The Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale (Updated)

Hello my friends, today I am going to show you everything about Legendary cards in Clash Royale. You will easily see the best use of them as well as which one is the best for your current deck. This deck is very useful If you are about to buy one from the Shop.

best legendary clash royale

Choose the best Legendary Card for your deck!

Before talking about our Legendary cards, here is some basic tips for you:

  • Don’t try to switch decks and build decks because of the Legendary you want to use. Instead, buy the one which fits your deck well. For example, If you are very good at using Royal Giant, it’s better to wait and buy either Princess, Ice Wizard or Lumberjack than to buy the Lava Hound. But, anyway, sometimes it’s totally worth it to build the whole new deck based on a Legendary card. For example, If you really love the high risk high reward Sparky deck, build a deck about her. It’s all up to you.
  • What is the Legendary which fits your archetype best?
  • How many Legendary cards do you really need? Remember that the more Legendary cards you have, the harder it will be to improve your deck level.
  • Think twice before purchasing the Legendary card. Don’t spend 40,000 Gold for the Legendary which shows up first If you don’t really know how it fits your deck.
  • There are 2 main ways to save for a Legendary. First, If you are able to buy Gem, get the 2,000 Gem Pack, which immediately gives you 40k Gold and 500 more Gems. The second one is to save Gold by donating cards and opening chests.
    It usually takes up to 3 weeks to save 40,000k Gold, but this is truly not a big deal at all because personally I still enjoy the game without Legendary cards. Take a look at here to see more about the second way!

The Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Now, let’s move to the main part of the article. The list below orders all the Legendary cards in Clash Royale from the worst one to the best one in term of purchase and variable.

Before I start, I must say that ranking the Legendary cards is harder than it used to be (Courtesy: Sparky buff). Supercell has commendably increased the standard of the balance changes from nerfing cards to oblivion and buffing to domination to creating a balanced meta.

Right now, each legendary card can fit perfectly into one role, one deck and become really powerful in it. Example: Lumberjack in Golem Beatdown decks.

Mostly, I have ranked the cards based on their versatility, skill cap and over-all place in the meta after the update.


  1. These are my personal opinion so they might differ from you. Don’t feel bad if your favorite legendary is at a lower spot.
  2. A card at a lower spot doesn’t mean it’s bad. IMO all cards in the game are good (except for those few like the Rage which don’t need skill). So, if you practice, you can win battles and mostly the cards at the top are there because how easy to use and versatile they are and how OP they can be.
  3. The release of new cards may affect the list as per their interaction with the legendary cards.

Clash Royale Lava Hound

#13 – Lava Hound

The cancer is almost dead. LavaLoon, the deck type which once ruled the game is probably at its lowest stage right now.

Lava Hound isn’t really a good card in the game right now.

The reason I rank it at the bottom is firstly because it is a Win-condition/ Tank so that the deck needs to be built around it. But Lava Hound isn’t really a threatening card.

What I mean is that it really doesn’t do much damage on its own and the pups that spawn after its death can in fact be countered pretty easily. You definitely need another win-condition to use with it.

However, at the moment, the only Win-conditions that synergise well with Lava Hound are Balloon and Miner. There aren’t really any other good combos to use and even LavaMiner isn’t that threatening.

The deadliest Lava Hound combo i.e. LavaLoon struggles in this meta. The Lightning nerf (Lightning was a major card in LavaLoon decks) and the rise of Tesla after a buff (a great counter) have really created a tough situation. Not to mention a bit fast paced decks prevalent at the moment.

Clash Royale Lumberjack

#12 – Lumberjack

Lumberjack had a really sad story.

Right when it was gaining popularity, the most OP card ever to be released i.e. the Night Witch replaced him in almost every spot and then followed the Mini Pekka buff which really created a tough situation for LJ.

However, the nerfing of NW and the balancing of meta, LJ finally found its place as a staple in Golem Decks.

He is a great threat card with its insane attack speed, good damage and its deadly after-death rage. You want to kill him quickly but that rage that follows is a scary, overall making LJ a perfect card in the Golem deck.

He can devastate towers, defences and troops behind the Golem but killing it will unleash the rage making an almost impossible to stop push stronger.

However, other than Golem decks, LJ doesn’t really have a good place anywhere else in truth, Giant beatdown and Hog control are one of the few other good combos with LJ.

Clash Royale Sparky

#11 – Sparky

For all Sparky lovers (especially my friend SparkyIsLife), you got the buff you were waiting for! Congrats!!

Sparky finally moved from the bottom-most tier to a good card in the game.

However, IMO Sparky is now usable and good for an average player. For other people, it is still not a good choice unless they really want to master it.

