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Golem Rocket Night Witch Beatdown



This is ToasterStrudel back with a very powerful, off-meta Golem deck! Today I’ll be sharing a Golem Rocket Beatdown deck that will surely surprise your opponents. This is a GREAT ladder deck with a lot of versatility as well as a 12 win Challenge deck! Like all other beatdown decks, you have to constantly pump up in order to create that humongous Elixir advantage that allows you to overrun your opponents! This is a very expensive 4.5 deck that also is a bit harder to play than standard Golem decks. You have to be fine with either losing a tower or having a badly damaged tower before the Double-Elixir period. If you aren’t comfortable with this, this deck may not be the best for you.


The Golem is by far the beefiest tank in the game! He is my favorite card and soaks a ton of damage. It is very slow allowing to build up for a strong push. He is very expensive, but for the cost, it’s definitely worth it. Although very powerful, he is very vulnerable to high DPS buildings such as the Cannon, and Inferno Tower. Being very expensive, you should never start with it because you are open to counterpushes. He can also be used to do a TON of damage if left alone on the Tower.

NightWitchCardNight Witch:
The Night Witch is probably my favorite Legendary in the game. She is very powerful and has the ability to spawn Bat babies! She is very slow but packs a punch. Behind a big tank like the Golem, the Golem will tank allowing her to build up a swarm of Bats. For four Elixir, she provides a ton of offensive and defensive value. Even though she has gotten nerfed, she is still able to provide enough value to be used. She can be used defensively or used for offense allowing her chip with her Bats.

Rocket. Oh, the Rocket. The Rocket is very useful but can be used in the wrong way a ton (Chief Pat). It is a high DPS spell that provides a ton of value against buildings and pushes. It can be used to deny the Elixir Collector and prevent the opponent from building up a strong push. Also, because this deck has no stun in it, you can use it to destroy Inferno Towers. The Rocket can also be used to destroy huts and spawners to prevent constant pressure. While building a push, if your opponents stack troops around the Tower, you can Rocket for a positive Elixir trade. (Kudos to Orange Juice)

These green guys are awesome and can do pretty much anything. They are very good utility troops that provide a ton of DPS. They are very underrated in current meta and are very good at doing most everything. They provide pressure that the opponent has to respond to, while also providing a good distraction to big, slow cards like the Mega Knight and P.E.K.K.A. They can also take out a slew of cards like the Wizard, Princess, Witch, and tons more!

Arrows are the cheap, light hitting spell in this deck. I chose Arrows over Zap because Arrows can kill swarms such as the Minion Horde and Skeleton Army in one hit. It can provide a ton of value and works very well in this deck. Plus, my Arrows are a higher level. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Elixr CollectorElixir Collector:
The Elixir Collector is solely in this deck to allow for a big Elixir advantage. Plus, in a 4.5 deck, it’s almost mandatory to have one. For six Elixir, its one of the most valuable cards in the game and can provide a ton of value in the late game or overtime. With a deck like this, you pretty much have to defend this with your life.

Mega-MinionMega Minion:
The Mega Minion is by far the most valuable troop in the game for three Elixir. It is very powerful and pairs very well with all Beatdown decks. It is hard hitting, has a bit of life, and doesn’t die to a Fireball. It’s high DPS can be used to take out hard-hitting air troops like the Balloon, Lava Hound, and Inferno Dragon. Plus, it looks super cool.

InfernoDragonCardThumInferno Dragon:
I really like the Inferno Dragon because it provides a to of value against big tanks. It SHUTS THEM DOWN. I think its pretty underrated and deserves some credit. Also, behind a Golem, it provides a ton of value because if the opponent puts down something to shut down your push like the P.E.K.K.A or the Mega Knight, the Inferno Dragon will just MELT them. I can not emphasize how much value this guy has on the field when he locks onto an Arena Tower. The tank tanks and the Inferno Dragon spanks! It can also be used to kill smaller tanks such as the Knight or Valkyrie.



  • Night Witch:
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A




  • Spear Goblins
  • Fire Spirits
  • Skeletons
  • Ice Spirit


  • Zap
  • The Log

Elixir Collector:


Mega Minion:

  • Minions
  • Archers
  • Bats
  • Goblins Gang

Inferno Dragon:



So, the first thing I would do would to pump up. Pumping up is extremely important with this deck. Pump aggressively in order to maintain a good Elixir advantage. You would need to find out what deck you’re opponent is playing in order to have success in the Arena. I will give you some examples. But, the number one thing in this deck is to use your Elixir Collector and pump up constantly. Otherwise, you won’t have the Elixir to start big pushes before the Double-Elixir period. This deck does pretty well against all decks in the meta as well as some other off-meta decks. This deck should be played like all other Beatdown decks in the way that you pump up constantly, hope to god that your opponent doesn’t have a Rocket or Lightning, and overrun them in Double-Elixir.

Some Examples:


Play defensively, and when your opponent pumps up, pump up as well. You don’t want them to create a large Elixir advantage while you have none. If they are running Giant, they are most likely to have a splasher (Witch, Wizard, Mega Knight) or a high DPS troop (Elite Barbarians, Mega Minion). This bodes disaster if you don’t have the right cards. For the Splash + Giant, you ideally want to Inferno Dragon the Giant while you have your Mega Minion or Night Witch take out the backend support troops. If they are running high DPS + Giant, you would probably want to Inferno Dragon the Giant and Rocket the support. For Golem and P.E.K.K.A, you would want to play the same as Giant.


