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How to get 12 Wins in Grand Challenges – 7 Proven Tips For You!


What’s up guys, it’s Corrosive Logic here with my ultimate guide on getting 12 Wins in Grand Challenges!

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How to get 12 Wins in Grand Challenges


It’s come to my attention that Grand Challenge have gotten more difficult, and many players can’t seem to be able to scrape up a 6 win in a Grand Challenge.

I think that the increased difficulty in GC’s is due to the fact that a lot more people played them when they first came out, but only the better, more competitive gemmers are playing them now; I mean my first 12 win GC happened when I had only 3700 trophies, that’s how easy it used to be!

I consider Grand Challenge to be the most entertaining aspect of the game, so I’ve played quite an amount of them!

From all my playing of GC’s, I’ve learnt the best ways to go increase your chances of getting 12 wins.

The following guide is for any player hoping to increase their Grand Challenge win rate, regardless of whether you can currently already get 8 win in GC, or whether you can only get 3 wins in GC, it applies to everyone.

I’m by no means the best player out there, but I can consistently get 9+ wins in GC, and I get 12 wins on about 25% of my GC attempts, which is pretty good in my humble opinion.

So I’ve learnt how to perform better in GC’s, the hard way… but since I’m a nice guy I’m going to share some useful tips to elevate your GC game!

Now let’s get into it.

Tip 1: Picking a Deck

Of course, how could you possibly play a Grand Challenge while you’re still being indecisive on the deck you should use?

While there’s a few players out there that can get all the gems they want from their daddy (or their own wallet), most of us average players have to make the most out of the few, meagre gems that we get from that birthday gift card. Because of this, it’s crucial that we pick a solid deck to use in a Grand Challenge to maximize our success rate.

Usually I pick the deck under a few criteria.

  1. Firstly, I always pick the deck off someone who has already gotten 12 wins (clanmate, Youtube, Twitter, Clash Royale Arena etc).
  2. Then, I want to know how many 12 wins they have gotten with this deck, because it could have just been simply luck! Getting multiple 12 wins also shows the deck’s consistency.
  3. Then, I think about how good this player is. The worse the player is, the better, as it shows that the deck is probably better and easier to use; I mean if someone like Marcel P gets 12 wins with some weird deck….is the deck good? Or is it just because Marcel P is amazing?

Also, you have to take note and pick your deck according to the meta.

Ground breaking successful decks spread like wildfire, so when a deck starts to work really well in GC’s, it will travel all around the place and everyone is going to start playing it.

The competitive GC meta also changes quickly, back and forth, with no pattern. I mean, at one point of the day I could play 7/10 games against graveyard cycle, then later that evening play no games against GY cycle. It’s constantly changing.

If you play one GC and notice a particular trend, perhaps you could another GC immediately after, with a counter deck to the GC meta?

Just do it!

Tip 2: Master your deck!

This is something that I have only learnt recently.

As a Youtuber, I try to get 12 wins with as many different decks as possible, it wouldn’t be beneficial to my viewers if I post the exact same deck over and over again, no matter how many Grand Challenge I win with it!

However, although it is beneficial for my viewers, it’s extremely detrimental to my Grand Challenge win rate.

It had only lead me to picking up random decks that people got 12 wins with, then playing and losing the GC since I hadn’t mastered it.

Just because it’s the best deck in the world, doesn’t mean you’re going to get 12 wins in a GC with it.

It was also a waste of gems for me, so I ended up learning that you have to master a deck before you bring it into a GC.

Get ready to master your deck!

In bracket tourneys, you might have to change your deck after every game. In in-game tournaments, there’s a good chance you should change your deck because anyone who’s in the tournament can see it. However, in a GC, you play one, single, deck… as best you can.

When I play a deck that I’m good at, it isn’t a surprise when I can get multiple 12 win Grand Challenge in a row.

So, to master your deck, you’ve got to practice it with good clanmates, tournaments, and Classic Challenges. Once you are extremely comfortable with it, understand its mechanics, know how to play against every matchup with it, and make little to no mistakes, then you can play a Grand Challenge with it!

For your information, I also made a video where I basically explain this guide verbally with gameplay in the background, for those of you too lazy to read it all!

Tip 3: Playing in an Ideal Environment

This is very important.

I have lost SO MANY games due to bad internet connection, or perhaps my little brother poking at my phone screen.

Before you play a Grand Challenge, make sure that you are in a comfortable, quiet place, with no distractions; not on the bus to school or when you’re waiting in line for food.

If you are at work don’t be sneaking a quick GC game only for your boss to catch you, then fire you. Forcing you to lose you and your family’s only source of income, causing you to be unable to pay your mortgage, and be unable to put food on the table. Worst of all, you won’t be able to buy anymore gems.

Similarly, as a kid, don’t be playing the night before exams, when you should be studying.  You don’t want your parents storming in only to see you shoving your phone in your pocket. Not only will this clearly cause you to lose the game, you don’t want your parents assuming you were doing….other things.

Playing in a relaxing environment also (quite obviously) helps you to focus 100% on the game. Haters call it tryharding, but concentrating at your maximum level actually helps enormously and it is definitely noticeable in your GC winrate.

Don’t play CR with bad internet connection

Another thing relating to your ideal environment, is playing with game sound effects on.

Playing with game sounds on, alerts you to things happening in the game.

For example, you could be busy defending your opponent’s push and not see your opponents Miner coming, but with sound effects on you can hear the digging sounds when the Miner is deployed.

Not only will this allow you to visually relax, it will save your ass in those super close matches.

