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Golem Miner Poison – Hybrid Horrors #4


Hey everybody! Supermarine here with the 4th addition to Hybrid Horrors!

This deck was made and tested by Huncho Houndini to great effect, and if you didn’t read the title, the deck used was a Golem Miner Poison deck! So let’s get into it!

golem miner

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale Night WitchClash Royale MinerClash Royale Poison
Clash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale TornadoClash Royale Zap

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Golem Miner Deck

Clash Royale GolemGolem

This is the highest-health tank in the game, yet no one would even think of incorporating him into Miner Poison! Sure, P.E.K.K.A and MK are good tanks to use, but Golem is great too! He has Death Damage, which can help to crumble (pun intended) any counterpush! He even splits into two Golemites that are being protected by the Miner, meaning they deal really good damage! Overall, he is very good in a Miner Poison in general, let alone this deck!

Clash Royale Night WitchNight Witch

You could consider her the glue that binds the win conditions together.

As she possesses an extremely good synergy with Golem and Miner alike, you can use her in multiple ways.

What ways can you use her exactly? Read the General Gameplay to find out!

Her Bats can do work as well, capable of distracting tank killers and resetting Infernos.

Clash Royale MinerMiner

Your main offensive card and win condition.

He is how you are going to get a large amount of damage done in Single Elixir.

He also is your main Pump attacker, and is great at getting those hard-to-reach troops that can pose problems.

Most importantly, though, he is Poison’s best friend!

Clash Royale PoisonPoison

Your moderate spell and Miner’s best buddy.

It can be used for two main things: Killing glass cannons (and Pumps) along with swarm clear.

Clash Royale Baby DragonBaby Dragon

He is your main splash attacker and Golem support.

He can also be used in a more unorthodox way to tank for or support the Miner and Night Witch if you decide to push with the two, and he is relatively cheap for a durable splash troop!

He absolutely destroys old, long-used cards such as Minion Horde and even Wizard if paired with Poison, ad well as newcomers such as Bats and Zappies with ease.

Overall, he will always be a staple in Golem decks!

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion

This guy is your tank killer along with Night Witch.

He flies, so he cannot be targeted by troops such as Elite Barbarians or Zappies, making his job easier.

He also excels against Baby Dragon, Wizard, and also Executioner with his high damage per hit.

However, he lacks DPS, so pair him with Zap wherever necessary.

Clash Royale ZapZap

Pretty self-explanatory.

It kill swarms, resets Infernos, and makes troops retarget as well.

Clash Royale TornadoTornado

With the nerf to the Pump, Tornado works extremely well for a couple of reasons: It pairs well with Golem, pairs well with Baby Dragon, and can give you lots of value, just like Pump can.

You can also use it for King Activations!


Clash Royale Night WitchClash Royale Lumberjack

Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale BatsClash Royale Minions

Clash Royale TornadoClash Royale elixir collector


General Gameplay


At this point, Miner pushes are advised, especially ones with Night Witch.

Speaking of her, she can be used in multiple ways in this deck: Golem support, a threat behind Miner, and as a defensive counterpush troop with her Bats.

Use your Night Witch and Tornado to get lots of value on defense, then punish the enemy in offense.


Now is when Golem comes out.

Use Night Witch and Baby Dragon in your pushes for the best possible results.

If you can, try to get in a Miner Poison push while the opponent is focused on the Golem.

Tornado can be used to give defensive value or pull troops into the Death Damage of the Golem/Golemites (RIP Minions).


Clash Royale GiantGiant

Night Witch and Mega Minion work really well versus Giant. Use the Baby Dragon if necessary to distract support. Also, you can use Tornado with the Baby Dragon to really get you value!

Golem: Treat him as a higher health Giant. Do keep in mind that Night Witch, Tornado, and Baby Dragon work very well against threats that may be behind Golem. You can also try to Tornado the Golem to the King Tower.

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AP.E.K.K.A

Again, Baby Dragon+Tornado is key versus her support.

Mega Minion must be used to kill P.E.K.K.A herself (as Night Witch will die immediately).

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound

Against the tank, use the Tornado to move it to the King Tower.

Then use Mega Minion or Night Witch on support. As an alternative versus LavaLoon, use the Tornado to pull troops in to the Baby Dragon’s fire.

Place Mega Minion to the side of the Hound so it attacks the Balloon.

Clash Royale Royal GiantRoyal Giant

Counterpushing is key versus RG.

Use Night Witch to kill him, then use Miner and Poison to counterpush.

If the Elite Retards show up, then use the Mega Minion (or Tornado them to the King Tower).

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider


If you want to (although, it’s not recommended), use the Night Witch and counterpush afterward.

Clash Royale Three Musketeers3M

Tornado+Poison is a great method of dispatching these beautiful Tower destroyers.

If used on defense, use Poison on offense.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

Night Witch and Poison work great against Graveyard.

Against tanks, use Mega Minion or Night Witch (you must have Poisoned the Graveyard if you used Night Witch).

Clash Royale X-BowSiege

Night Witch, Poison and Miner work great against Siege structures.

However, in 2x Elixir, you can use Golem.

Just be wary of how fast they cycle to the win condition, because if you cannot keep up, you’re in big time trouble!

