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GoLoon Deck for Arena 9+


Hey Guys and Gals, Ninja X from X-Squad (#LQQPGOR) here, with a deck that got me to 4000 trophies.

This deck can have an Elixir Collector instead of the Ice Wizard, but due to the current Meta state, Ice Wizard performs better. I call this deck the Elite Golaloon. It also performs spectacularly in challenges and tournaments, with several 12 win Classics. It is a surprise deck, you can play three modes. Balloon Deck, without using Golem once! Elite Golem and the maxed out deck: Elite Golaloon.

This is my first deck so if I forget anything sorry.

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale BalloonClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale elixir collector
Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Zap

GoLoon Strategy for Arena 9+

Cards Breakdown


The main card in the deck. The Golem is basically a buffed up Lava Hound on the Ground. His death damage kills Skeletons and Minions but Minions are not usually in range of the death damage, since the death damage radius is quite small. The same radius as a Rocket. After the Golem pops, a Zap is sufficient to retarget the Tower from the Balloon onto the Golemites again.

Elite Barbarians

The optional win condition. Two ways to play the Elite Barbarian’s with the Golem. Split pushing with Ice Golem on one lane and the Golaloon on the other lane. Or just pack everything onto one lane. Usually I only do that if they Fireball my Pump. Ice Golem and Balloon on one lane and Elite Barbarians hovering Zap works too.


The other optional win condition. Seriously, this is an amazing. Hope I haven’t created the Meta. Tournament standard Balloon, level 4 does 1070 damage if it reaches the tower. Do you really expect a Balloon to appear alongside a Golem? Neither does my opponents it seems. Actually Synergies. Place Balloon the tile behind the rock at the bridge. (Trainer Camp).

Elixir Collector

The Banker of the deck. Want to make an absurd profit over the opponent and maintain your lead, after you Zap their Horde? Elixir Collector. Every 9.8 seconds the Collector generates one Elixir. The best place to put it is in front of the King Tower, aligned with the Arena Towers. It keeps the Miner from getting a massive advantage. However, if they have Fireball or Log, and don’t have a Miner; behind the Arena Tower in the King Tower’s corner is the best move. If they Fireball your Collector it is a positive Elixir Trade. Plant your Golem. Elite Barbarians. Goodbye.

Replacement: Ice Wizard

Meta Minion

Meta Minion for a reason. Unfireballable. Can one shot an Archer. Such a versatile card. Good against Hound, Loon, etc…


Recently rated by Ash as one of the best common cards. Ice Golem + Minions will shred Elite Barbarians.  Tanked by an Ice Golem, they will take a tower unhindered. More damage output than a Mega Minion.

Ice Golem

My favorite card. 2 Elixir. 1100 Health!? Frost Nova + Zap = Minion takedown. Level 7 Frost Nova will kill Level 9 Skeletons. A Frost Nova is the death damage + 35% slowdown that the Ice Golem does when it dies. So many applications to use it. The Ice Golem targets buildings so you can pull troops. OJ Vid here.


Need not explain. 0.5 Stun. 176 Damage, 68 Crown Tower Damage. Air + Ground. 2.5 Radius.


Elixir Pump Strategy

Once you reach 9.5 elixir, Place the Elixir Collector in the starting position. (In front of the King Tower, aligned with the Arena Towers).

You might get rushed with Elite Barbs + Ice Golem, or just the EB’s sent in alone. Never fear.

  • If you have Elite Barbs, as soon as you have the Elixir, Place your EB’s on your opponents.
  • If you don’t have the Elite Barbs, there is a ≈ 71% chance that you have an Ice Golem. Then place the Mega, EB’s or Minions.
  • On the unfortunate chance that they rush you and you don’t have either, and say your Ice Golem and EB’s are the last in your rotation, Minions do more damage than Mega Minion. Then Meta Minion.

If you don’t have Elixir Pump, but it is your next card, it is worth cycling Ice Golem or MM to Pump up. Aggressive pumps win battles.

The main goal of this deck is to get a massive Elixir advantage, then push. Standard beatdown tactics.

The push of the game will be Golem, Elite Barbarians, Balloon, Mega Minion, with Ice Golem, Minions on the other lane. (Optional) I usually abandon the latter to hover zap on my main push.

Main Strategy with Ice Wizard

4 starting moves when you are at 9.5 Elixir: Golem, Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Ice Wizard at the back.

If  you don’t have any of those cards, rush with Elite Barbarians + Zap.

If you place Golem, there is a chance that they will rush you with EB’s. Place Minions or Mega Minion, or if you have 4.5 by the time the rush, your own EB’s will do. If they put pressure on the other lane, I strongly recommend either of these things; Ignore the push and concentrate on the attack, defend but place Ice Wiz behind the Golem, and keep Zap for Minions.

The main goal of this deck is to get a massive Elixir advantage, then push. Standard beatdown tactics. The push of the game will be Golem, Elite Barbarians, Balloon, Mega Minion and  Ice Wiz, with Ice Golem, Minions on the other lane. (Optional) I usually abandon the latter to hover zap on my main push. Minions, Ice Golem, EB’s and Mega will be your main defenses.



Good Lavalooners will jam the Balloon right next to the Lava Hound, then Minion it. It’s tricky defending will minimal damage, but a Mega two tiles from the rock will target the Loon.  Ice Golem to protect the Mega from the other mega that is literally going to spawn unless he has already deployed it. Minions 3 tiles from the rock will target the Loon as well. Then counter attack.


Mega Minion for the hog, Ice Golem to sponge the support troops.

Remember, that Pump is giving you an Elixir advantage. Then commence standard attack.

Elite Golem

You will probably have more Elixir than your opponent, but draw the Barbs with your Ice Golem, but make sure that the Ice Golem will head towards the EB’s. Then counter with your own EB’s. The EB’s will then shred the Golem, but if they Fireball, Minions will do the job.  If you can Golem, but most likely you will not be able to, so a Balloon will pressure the opponent, now dry.


In conclusion, this is a very powerful deck, and gives you a wide variety of arrangements to suit your playstyle. Enjoy.

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