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Graveyard Tornado – First Grand Champion’s Deck


Hey guys Lolman here with another deck guide. I’m surprised not many have decided to make a guide for this deck because it is a very, very strong deck.

I did not make this deck, it was made by Vikthor, who was featured in Clash with Ash’s channel. You can take a look at the video below!

Graveyard Tonado – First Grand Champion’s Deck

This deck is super solid, it’s somewhat of a cycle deck but it can also play as a sorta beatdownish deck where you build up a deathball push and then Graveyard. It’s very solid and super defensive as well.

Featuring; Bowler, Baby Dragon, Knight, Tornado, E-Wiz and all this without carrying a staple for many decks… The Log.

Yes you heard it right, this deck works this well and that’s even though it has no Log, in fact it has no real direct counters to cards like Goblin Barrel, so this deck requires a decent amount of skill to play.

Now initially the deck had Mega Minion but currently it’s been changed into E-Wiz to address a weakness which is the Inferno Tower, but if you don’t have it feel free to stick to Mega minion because as proven by Vikthor, who was the first to break 6000 that deck works as well.

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Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale KnightClash Royale Baby Dragon

Cards Breakdown

Graveyard-  Main win condition and damage dealer. Learn about the placements and whatnot of this great card right here – https://clashroyalearena.com//guides/grave-guide

Bowler- Main defensive card as well as one of the few tanks for the Graveyard. Starting off, a Bowler in the back is usually a good move, unlike some decks where people rely on the Bowler vs e-barbs etc. This deck has many answers to rush pushes like this, but there are times you want to save the Bowler. Ie- If opponent has 3 muskets and you want to be safe on the side with 2 muskets.

Knight- This can be changed for Ice Golem, I tested both and found Knight to be more versatile but Ice Golem is better for quick pushes. You can save 4 Elixir for Poison a lot faster as well. Weighing all pros and cons I believe Knight is better but that’s something you have to try out and see for yourself.

Electro Wizard- Possible subs for this legendary -> Mega minion or Musketeer. This is your main answer to Inferno Tower, Sparky, Inferno Dragon etc. Some cards this deck will most likely suffer against other-wise. Save this card if you have to address something that requires zapping.

Baby Dragon- Baby Dragon is very versatile, it’s able to defend well and most importantly like a Balloon as it can pass over the river from the edge, it can bypass an Inferno Tower which is I believe 4 tiles from the Arena Tower and 3-4 tiles from the river. In this image, the second Inferno was placed late but ideally an Inferno should be placed one more tile towards the unit to pull it.

Inferno not pulling Baby Dragon

This comes in handy in getting some extra damage in your pushes, especially if a Knight or Bowler is tanking for the Baby Dragon, even if the Graveyard itself somehow is tanking, this can cost the Tower over 1000 damage.

Tornado- Counters Hog, your initial counter for a Goblin Barrel and also an offensive move where you will clump your opponents defensive troops, allowing your Bowler and Baby Dragon to go to town on. This is also what you will rely on to make sure that the Balloon won’t hit your Tower when facing Lava-Balloon. Take a look at here for everything you want to know about Tornado!

Poison- You ideally want to pair this card up with your Graveyard but if you see  any value situations where you could Poison, feel free to do so. Try not to pre-emptively place this if your opponent constantly uses a Knight to counter Graveyard etc. In this situation you can tornade the Knight to the front of the Tower and away from Skeles etc.

Skeletons- Main cycle card, these can be placed in front of tank so Inferno has to melt 4 Skeles before targetting the tank, this helps quite a bit, and also split skeles to cycle as a start move is also a good idea. Skeletons counter Musketeer, Wizard, Mini P.E.K.K.A. This card is one you can use to gain Elixir advantages as well.

General Gameplay

Early game (3:00- 2:00)

So typically you want to start out with a slow push. Gauging out your opponents counters.

