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Golem Nightwitch Beatdown for insane trophy and crown farming!


Golem Nightwitch Beatdown for insane trophy

What Up fam! Hybrid FTW here for my very first guide on CRA! I found this deck in a top players battle deck and have been crushing with it ever since getting my first 12 wins and getting a too leggy arena with it! Without further ado, let’s get into the guide.


  • Really fun to use.
  • Not super hard to learn.
  • Great for comebacks.
  • Great for crown farming


  • Some cards are pretty level dependent.
  • 3.9 aec with no pump.



GolemCardThumGolem: Your win condition. (duh) Since this deck doesn’t have a pump, playing the golem is a bit risky. Since the deck is a little on the heavy side, mostly wait till double elixir or if you have a massive elixr and can support it, go ahead.

Keep in mind that the Golem takes 30 seconds for it to travel from the back of you’re king tower to your opponent’s princess tower. Watch the clock!

If you’re really desperate, you can kite heavy tanks if you have nothing else to play.

poisonPoison: A really (if not the most) versatile spell. The poison is used to clear any squishy troops blocking your golems way.

Even with it’s nerfed, it still produces some great chip against towers.

ZapZap: The reason I prefer the zap over the Log is that it can reset infernos, provides much better air defense and is a lot faster.

You can actually completely counter the minion horde with the help of your tower if you play the zap halfway when the princess is shooting its first arrow.

Mega Minion: Super versatile card. With the nerf of knight, mega minion is just to OP! The mega minion is your primary air defense and great against pretty much everything!


NightWitchCardNight Witch: IMO one of the most underrated cards in the game. Just because she’s not completely overpowered doesn’t mean she’s not good!

The Night witch is excellent support for your golem and also pretty good defense.

Use the Nightwitch against hogs, knights, Valkaries, Whatever!

InfernoDragonCardThumInferno Dragon: Your tank destroyer! Say Bye-Bye to Enemy golems, mega knights, giants, and lava hounds!

This sounds a little unbelievable, but the inferno dragon actually locks on to their tower when behind the golem if they don’t have enough elixir which can eventually lead to three crowns!

GuardsGuards: This newly buffed has been destroying in the meta! The Guards are great for distracting attacking and more!

One of my favorite things to do is surround the mega knight with them, so he only splashes one Guard at a  time! You can actually do this with all ground splash units if timed correctly!

Tornado: One of my favorite cards and plays a super key role in this deck. Use the tornado for activating your king and clumping all those pesky troops together.

One of my favorite things to do is clump all ranged troops to the golem so that when it dies, they die too!

General Gameplan:

General gameplan


By far the hardest time of the game. Mainly focus on positive elixir trades. Remember, this is a golem deck. Don’t be afraid to take a bunch of tower damage or even lose a tower in single elixir. Activate the king tower when the game is early and your princess towers are healthy.


This is every golem deck shines! Repeatedly throw golems in your enemies face with support units from all those juicy positive elixir trades you made before. If your push is completely dead or dying, don’t throw in an unneeded nightwitch or inferno dragon. What I really like about this deck is that there are so many possible combinations pushes you can make with the golem. Golem night witch mega minion, golem inferno dragon guards, golem night witch poison, the possibilities are endless!


LogCardLog Bait: Most of the time this will be a draw. Nonetheless, I’ll explain how to win. Never Use your golem the in single elixir, You’ll get punished and lose the game. Wait the whole time for your enemy to make a mistake, like rocketing your tower or overcommitting. Then proceed to rush them with the golem and as many support units as possible!

GiantCardGiant: most of the time, easy win! When they drop a giant in the back, rush the other side with golem and use inferno dragon to kill the giant, do that and your golden!

Golem: Just depends on your skill with the golem. Kinda similar to the giant. If they overcommit on their push, do the same on the other side at the bridge with inferno dragon and golem. If they don’t have an E-wiz, they won’t be able to deal with your inferno dragon and you’ll most likely take their crown. After that, just go for a three crown.

SiegeCardTypeThumSiege: Easy matchup. When they go mortar or xbow, push the opposite lane with golem and you’re looking golden.


Three Musketeers: A little bit of a tough one is not going to sugar coat it. In single elixir, poison their pumps, but in double poison the two muskets. They can’t spell cycle you, so just go for a draw.


HogRiderCardHog Rider: The easiest matchup. Activate your king tower and then use inferno dragon for their pekka or mega knight.


Elite barbariansEbola Barbarians: This is the hardest matchup to your deck unless their tourney standard or under, but I doubt they will be. Hope their mom takes away their phone for not cleaning their room, hope their wifi goes out, etc. Other than those situations, pat your self on the back and say, “it’s okay”.


Royal Giant: Use the inferno dragon to melt this bad boy and watch out for minions.



Graveyard: Hard matchup. Try using zap to clear out most of the carries, but they will always get damage off and since you’re opponent likely has a cheaper cycle than you, it’s probably game over. If they overcommit, try to punish with a golem.


Well, that’s it, folks! Hope you enjoyed this super fun golem deck and got as many¬†wins as I did. Hybrid FTW out!

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