forever

Sometimes people will have a great starting card and hold it because they either saw the tip: “Sometimes holding a card is the best play to make!” or they saw a pro match where both players held their cards for like a minute before someone placed something down.

What most people will not realize is that people only should hold cards if they have a hand full of counters that are invaluable and cannot be wasted, or they have no good starting investment cards and so have to wait for the opponent to make the first move.

In that scenario, wasting elixir is better than having less than 10 elixir available to defend a specific lane. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should rush.

Tip 13: Don’t use your first 5 Elixir to drop a Giant at the back

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Say you have elixir pump. That does NOT mean you should instantly place it down, because then they may respond with Bandit, Elite Barbarians, or Graveyard.

Typically, you should wait until 10 elixir before placing anything down.

There are some decks that will sometimes put down something at the bridge, so keep in mind that you should still be ready, you just shouldn’t place it down yet.

Tip 14: Stop going for 3 Crowns

There’s sudden death, and you want to see if you should get 3 crowns or 2 crowns.

My answer? If you really want to climb, go for 2.

The Princess tower has so much less health than the Crown Tower and also gets much better damage assistance with the Crown tower that it’s usually not worth going for 3 crowns for one extra crown towards a crown chest. 2v2 is permanent folks!

Tip 15: Get better Wifi

If you keep seeing the screen freeze with that infuriating red Wifi disconnect symbol, you should probably find more consistent Wifi because even a second of Wifi disconnect can cost you a game.

Tip 16: Join a (good) clan

Join a clan that is active and has a lot of donations. Clan chests and requesting cards goes a very long way in helping you level up cards and gaining gold. Not only that, but many clans will have helpful advice to give to players that may be struggling.

Tip 17: Don’t play if you’re on a losing streak

Tilt is a thing, and if you’re tilted over a game, stop playing and take a break.

Being tilted leads to impulsive decisions like dropping a Minion Horde at bridge as soon as game starts. Instead, play a different, lower risk, more casual game. I recommend Puzzles and Dragons for a relaxing game that’s still fun to play because there’s almost no risk. Anything that you miss can come back up in a week, while in Clash Royale, if you lose some trophies, you can’t wait to get them back. You have to earn them.

Tip 18: Don’t upgrade everything

Upgrading everything means levels are distributed. That means that you can’t focus on a single deck and make it more powerful.

That also means that you’ll just be a weaker player in general.

Tip 19: Don’t upgrade nothing

Just because you’re pressured into being Arena 11 before level 10 doesn’t mean you have to. Upgrading things is a way to make sure you get a boost in gameplay.

It’s like if you play against someone with tournament level standard cards, but you get an extra level on everything. That will give you the upper hand and make climbing much easier.

Tip 20: Relax

Clash Royale is a comparatively casual game.

It could be just me, but I play Clash Royale so casually that I’ll sometimes give people free wins above 4k trophies because why not.

I play games like Vainglory, League of Legends, and other more stressful games that make Clash Royale look like an easy casual fun game that also rewards skillful play and management. That is why I enjoy Clash Royale. That’s also how I haven’t left a match except for when I needed to go, my Wifi cut and there’s no chance at destroying 3 Golems at once, etc.