What I mean is there are some great Sparky decks out there, but for a casual player they are kinda hard to play, requiring practice.

In short, Sparky is a high skill-cap card just like X-bow, where it is not a card used by many people, but those who use it absolutely wreck others most of the time.

The new 4s charge speed makes her a bit more threatening and while the damage reduction didn’t really do much except that it can’t one shot another equal It level Sparky and now needs to 3 shot (Instead of 2 shot) an equivalent level Princess Tower.

Main point with Sparky is that it should be used on defense more than offense.

Clash Royale Night Witch

#10 – Night Witch

Night Witch was the most OP card to ever be released in the history of Clash Royale.

However, right now she seems a bit underpowered. From an all-round versatile card, she is now only quite strong in beatdown decks and to some extent in control decks.

She seems rather squishy too me and the bat spawn isn’t really threating unless you she stays on the map for a long time which is almost impossible due to splash and swarms being popular.

She is a great addition to Giant and Golem and arguably to Lava Hound decks as the Bats can accumulate to great numbers behind these tanks provided she is alive for long time.

She synergise rather well with LJ as together they deal lot of damage and after death, LJ’s rage makes NW and her bats pretty deadly.

Personally, I would like a Damage Increase and a bit faster Bat Spawn Speed so that she becomes threating again as people have acquainted to counter her.

Clash Royale Ice Wizard

#9 – Ice Wizard

This chill-caster from north has seen better times. Yet right now, he has a good place than he had a few months ago.

The Ice Wizard buff in last to last balance changes quickly made him shoot to no.3 legendary spot where people started trying him out and had success but soon it was visible that eWiz clearly over-shadowed it.

Ice Wizard, regardless of the meta, is and will be one of the strongest defensive troops in the game. His slow down effect really cripples pushes for such a cheap cost. And he has a bit high HP than other troops who perform similar roles for similar elixir cost.

He is a good addition in Control decks (as a defensive wall) and Siege decks (cheap and effective swarm clearer) but doesn’t make the cut in Beatdown decks which focus on troops with high dmg and tower crushing ability where iWiz deals pretty low damage.

I personally would suggest bringing his old HP back where it was a complete defensive wall resistant to spells.

Clash Royale Inferno Dragon

#8 – Inferno Dragon

This card has been on a great rise.

His popularity has increased by a great amount. And to be honest this card is pretty balanced now.

He is great at killing tanks especially if you are able to distract/kill the support.

The problem is that it can’t kill fast medium HP win conditions (like Hog Rider and Battle Ram) and Siege win conditions unless you use a Mini Tank to distract the building while ID is doing his work.

A main point to consider is that like Sparky, this card is better on defense than on offense.

However, this meta has many tanks and ID is not a great choice in many decks unless you prefer the distracting ability and more tanky Inferno Tower with no counter-push/ offensive ability.

Clash Royale Miner


#7 – Miner

Miner is one of the few cards that can be good in almost any meta, find their place in lot of places.

Miner has the unique ability to pop-up anywhere in the arena and deal chip damage, making him one of the best chip card in the game.

A pretty versatile card, he can be used as a Control and Spell bait win-condition to Pseudo win-condition in Beatdown as well as Siege decks.

Great for taking care of Princess, Glass Cannons, Pumps and Spawners on opponent’s side of the map. Poison is his best friend and provide a good ability. Use him with Pekka, Giant, Hog, Battle Ram, Lava Hound, Mortar.

You can play him in a fast, lone cycle form along with Poison or couple it with Battle Ram and Hog Rider as well as Bandit to make a Control-chip decks. He is also strong in 3M pump swarm decks as it can act as a tank for the Muskets and the high DPS swarms.

Like said above, he is good in Beatdown-Control hybrids when played with P.E.K.K.A. and Lava Hound and not only Giant.

All of this makes Miner one of the most balanced cards in the game.

Clash Royale Graveyard

#6 – Graveyard

The Graveyard rework has made it almost perfect. Easier to counter, yet it does damage more consistently.

From being too OP for a long time to being surprisingly under-powered, GY is finally balanced.

GY can be used either as a cycle card where your aim is to continuously do small GY mini pushes to keep chipping or as an opportunist card, that is waiting for an opening and striking hard.

Great in control decks where it can be used in both ways (even simultaneously in one deck) or in Beatdown decks where it is used in the opportunist way.

Should be used in combo with spells like Poison, Fireball or Freeze to guarantee a lot of damage. Use it with Knight, Ice Golem in cycle mode, Bowler, Baby Dragon etc. in opportunist mode (Splashyard for e.g.) or with Giant (other tanks are expensive to use more effectively with GY) Control-Beatdown hybrid.