This is the archetype that this deck struggles against the MOST. Usually, a Control player will have a very cheap deck ranging from about 2:5-3.5 Elixir. Compared to this 4.5 deck, they can cycle to another Hog Rider before your Golem can even say “doof.” Usually in a Control deck, they will also have Elite Barbarians. These suckers are your WORST NIGHTMARES when you pump up. Why you may ask? Since Elite Barbs are usually overleveled, they can just punish you SO very hard for pumping up. Usually if you know they have Elite Barbs in their deck, try and bait them out before pumping up. That way, you know they can’t punish as hard. They will usually pair their Hog with an Ice Golem, Valkyrie or Ice Spirit, so try and separate your defending troops (Night Witch, Mega Minion, Goblins) so they don’t get frozen or slashed to death.


Play defensively, and try to deny the card that the opponent uses to take out your pump. For example, if he has a Rocket or Lightning in hand, try and bait the spell using something else. Or, if the opponent has Miner or Goblin Barrel, use you Arrows for the Goblin Barrel, and Goblins for their Miner. A good Chip player will always limit your Elixir income. Try to squeeze out as many pumps as possible without dying. They will usually have Inferno Tower, so if in cycle, use your Rocket to kill it. Inferno Tower has become a LOT more viable in the meta since the Lightning nerf, so be on your toes.


This archetype takes a lot of skill to play in my opinion, so this will be a tough matchup. What you want to do save your Arrows for the Minion Horde exclusively because that does the most damage. Use your Goblins to defend the Goblin Barrel for a positive Elixir trade. Use your Mega Minion to take out the Princess, and use your Inferno Dragon to take out their inevitable tank (Knight, Valkyrie, Ice Golem, Miner). They will probably also have a high DPS spell to finish off your Tower in the late game. Try and pump up when their spell is out of cycle to acquire an Elixir gain. Also, if they try to get rid of the Pump using Goblin Barrel, just use your Goblins. Also, since Bait doesn’t have many elements that can take out a heavy tank like the Golem, they WILL have Inferno Tower, so Rocket that as needed. Usually, when you play Bait, it well ends up in a win for you, but just stay on your toes because this can be a very tricky matchup.


This is considered the dirtiest out of all the archetypes, but it’s usually a free win for you. Their win condition is the X-Bow or Mortar which both do a ton of damage if left alone. But, Siege is actually quite hard to play. They will have a quick cycle and a cheap deck that will outcycle yours. When you play your Elixir Collector, chances are they will just play an X-Bow or Mortar down the other lane.
Use your Rocket to take out the X-Bow or Mortar to prevent damage. But they will also have quick cycle cards like the Knight and Archers. Use your Mega Minion to take those out. They possibly will also have the Inferno Tower. Use your Rocket on that instead because the X-Bow does less damage that the Inferno Tower, making that a smarter decision. Usually, if you play your cards right (No pun intended), you will win. But, if your opponent out skills you, you’re in for a rough ride.

Knight Princess Barrel Bait Deck:

• Play normally for the most part
• Pump up they almost ALWAYS have Rocket, try and get at least one Elixir from the Collector before it dies
• ALWAYS Rocket the Inferno Tower (Or any building)
• Save Arrows for the Goblin Barrel
• Use Inferno Dragon for Knight

P.E.K.K.A Lightning Hog:

• Use Inferno Dragon exclusively for the P.E.K.K.A
• Play a bit more defensive
• Save Night Witch or Goblins for the Hog Rider
• Use the Elixir Collector and try to profit at least one Elixir (Level 4 Lightning still allows for one Elixir profit against a Level 7 Collector)

Miner Poison:

• PUMP UP!!!
• Put the Elixir Collector in front of the King Tower to minimize hits from the Miner.
• Try and build up a big push before they kill your pump
• If they have Inferno Tower, Rocket it
• Use the Goblins to defend against Miner

Golem Baby-D Night Witch:

• Pump up constantly
• When they send a Golem, plant your Inferno Dragon behind the King Tower to meet the Golem at the bridge
• Use your Night Witch to counter their Night Witch
• Use the Mega Minion to take out the Baby Dragon
• Rocket their pump when they Lightning your pump

Any Hog Rider Deck:

• Play VERY defensively
• Hog Rider decks will ALWAYS outcycle you. Be prepared to take a lot of damage or lose a whole tower
• Defend using Goblins or Night Witch

LavaLoon Lightning:

• Very easy matchup
• Use Inferno Dragon to defend Lava Hound
• Use Mega Minion to defend Balloon, or in a pinch, use Rocket
• Use the Elixir Collector and try to profit at least one Elixir (Level 4 Lightning still allows for one Elixir profit against a Level 7 Collector)

Battle Ram 3 Musk Minion Horde:

• Difficult matchup if your opponent plays well
• Only use your Rocket against Three Musketeers
• Use your Goblins to defend against the Battle Ram
• Use Arrows to deal with other swarms (Minion Horde, Goblin Gang)


In my opinion:

  1. Out of 10
  2. Offense: 9.5/10
  3. Defense: 6.5/10
  4. Cycle Ability: 4/10
  5. Difficulty: 7.5/10
  6. Synergies: 7/10


General gameplan

In general, this deck is very well rounded in my opinion. It does well against all meta decks and is a good ladder deck. It struggles a bit against quick cycle decks such as Hog Cycle, and Zap Bait. It is a modified version of the original Golem, Night Witch, Rocket Beatdown deck. Hope you enjoy this deck as much as I do! I made this deck based off of the fact that I wanted a deck that could do both. Defend and have a decent offense. Thank you so much for reading this deck guide, and I hope it does the job for you!

See you in the Arena,