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New Meta Golem Miner Deck


Hello guys! Bull3tst0rm here with another deck strategy or whatever you call.

I am not a great fan of beatdown decks in general as we make only fewer choices and the playstyle is generally slower. But this is the only Beatdown deck that piqued my interest.

It’s a fun ladder deck as well (no oxymoron intended :p)

Let’s get into the deck.

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale MinerClash Royale Flying MachineClash Royale Furnace
Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale ZapClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Minions

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Golem Miner Deck

Clash Royale MinerGolem: Golem is actually the secondary win condition in this deck.

In this deck, when should I play Golem?

  1. When Miner is not working (hardly possible ) or Golem has a better Matchup. or It’s x2 Elixir and you know that your opponent doesn’t have P.E.K.K.A
  2. When the opponents win-condition is not available to play.

In this deck, Golem can be adequately supplemented with other troops without giving too much value for opponent’s spell unlike other Golem decks which makes each and every Golem push deadly when played right.

Clash Royale Flying MachineFlying Machine: One of the most underrated cards in the game right now.

It counters any spawner unscathedly unless the hut is placed right in front of the King’s Tower (Come on, who does that?).

Flying Machine synergies extremely well with Golem as it can snipe Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon making this a great choice in this deck.

Its synergy with Miner is great as well.

It helps a lot in crowd control as it 2 shots Archers, Stab Goblins, Minions and 1 shots Spear Goblin, Fire Spirits, Bats etc.

Clash Royale MinerMiner: This is our win condition.

You wanna rely on it to get chip damage overtime, to burn away the tower, along with value Poison when possible.

  1. If you are going to make Miner as the first move, place it at the anti-Tornado spot until you know whether he has Tornado or not.
  2. If you couple Miner with Minions/Goblins/Fire Spirits, always play Miner at the back to prevent the opponent to damage them all at once.
  3. Switch Miner placements constantly.

Clash Royale FurnaceFurnace: This is one of the cards which forces the opponent to make a move.

This card is similar to Elixir Collector as it provides value over time.

This card synergises well with Miner as the opponent can’t stop the Miner with squishy troops as Fire Spirits will end up damaging the tower + killing the squishy troops.

Clash Royale ZapZap:

With the increase in Prince, Dark Prince, Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower and other squishy troops userates, Zap becomes a must have card in any deck.

Its synergy with both Miner and Golem is huge.

In the case of former, it helps with a clutch retarget to Miner while Flying Machine or that last Minion does work and in the case of latter, resets Inferno Tower/Dragon.

Level this sucker shocker up so that it can one shot Goblin Barrel.

Clash Royale PoisonPoison

As we all know Poison goes well with Miner for many reason such as Miner occupies troops which are inside Poison while Poison withers it away, kills squishy troops etc.

But it doesn’t mean you should always go with Miner+Poison.

Use it conservatively, especially against Three Musketeers or Air decks.

This deck struggles against those two so play it smartly.

In double elixir you can go crazy as you will have time to cycle between your cards back to Poison.

Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale MinionsGoblin Gang and Minions

I am going to group em both together as their purpose in this deck is same.

Both of these cards have high DPS but low health. So staggering these troops is imperative.

Switch things up so that opponent’s prediction Log fails.

Both these units excels in crowd control.

Don’t make a push like Golem + Minions + Goblin Gang as it can be dealt with ease.

Both Minions and Goblin Gang can be used on defense as well as offense as their synergy with Miner is insane.

General Gameplan

3:00 – 2:00

Best opening play is Furnace as it forces the opponent to make a play.

This deck mainly depends on a strong defense and counter push with Miner and the remaining troops during single Elixir.

In the first minute, try to invest your Elixir on Furnace, forcing your opponent to make a move and reveal his cards which will allow you to play defense and counter push a lot easier.

Golem should not be played in the first 2 minutes unless your opponent pumps up and you have no effective counter in hand to punish his pump.

2:00 – 1:00

The knowledge that we gained in the first minute about opponent’s cards and rotation will allow us to make some clutch Miner+predictive Zap/poison plays.

This deck has so much defensive and counter-pushing capabilities being a control deck, allows us to defend any push if played right and slowing chipping away opponents tower.

Double Elixir

What is the reason of having a beast (Golem) if you don’t use it?

If opponent doesn’t have P.E.K.K.A, play Golem. Golem always provides huge value if the opponent doesn’t have Big Mama

If opponent has Inferno Tower or Dragon, Minions can be played to distract em and Zap can be used as well to reset em.

After Tower locked on Golem, send in Miner to get infinite damage :p.

As you guys can see above, all I have given is just micro play or general idea.

It’s important to adapt a play style suitable to the current situation in-game.


Giving guide to common matchups is literally pointless in my opinion for this deck.

Even there is a small variation in the deck that opponent plays from that I mention in common matchup, Our play style should be completely different in order to hold our good as it is a Miner Golem Hybrid deck.

I feel giving notes to common matchup does more harm than good as this deck has no specific play style for a certain archtype like many other decks.

So I recommend you guys to try this deck in friendly battle while sticking onto the basics i stated above.

Have a great day! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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