Clash Royale MinerMiner Poison

Night Witch. Easy as that.

If in a Tornadoable position, use it to move the Miner to the King Tower.

Clash Royale Goblin GangSpell Bait

The defense against Spell Bait in this deck is a little lacking, so be careful.

Against Princess, use MM or Tornado. Versus Barrel, use Zap.

Goblin Gang, Night Witch. Knight, lure to the King with Tornado.

If they Rocket cycle and you can’t punish them for it, it will be extremely hard to come back from such a deficit, so do be sure to punish every Rocket launched!

Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight

Use Night Witch to lure him to the center, then Tornado him to the King.

Use MM if necessary.

Clash Royale Royal GhostRoyal Ghost

This guy is a very annoying card to deal with.

The easiest way to defeat him is to Tornado him to the King Tower, but you can also use Night Witch and counterpush afterward!

When he is invisible, his level icon and his silhouette give away his location, so don’t worry!

So that’s all for this deck guide! Leave a comment if you guys enjoyed! Bye (for now)!


  1. This deck is so flexible..according to ur opponent u can at the start chip away at the tower with miner poison and then go all golem nw push all aggressive in 2x elixer..JUST WOW!

  2. Well, isn’t this a classic beatdown deck with Miner in it? What I am about to discuss is whether this is really a hybrid horror or not, this deck is powerful and could cause some havoc if played accurately.

    I’ve seen the same deck with something put instead of Miner, e.g Royal Ghost, Lumberjack and Bandit, and they are defensive ground units taking away defensive aspect-which is not what control is. Pumps are dealt with poison and miner is nothing compared to the equal three elixir cards that are usually used (and lj) offensively.

    You also don’t use minions, skelebarrels or huts or squishies that synergize with him for some chip damage and wavering the attention. Having backup cards are not a good idea, you may as well change the deck/card if we don’t use them in the Poison/Miner push.

    So the question is, is this a proper hybrid or a fun mashup?

  3. Like the deck but is it really hybrid? Just because it has miner doesn’t mean you play it like a hybrid deck. The Miner is to distract buildings and act as another support troops just like any other Golem support. Not necessarily a hybrid deck. But I do like the deck.

  4. I have no idea how ur guides get posted but not mine. These explanations are absolute garbage. Ur telling me golems are good for defending counter-pushes? I think not

    • Leave him alone this was a solid guide with a non too shabby explanation, You have no right to judge him when your guides don’t even get posted.

      • It’s a solid guide in your opinion. I think the explanations are way off. Maybe you would use golems on defense or drop night witches in poison spells, but if you ask me that is telling people how to lose.

      • To be fair, “In your opinion” can apply to everything so there’s no reason to say bad things about this deck. The person who posts them (Will I think?) should be the one you’re gonna blame if you wanna blame someone for not getting your guide posted.

      • Maybe my guides went good enough. I’m just saying I have no idea how his guides are better than mine

      • he DID post a lot of guides, so maybe Will is more familiar with his guides than yours?

      • That’s what I’m thinking. I’m working on the golem hut meta deck but I seriously doubt it will get posted

      • I dunno why will thinks his guides are better than yours. Stop ranting here and just ask will if you care so much

      • You actually didn’t. You said “golem can crumble any counterpushe.” So ur telling me a freakin pekka with three musketeers behind it comes stomping down the lane and you use a golem to defend? Lol

      • i agree he kinda said to use golem to defend counterpushes but i think he meant when the troops your enemy is using to kill the golem will get damaged when he dies at their tower

  5. And also, mega knight can be defensed with a lone knight witch it doesn’t need a tornado or a mega minion

  6. GG, and I have 2 ideas for a guide:
    2.3 log bait
    dirty barb hut rocket cycle
    with log bait deck, I have beaten a guy who finished 5612th in the world last season. with rocket cycle, I’m still working on it, but I have beaten a guy in league 2 with the prototype. please share your opinions below.

  7. seems short but, thats fine and maybe more detail on the decks section, (not much synergy with the miner and the golem)

  8. Well, Not that bad but you could write more detailed guide
    Guys,Do you think it worth writing a guide on my golem RG deck that I used to push to Challenger 1?
    There are already many decks with RG

  9. Also I hope I’m reading this correctly. You literally said “miner poison” following with you explanation of how to defend it being “night witch. simple as that.” I wanna watch you play vs a miner poison player and defend with night witch lol. you do realize that night witch gets wrecked by poison right?

  10. ive noticed a lot less people posting comments lately
    i remember when decks got 400 plus comments and maybe even 1k comments if it was popular

  11. My thoughts to Supermarine:
    You definitely write pretty decent guides and you actually wrote more than I did (I only had 7, and this is ur like what 15th? And I was here a bit longer), but I would like to say be a little more clear about ur explanations cuz some of them definitely drove ppl in the wrong direction

    Note: I’m not criticizing you in a negative way, but just be a little more clear, keep up the good work!

  12. Yall take it easy on Supermarine. It’s a good guide, no reason to point out everything wrong. This is the reason I keep my guides short and simple. Try and make him feel good about it, don’t criticize it into oblivion.

  13. Uhh I think ur the last person who needs to be giving lectures. And it’s also funny how you think I have anger issues on based on this site.

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