Tip 4: Playing while Mentally Stable and Physically Healthy (DON’T TILT)

Closely linked to playing in a safe environment, this is possibly exaggerating it a little bit…. but if you want to make good use of those precious gems, you need to perform at your best.

Playing while angry, or ‘tilted’ is damaging to your health and your performance.

If you find yourself angry and impatient, put the phone down, and take a LONG break.

Don’t play when you are not okay!

I could find myself going 2-2 early in a GC, and becoming insanely mad. However I can take a break, come back and perhaps finish the GC at 9-3, which is better than finishing it at 2-3.

The same applies to your physical wellbeing.

If you are sick with the flu, you will be tired and your brain won’t function at the same level as usual, it will be more difficult to concentrate on your game and your reactions might be slower, more sluggish. Also, you don’t want to have a sudden burst of coughing or sneezing as you’re about to place the game winning rocket down.

Tip 5: Playing at Less Competitive Times of the Day – Or Year

I noticed that playing at different times of the day had an impact on the level of players I faced.

In my opinion, although I’m European, USA probably has the largest clash royale player base, and ultimately the largest number of competitive players. So, playing at a time when lots of other USA players will also be playing, will mean that you probably play a higher standard of players.

I find that playing early morning (around 11 am GMT i.e. 6 am EST), typically gives me a lower standard of GC players.

You can play around at different times and see for yourself what you think.

Not only does player standard vary at different times of the day, it varies at different times of the week, or perhaps when an event is on.

When there’s a massive event on, e.g. bracket play of CCGS, a lot of good players are so focused on these tournaments that they won’t farm GC’s and instead they practice with clanmates.

A precarious time for playing challenges is when a new card comes out that is game changing e.g. Night Witch. For the first couple of days all sorts of Night Witch decks were popping up and getting 12 wins in a GC could be either very easy or very hard, but the meta was all over the place so nothing you used could have been consistent. This could be your chance to rack up some 12 wins, or your chance to save your gems for another time, depending on the situation.

This isn’t just limited to in game events, perhaps something in the real world is happening that’s attracting the attention of everyone between the ages of 15-20 (which in my opinion is what most of the competitive player base consists of), which could possibly make Grand Challenge a lot easier.

These are very general suggestions and thoughts, that probably aren’t extremely useful, but some of it definitely factors into GC’s… just something for you to be aware of that’s all.

Tip 6: Be Realistic

Are you a 3500-trophy player, who can’t get 12 wins in Classic Challenges?

Look, I’m not going to lie, there’s no magic deck or magic advice out there that will get you to 12 wins.

Unless you have mastered one deck and you have extremely low card levels at your trophy range, chances are, you won’t be extremely skillful or experienced.

You’ve got to be realistic, I know Classic Challenges are so much more boring than Grand Challenge, but getting 12 wins in classic is much more productive than getting only 3-4 wins in GC.

Keep practicing, get more experienced, and only when you are getting 12 wins in classic 9/10 times should you even think about diving into Grand Challenge.

Tip 7: Avoid the Common Myths

There’s a couple of myths I would like to address.

Myth 1 – “Pick a well-rounded deck that’s overall decent against everything and doesn’t get hard countered.”

First of all, there is NO deck, that doesn’t have a hard counter.

Secondly, playing a deck that covers defensively against all archetypes probably means the deck doesn’t have any particular strong points.

You need your deck to be able to hard counter as many meta decks as you can.

For example, for those of you who have seen my P.E.K.K.A Hog deck, I played it a lot when Golem and Giant Graveyard were all over Grand Challenge. However right now it seems that 3 Musketeers is everywhere, so I switch to playing Graveyard Cycle. Don’t try and play a deck that’s supposedly good against everything, play a deck that works really well against the most common deck archetypes!

Myth 2 – “Don’t play Siege because you can’t go for the draw in a 6-minute game”

It’s true that Siege decks have a slight edge on ladder because you can always go for the draw in a 4-minute game.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play it at tournament standards, because if you’ve mastered it, you’ll win with it.

ThatOneGuy, is a player that you might heard of, who won 50 Grand Challenge in a row using Xbow (Insanely!)!

Myth 3 – “Switch decks every time you lose a game”

I personally don’t like it when people say this, however there are some exceptions to when you should switch decks.

If you’re going to grind some Grand Challenges, try your best to do it with only one deck.

This is because your entire mindset will be based on the deck, its cards and its strategy. After a couple of GC games you might even find yourself not having to concentrate as hard, having known the deck like the back of your hand.

So, if you play with one deck, you WILL play better.

However, if you find yourself playing a lot of the same hard countering decks, then you can either A: Take a break and play at a different time or B: Play a different deck (make sure you are actually good with this deck!).


I hope you enjoyed this guide! This writeup is mostly for mediocre players trying to get a few extra wins in Grand Challenge, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them below!

Bonus Tip:

There’s a top quality YouTube channel with 12 win decks, tips, and breakdowns out there, can’t exactly remember the name, I think it was like Corrosive Logic or something (wink 😉).

All joking aside, let me give you a very important tip on improving your game.

Repeat after me – “I lost because I made mistakes, not because my opponent has a bullshit hard counter deck or higher card levels.”

Yes, deck matchups play a big part in deciding the outcome of a game, however there’s always something that you could have done better in every game you play.

By reviewing these replays and understanding the tiny details of your mistakes, you can quickly improve both as a person and as a player, setting foot on the path to your enlightenment…in the arena…

(But seriously, check out my channel 😉).


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