A Bowler in the back is perfect. I would avoid playing a Baby Dragon or something of that sort because opposite lane quick pushes ie- Ice Golem + Graveyard are quite common.

So keeping that in mind, knowing you want Poison on offense you should typically save either the Knight or Baby Dragon on defense depending on what deck you are facing.

Vs bait or Hog decks, Tornado is the key. Use it to get your king Tower active and with king Tower active even a Knight can end up killing a lone Goblin Barrel mitigating the damage. So activating king Tower if possible should be an early game goal.

Try and get a Graveyard in, this is not always possible and feel out your opponents counters.

Feel free to drop the Graveyard if you are not behind in Elixir and have a tank with decent health crossing the bridge.

Mid game (2:00- 1:00)

Like most decks you now know your opponents cycle and you need to figure out how to counter them.

Valk on Graveyard? Tornado in offense is key to pull it out and aggro her onto your tank if it’s a Bowler or Knight.

Minion Horde? Skarmy? Poison. Etc. If the troops don’t die to Poison, typically Tornado is what you need to do, letting the doots build up and hit the Tower.

Even if this isn’t successful, having a Bowler, Baby Dragon etc means that there will almost always be no more troops to counterpush with.

Late game  (60 seconds- OT)

Around now feel free to cycle Knight + Graveyard thus attempting to outcycle counters if you are not a Tower up. This and cycling Poisons is also a smart idea to whittle away at the Tower. This should be done if your Graveyard isn’t too successful and spell cycling and occasional bowl, Knight swing and Baby Dragon hit is what you have to rely on to win.

Overall this is a very solid deck. Inferno Tower is a bit of a pain but good thing is, it doesn’t change a whole lot as your win condition is the Graveyard. Now onto a few possible match-ups.
graveyard bowler chart

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Image created by the Great Will xD


Lavaloon- Okay. Looking at this deck, with just E-Wiz and Baby Dragon it might not seem like much but a well placed E-Wiz can stun Balloon and Lavahound while the Baby Dragon will splash both, if this is not the case you can simply tornade them together as most smart Lavaloon players will space the two out if they realize splash is how you plan on killing the troops.

Tornado is very important and don’t misplay it.

Typically Lavahound decks will rely on Minions, Goblin Gang, Skarmy or Tombstone vs your Graveyard. These can be dealt with Poison so Tornado on offense isn’t that important.

Royal Giant- Now this deck lacks DPS. Vs Royal Giant you need to save your Electro Wizard.

Taking a little time to kill an RG isn’t too bad as long as your troops stay alive and that lets you have time to build Elixir.

What I mean is, if you defend with E-Wiz and Knight and opponent kills the two troops then you are down by a massive amount, etc.

This is a difficult match-up, which is why people at the top are cool using this deck. So my advice to you is, try and not give value and aim to take a Tower asap and then move onto the second Tower not letting your opponent even that playing field by taking yours. Before you take or damage their other Tower.

This being said you can always build up troops and defend like hell, Tornadoing the Royal Giant out of range while your troops destroy it.

Typical Beatdown decks- Bowler + Baby Dragon and Tornado is key in defense while you have the Knight for troops like Musketeers or wizards in the back.

Use Tornado wisely in this match-up.

Spell bait or hot- Tornado, Bowler, E-Wiz, Baby Dragon. All three deal with these well.

Tornado the first Goblin Barrel, Hog etc to the Tower. E-Wiz and Baby Dragon can take the Goblin Gang or Skarmy. Poison on offense usually takes down whatever defenses your opponent has.

With this match-up, avoid a Bowler in the back until you’re sure your opponent has no Rocket, otherwise in tourney standard you are giving them 493 damage for 1 Elixir. Though it won’t kill Bower it is as god as dead.


I think I covered most of what this deck is about, refer to the video to get a more in depth look into how it should be played but if you choose to go with the meta variation with E-Wiz it will be a bit different. I had a lot of fun playing this deck and I do hope you guys have success playing with it as well.

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