Clash Royale Clone Spell – Tips and Strategies

The Clone Spell is the new Clash Royale card, which is going to be added into the game next 2 days (December 10th). Let’s take a closer look guys. I am going to show you everything about this card!

Clash Royale Clone Spell

Clash Royale Clone Spell


  • The Clash Royale Clone Spell is unlockable from the Arena 8 (Frozen Peak).
  • This spell clones troops, as stated by its name.
  • Cloned units don’t have spawn time. They last forever but they have only 1 HP.
  • You can cast the Clone Spell anywhere on the map. It doesn’t clone the enemy units.
  • It doesn’t clone spells and buildings.
LevelCloned Common LevelCloned Rare LevelCloned Epic LevelCloned Legendary Level

Best Cards to use with the Clone Spells

The best cards you will want to use with the Clone Spells would be Lava Hound, Giant Skeleton, Witch, Minions/Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Hog/Balloon, Princess, Guards and Dark Prince!

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  • While being cloned, the unit will stop moving, attacking… Everything will be suspended. Princes, Sparky and Inferno Dragon charge will be reset so think twice before using Clone Spell on your cards!
  • Clone Witch can spawn Skeletons. Those Skeletons deal full damage but have only 1 HP.
  • The Clone Spell always pull the real unit to the left side and the clone one to the right side. This happens anywhere on the map. You will want to remember this in order to prevent your clone unit from being hit by the enemy first.
  • Clone Spell is excellent at helping your troops bypass buildings. You can use this trick with almost any troop targeting buildings! Take a look at the GIF below for more details!

  • When your unit is frozened, clone it and the clone unit won’t be Frozened!
  • If you have only 1 Minion left from the Minion Horde, the spell can clone only 1 Minion.
  • Ice Golem is probably the Clone spell’s worst enemy. Its death damage removes all clones nearby.
  • If you use the Clone Spells 2 times on a unit (Mirror the Clone), it will only duplicate the real unit. Mirror the real unit then use the Clone Spell on them!
  • Clone Dark Prince and Guards’ shields have only 1 HP.
  • Using Clone on Lava Hound is also a very nice idea. Once the Lava Hound is locked on the Tower, clone it! The clone unit have only 1 HP, meaning it will die pretty fast, splitting into Lava Pups while the real Lava Hound is still soaking damage.



Watch Yarn’s video below for more details!

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What do you think about the Clone spell guys? Will you buy the 10 card stack? Please share your opinions about it!