Clash Royale Princess

#5 – Princess

This gal is a pretty balanced card and versatile.

She has the longest range of any troop in the game making her a great defensive option.

She is pretty strong in Spell-bait archetype acting as Log, Arrow, Fireball and Poison bait as well as making a great swarm clearer and chip damager.

Other than that, she is a great choice in Hog chip-cycle decks as well as in Mortar decks.

Other support troops outclass her in Beatdown archetype due to their higher health and due to their higher DPS in clearing out tanky defences like Barbarians.

In fact, she is lowest HP splash damaging troop other than both Spirits. A great choice in the current fast paced meta where you can actually place down 3 princesses on the map.

Clash Royale Bandit

#4  – Bandit

The Bandit ‘fix’ that took place along with the Update wasn’t actually a buff or a nerf but its effect may have been a nerf to Bandit as well.

Bandit’s dash ability made her really strong and she could have like chain of dashing and can be pretty hard to defend.

Bandit however after the fix doesn’t have these chains of dashes which make her a lot easier to handle. This doesn’t really make her weak but she is well balanced now and has finally become the card Supercell actually wanted her to be, a fast and powerful glass cannon, kinda a pseudo win-condition.

Bandit’s strength is of course her dash ability which comes with invulnerability. She can dash really quickly to ground troops within 4-6 tiles while being invulnerable i.e. immune to ALL kind of attacks. Using this ability to its maximum potential is key.

Bandit can be used in Control decks, Cycle decks as well as Beatdown decks making her a versatile card to use.

Clash Royale The Log

#3 – The Log

The Log is one is probably the most used Legendary card in the game (including both Ladder mode and Tournament mode).

The Log is a spell that can give insane amount of value for 2 elixir.

It can kill ground swarms easily over a wide range, take care of Goblin Barrels, Princesses, Dart Goblins as well as can be used as finished off troops.

Due to its long range, it can chip the tower (96 dmg at Tournament Standards) every time you place it at the bridge which I feel is great trade. Over the long match, you can chip of tower so many times!

Not to mention its push back effect. This simple effect can make troops retarget which can change the entire result of the trade!

However, right now in the meta, Bats are too popular and cards like Inferno Dragon and Sparky which need stun effect to reset are seeing a good amount of usage, Zap seems a better choice. That is why The Log is only at #3.

Clash Royale Mega Knight

#2 – Mega Knight

Mega Knight is a strong card in the game at the moment.

He received the same ‘fix’ as the Bandit, however, because he deals splash damage, it doesn’t really affect him much.

Why is he strong?

He has the most special attributes than any card in the game. He has 3300 HP at Tournament Standards, deals ground splash damage, deals deadly spawn damage and has jump damage! Damn! That’s too much.

He takes 3 hits to kill Musketeer, Wizard, Witch, Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, Barbarians while only 1 hit after Jump/Spawn damage. He takes 1 extra hit to kill Night Witch and Bandit due to their slightly higher HP.

Now, one thing to remember before using him is that he isn’t a beatdown tank. That’s right. He isn’t a great tank for beatdown decks. The reason is that it is not a Slow moving troop, rather its speed is Medium…like that of a Valkyrie. Also, due to his Jump, he can quickly move forward leaving the support behind.

All of this makes the MK beatdown pushes weak.

So in order to use it well, use it with Fast troops like Hog and Bandit as they can keep up with the Jumps of MK. Thus, MK is kinda a Control Tank.

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

#1 – Electro Wizard

This card is defending his #1 spot since a long time now. He gets minor nerfs but nothing could stop him from being strong.

The damage nerf only toned him down a bit so that cards like Musketeer may be a better choice as a Glass cannon where you really wanna focus on damage rather than utility.

Sparky and ID being popular, eWiz helps a lot as you have the Stun (Zap ability) without using Zap so that you can add The Log for those annoying Goblin Barrels.

As I mentioned in my earlier lists, eWiz can decently defend against the other legendary cards along with the help of Crown Tower to varying extent.

Great glass cannon, great support, spawn damage, forked attacked, stun effect, ability to survive Fireball…what more can you ask for 4 elixir.

Clash Royale Legendary Card Rankings (Updated)

  1. Electro Wizard
  2. Mega Knight
  3. The Log
  4. Bandit
  5. Princess
  6. Graveyard
  7. Miner
  8. Inferno Dragon
  9. Ice Wizard
  10. Night Witch
  11. Sparky
  12. Lumberjack
  13. Lava Hound

That’s all folks!

Hope you guy enjoyed the guide! I would like to thank Lolman, Zigge, Nitrome95, RohanReigns and Dark Knight as well as many other people who voted on CRA discord on helping me finalize the list.

Please share your personal opinions in the comments section below!